The Three Groups

The Three Groups

I’ve been doing some additional thinking about the discussion of tyranny and have concluded there are three groups who look at it in differing ways.

The first group is the far left. This group sees tyrannies as large corporations, especially those who cut down trees, drill for oil, pollute or do animal testing. Like Lenin they see the whole capitalist system as a tyranny.

Another tyranny they see are the fundamentalist Christian and Jewish religions. Militant Islam doesn’t seem to bother them nor do the eastern religions or the new age movement, but any fundamentalist Christian who wants a voice in government is seen by them as tyrannical more than any communist leader. These people rarely complain about the real tyrants such as Saddam Hussein and Castro, but will often see a C.E.O. as much worse.

The second group is the far right. This group includes some fundamentalist Christians, patriot groups, tax protesters, strong Constitutionalists, Aryan Nations, Identity Movements, Militia groups and some Libertarians. Libertarians have beliefs on both sides of the isle and some view tyrannies with a mixture of views from both of the extremes.

Whereas the main enemy of the Left is large corporations the big tyrant of the Right is government, especially big government – although big corporations are seen as an enemy to many also. Tyranny is often seen as anything that takes us away from the Constitution. Also they disdain unjust laws and corrupt and ruthless authorities. Another thing that bothers many are changes that society undergoes as it either progresses or retrogresses.

I would guess that there’s a little over 10% of the people on the far left and another 10% on the right.

This leaves somewhere around 80% in the middle third group who have a more orthodox view of defining that which may tyrannize people.

There are fine intelligent people on both sides and by some measures a few of my views would be in that 10% extreme. Be aware that I am not identifying these categories as a negative judgment or saying that all in the 10% extreme react alike, but seek to clarify a communication barrier that exists between groups.

The trouble occurs when these three groups get together and communicate. They will often have a much different view, not only what a tyranny is, but about many other definitions as well.

If you mention “tyranny” to the far left “big oil” or some other large corporation may loom in his imagination more than any cruel dictator.

If you mention “tyranny” to the far right then our own big government is likely to come to his mind with more force than Iraq or North Korea.

The point I am making here is that these three groups will have frustration and difficulty in communicating and understanding each other unless they attempt three things:

(1) Understand where the other person is coming from in his thinking.

(2) Understand how the other group defines their terms.

(3) Use your terms, not from your minority viewpoint, but attempt to discuss in terms the other group understands.

In writing of more controversial subjects I will, usually define my terms and attempt to reach the consciousness of the great unwashed in the middle 80% with subtle expansions incorporated to speak to the two groups on the left and the right.

Overall, my writings are an attempt to reach every seeker in all groups and synthesize them into a fourth group who understands principles through the soul.

Reader Comment: I find it very difficult to understand how you chose to lump Libertarians with groups like Identity and Aryan Nations.

JJ It should have been obvious that the only way they were lumped together is because they both have views far right of center. I think we are all aware that Libertarians generally do not teach racism or violent overthrow.

I was hoping it was obvious that I was not stereotyping, but speaking as a general rule there are certain groups considered right and others left. Some on the left do not want to admit they are on the left, but, most on the right or far right will be happy to state that is where they are. I’ve heard a number say something like “Rush Limbaugh is a liberal compared to me.”

I have had discussions with a number of Aryan Nations people and sympathizers; I have read their literature and when discussing tyranny in government and America there is little difference in the disagreements that come up when compared to a good argument with a Libertarian or Patriot. About the only significant difference is that the Aryan is eager for some armed conflict or race war to take place.

I speak not in black and white, but in general principles and by general rules. From my experience I see these three groups and there is great difficulty in each communicating their point of view to the other.

I hope I made it clear that I was only referring to the fact that some Libertarians are seen to have views on the far right. I also pointed out earlier that some of my views are far from center, but that does not make me a racist or a militant.

Multiple definitions used in one argument are a sign that the conversation is drifting in and out of any main point or theme and is confusing.

Oct 12, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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