The Seven Centers of the United States

The Seven Centers of the United States

Not only does the earth and humanity have seven centers but each country does.

Contemplate the United States and see if you can locate the seven cities which represent the seven centers.

And who comes up with the most accurate answer? Our little gal from Australia.

Ruth found this quote from DK (Djwhal Khul):

 “In connection with the United States of America, Chicago is the solar plexus centre, whilst New York is the throat centre and Washington the head centre. The heart centre is Los Angeles.” (Externalization of the Hierarchy, Page 85)

New York as the throat center and Washington the head center certainly makes sense. I think an argument could be made that Los Angeles is the solar plexus instead of the heart, but when you realize that no city is in an evolved enough state to fully rise above the astral energies then Los Angeles does indeed seem to be the best choice. Yes, most of the city’s inhabitants are indeed into glamour and the lower emotions, yet it does at times emit a foreshadowing of true heart energy – more than Chicago or other major cities.

Think, for instance, of movies that touched the heart such as “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, “Titanic”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Somewhere in Time”, “Spiderman”, and many others.

Three centers that DK did not identify remain to be named. These are the ajna (third eye), the sacral (sexual energy) and the base of the spine, the life center.

The ajna governs the world of ideas, higher vision and intuition.

No wonder DK did not mention the city that represents this center. It is difficult to imagine any city that represents such a lofty insight. Identification is complicated by the fact that the energies of this center are very subtle and not easily identified by the majority.

Another thing to consider is that the energy centers of a country can shift from time to time and this center moves more than any other with subtle manifestations.

In the beginning of the United States this center would have been in Philadelphia where the great ideas of the Republic manifested. An argument could also be made it represents the base of the spine – the source of our political life. Later the ajna center shifted to the general area of Illinois, which generated such thinkers as Abraham Lincoln, Joseph Smith and represented the expanding consciousness of the country in the 19th Century.

Later this center shifted to Menlo Park, California where Edison came up with his greatest ideas. This center had a secondary manifestation through Tesla in Colorado City.

During World War II it manifested in Oak Ridge Tennessee in what became known as the Manhattan Project to gather the great scientists of the world to create the atomic bomb.

The next manifestation was through a non physical land called “Camelot” which was associated with the administration of John F. Kennedy.

So where is the current manifestation of this center? Someone mentioned Boise as a center because of the teachings given out here. If it is true that these teachings are of the highest quality in the country then this could be a possibility. If they are not then one needs to look elsewhere.

Some may ask if the presence of HPB (Helena P. Blavatsky) and Alice A. Bailey in New York made that city a manifestation of the ajna center while they were there.

Actually they were manifesting the power of the throat center to which New York belongs. Why? Because they both said they did not originate their ideas or draw them down from the intuitive levels by themselves but consciously channeled them from the Masters. Because they were both a voice for others they would have been using the power of the throat center, hence their attraction to New York.

Now we ask where the sacral center would be. Sex represents physical creation and in most of the 20th century this has been represented by Detroit, which has been a great manufacturing hub for the United States. In recent times this has been waning in power and replaced by Silicon Valley.

Finally, we come to the life center at the base of the spine. Where in the world would this be?

This could be represented by the Constitution of the country and all the lives and intelligence that understand and support it.

If the time comes that this energy disintegrates then the life of the United States as we know it will die also.

We go on fancying that each man is thinking of us, but he is not; he is like us; he is thinking of himself. – Charles Reade

June 10, 2007

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