The Ray of Power

The Ray of Power

A reader expresses concern over this quote from DK about the Lord of the First Ray, thinking it sounds like it could be Lucifer.

The intent of the Lord of the first ray is to stand behind His six Brothers, and when They have achieved Their purpose, to shatter the forms which They have built. This He does by passing His power through Their bodies, and Their united effort leads to abstraction and a return to the center whence the initial impulse came. The first ray purpose therefore is to produce death, and some idea of that purpose may be gleaned if we study some of the names by which the ray Lord is called:

“The Lord of Death

The Opener of the Door

The Liberator from Form

The Great Abstractor

The Fiery Element, producing shattering

The Crystallizer of the Form

The Power that touches and withdraws

The Lord of the Burning Ground

The Will that breaks into the Garden

The Ravisher of Souls

The Finger of God

The Breath that blasts

The Lightning which annihilates

The Most High”

The first point to consider is whether you are referring to the name Lucifer as in “Bringer of Light” or the one who was a Lucifer, but is fallen and no longer bears this name, but instead is a “Prince of Darkness.”

The Light bringing aspect is the Third Ray, not the First.

I assume you are concerned that perhaps some evil source is behind all this because, for instance, the First Ray is associated with the Lord of Death.

Does this scripture help?

“I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death.” Rev 1:18

Christ was actually Second Ray but worked under the First Ray Lord and thus had the keys of death making him a Lord of death as far as he wielded the Father energy.

Was not God the Lord of Death, as taught by the Biblical flood where humanity was destroyed by a great flood?

There is an important principle to follow as higher knowledge is pursued. One must look beyond the black and white of what was held dear in the past and look at the principle of good and evil in itself as it registers with the soul who receives as a little child.

If we, for instance take the scripture which says that “The Lord is a man of War” (Ex 15:3) and use it to signal a red flag when violated, then we would indeed reject Christ himself (a man of peace) if he should appear. In fact, this scriptural red flag was the very thing that caused the Jews to reject the Messiah, for time and time again he seemed to violate their literal interpretation. Again, and again, they thought the scriptures indicated he was in cahoots with the evil one for he seemed to be destroying their law.

They would have been better off to do as the prostitutes, disregard the scriptures and judge him purely on the basis of these simple questions:

Is this a good man or a bad man?

Are his teachings elevating or destructive?

Are his actions helpful and loving or hurtful?

Does he teach principles that can be registered by my soul or data that cannot be verified?

Joseph Smith had a terrible problem in dealing with members who had red flags go up when his teachings seemed to contradict an interpretation of scripture they held dear. When he taught that we are gods and man is “co-equal with God” it raised such consternation that many wanted him dead.

In addition, he spoke thus to his inner circle, he said:

“Would to God I could tell you what I know! But you would want to call it blasphemy and want to take my life.” Life of Heber C. Kimball Page 333.

This was something even beyond the man becoming God doctrine. He apparently knew some startling things that would seem to violate any black and white interpretation of scripture.

Jesus made a similar statement to the apostles.

Because higher revelation always seems (note that word) to contradict the old, the only ones who can withstand it when it comes are those who understand the basic principle of good and evil and are guided by it according to soul contact.

Now in relation to the Rays the first thing to consider is this. The essential energy of the rays is like money. It is an energy which is neither good or evil by itself. Whether or not the Ray energy is good or evil depends on the intelligence of he who wields the power.

There is a first Ray Lord on the side of Light, but there is also one on the dark side.

Those who use the First Ray on the side of light will use the name of “the Lord of death” in a positive way to further the evolution of humanity. For instance, the Brotherhood of Light used the death aspect to destroy Hitler’s Third Reich, outworn ideas, and useless forms. The Dark Brotherhood use this same aspect to destroy freedom, the souls of men and the appearance of new forms which help humanity.

The three Rays of aspect are that of Power, Love/Wisdom and Active Intelligence, or The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are three different perceptions of the One Life. We often call this One Life the Father, but the Father is the first aspect of the One and not the actual One Life itself. There is no name that would have much meaning to our consciousness for the One Life behind the aspects, but we know it includes the wholeness of the Trinity and embraces Father/Mother/Child.

I have received an insight into that which is behind the Three and have given it the name Purpose for want of a better word. There is no English word for it, but Purpose gives a glimmer of insight into the origin of all creation.

If you look at a baby, a flower or the night sky with thousands of stars and think of the word “Purpose” it gives one the feeling that everything is drifting toward some glorious end that we cannot imagine in our present consciousness.

The originating Purpose causes the three aspects to manifest, making creation begin, paving the way for originating Purpose to eventually be understood by Itself and its creations which are extensions of Itself.

The first glimpse then into the mind of God reveals Power, for God could not manifest if he was powerless.

The second glimpse into the mind of God reveals Love for even though God has the power, he would not create if he did not love his creations.

The third glimpse into the mind of God reveals intelligence for when Power through Love creates, the intelligence of the Creator is obvious.

Thus, the three aspects, or visions of God are Power, Love and Intelligence – and from these three all creation owes its origin.

All the rays are subdivided into lower Trinities. The Trinity that composes the First Ray of Power are these:

Will – Power – Purpose

These subdivisions are sub aspects or a different, more concentrated way of looking at God than seeing Him as Power or Purpose only.

To understand the First Ray, one must contemplate these words (Will – Power – Purpose) – what they mean and how their meanings interplay.

Think then on these three words and what they mean in relation to God, humanity and each other.

An LDS reader asks what is a Monad. Since you have a Mormon background perhaps the best way to explain is in Mormon Language.

The monad is your originating intelligence, or light of truth, that primal part of you which is eternal and co-equal with God, for it is a reflection of the one God.

In esoteric language the monad is that originating point from which your evolution into consciousness began. It is that part of you which is at one with God and is the Father aspect of your being. It is your personal “Father in heaven.”

Your monad vibrates on one of the Rays of Aspect (rays one, two or three) and not on a Ray of Attribute.

He then asks when higher principles will be restored to the Mormon church?

The future is going to unfold a lot different than is believed within the Mormon church today. So far, all the higher principles revealed since 1844 have been given to teachers outside the LDS church and will continue so for some time to come. Concerning the coming of the One Mighty and Strong predicted in Mormon scriptures you might note that he will set “the House of God” in order. Note that the prophecy does not talk about setting the “Church” in order?

And who is the House of God? It is those people of all religions and beliefs who seek after knowledge and the Spirit of God with purity of motive. Many of the pure in heart in this age feel lost in this world as if they do not belong and desire order and fellowship within the true house of God – but know not where or how to find it.

Copyright by J J Dewey

Nov 26, 2001

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