The Sign of the Name

21 Dec 1998

The Sign of the Name

The first verses of Revelations Chapter 14, that I quoted in my last post tells us that the 144,000 have the Father’s name in their foreheads. How is this accomplished? How is this different than having the name or number of the Beast in the forehead?

We have concluded that receiving the mark of the Beast takes place by looking outside of ourselves for authority often blindly, and then accepting that authority as being as reliable as the voice of God. We also concluded that the Beast is the static I AM.

If we switch over to having the Father’s name in our foreheads then where do we look for that name and what is the name? What is the main sign that we have the name?

Samu suggested I reveal some of my history and I may write a book about it later on, but I want to do everything possible right now to avoid representing the power of the Beast in any degree by projecting the ego as any type of focus as compared to pure teachings which have to be discerned by your inner soul.

I will give you an interesting tidbit, however, that is related to teaching and Samu’s comment about his mother’s cancer.

My mother also had cancer a while back. I know that I could have helped her, but she decided to use orthodox means and use the regular Chemo. She was lucky and did overcome the Cancer, then it came back and she licked it again. The treatments left her considerably weakened though.

Now my sister has cancer and she is taking massive Chemo treatments and does not seem to be so lucky. It looks like her days are numbered. I know that I have the faith and knowledge to assist her healing but she does not believe I have anything to offer her.

Because I do not go to church, and most of my family is quite religious, I am the last one that they would call on for advice or spiritual help.

It saddens me that I know I could help my sister, but my hands are tied.

This reminds me of the story of Jesus when he visited his home area.

They told him: “We know who you are. You are the carpenter’s son – you’re just an ordinary guy.” They probably even criticized him for not attending the Synagogue on a regular basis.

Then it is written that Jesus could do no miracle among them and even He “was astounded by their unbelief.”

It is an interesting principle that when we get to know a person on a personality basis we assume that what we see on the surface is all there is to him. I am sure that we on this forum see much more of the real in each other (and we have never met on in the physical) than our friends and family see in us.

God lives in each one of us and if we look beyond the flaws of the personality we can see the good, the beautiful and the true – we can call forth the miracles of Christ from the ordinary people as Jesus did.

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