The Pure in Heart

Feb 6, 1999

The Pure in Heart

I woke up this morning to my wife bringing me breakfast in bed and realized it was my birthday. I am the ripe young age of 54. (3 x 3 x [3+3]). This may be a good time to teach the molecular relationship which is based on four threes, or twelve.

I have decided that during a period where I am posting articles on subjects that may not require intuitive questions that I would oscillate between subjects so we can keep our minds greased with contemplative thought. So while I finish up with Molecular concepts that do not require many questions I will try about every other day to give some questions and comments on more provocative subjects.

A reader asks what it means to be pure in heart The heart is very strongly linked with intention, and purity of heart is very similar to having pure intention. One with pure intention is he who is not under and illusion or glamour about his goals.

Let us give an example. A rich man gives $100,000 donation to a hospital and thinks he is pure in heart about it because this is going to do some good in the world. But what he may not admit to himself is that if he did not get a big write-up in the paper, if he did not get his name on a wing or section of the hospital, if he was not cheered on by some upper crust types, maybe he would not have given at all. Maybe he is only giving because of the glamour associated with the gift. Maybe when he passes a Salvation Army bell ringer who is collecting money that will truly help desperate people that he gives nothing because no one but himself knows about the gift.

So this giver is not pure in heart, or intent, because there is self-deceit in the gift and deceit always takes away from purity.

When a person’s intention is for the good of the whole and he is totally honest with himself about why is performs his service then his heart is pure. If your heart is pure, and the three obstacles are under control, then the doorway to the soul swings open wide. If you are then willing to go through the door soul contact becomes a reality. If you are willing to follow where that contact leads you, then more contact becomes possible. When you learn to always respond to higher communication then constant communion becomes a reality.

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