The Logic of Karma, Part 4

The Logic of Karma, Part 4
Working Out Karma and Illusion

I was asked about this quote:

“Cooperating in the plan of the Solar Logos in relation to His Karma a point oft overlooked. This Karma of His must be worked out through the method of incarnation and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substances of the form. This is symbolized for us, if we could but grasp it, in the relation of the sun to the moon. The Solar Lord with his warmth and light galvanizes the moribund Lunar Lords into spurious life. This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence.

“So runs the Old Commentary oft quoted by me in earlier books. The above concept has in it truth for the individual soul likewise.” Treatise on White Magic, Page 48

If you have time could you please elaborate on this briefly?

JJ: You picked one with a lot of meaning and I will just be able to scratch the surface here.

The first thing to take from this is the dispelling of the idea that when we reach the higher worlds that we will be eternally free from Karma. Note that even the Solar Logos has karma and he has progressed billions of years beyond the Planetary Logos and the Planetary Logos passed beyond the human kingdom billions of years in the past. Thus we cannot expect to be free from the effects of karma (cause and effect) any time soon.

What do we mean when we say we have karma?

This is another way of merely stating that we have initiated cause in the past for which all the effects have not yet been realized.

If you throw a bowling ball at ten pins the desired effect is to knock them all down. As the ball is in motion rolling down the aisle the cause has been initiated, but the end effect has not yet materialized. This end effect is karma and thus the ball, or the thrower of the ball, can be said to have karma. After the ball hits the pins and is returned to its sender we can say the karma has played out. Then the player can throw the ball again and the karma (resulting effect) will this time play out a little differently.

As we incarnate into a life we are like a bowler with a ball in motion just waiting to see if we will wind up with a strike or a seven/ten split. This motion we carry with us are effects from our past still in motion waiting to be played out.

This will continue on various levels through eternity.

Djwhal Khul then makes an interesting statement:

“This Karma of His must be worked out through the method of incarnation and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substances of the form.”

This not only applies to the Solar Logos, but to all lives. The solar Logos created causes from his last incarnation for which the effects have not yet played out. He, therefore, has the forces of karma to deal with in his current life just as we do, but on as higher level.

Those causes which are initiated on the physical plane must be played out on the physical, and thus we are forced because of karma to reincarnate when causes yet remain in motion for which the effects have not yet played out.

Causes which have been initiated on the astral plane must be played out upon the astral and causes in the mental must be played out upon the mental, yet while the entity is in physical incarnation.

Beyond these three worlds of form cause and effect act out simultaneously from our point of view and there is no usually no residual karma. Notice, I say usually. This is because in the event of a major decision on the higher planes, even there karma can be generated. For instance, the one third of the monads of this system who decided not to incarnate are suffering an effect which will last for eons. (See Stanzas of Dzyan, Treatise on Cosmic Fire.)

Our souls are a symbol of the sun and our lower personality is a symbol of the moon with no light of its own. Karma is worked off through the soul shining the light of the Spirit on the lower self propelling it into motion as does the coming and going of the sun cause the waters to rain down, evaporate and then come down again. Our soul is our personal book of life that stores cause and drives us to work out effects until all is in balance and we return to our source for the great rest of the Lord of Sabboath.

Question: “Also, concerning Karma, can it be passed on to our offspring or are happenings merely genetic/environmental occurrences? “

There is individual karma and then there is group karma. Your individual karma is not passed down to your children unless you are born as your grandchild and bear the effects of a past life. On the other hand, there is karma for larger entities. If you are a member of a church, an organization, a nation, a race, and sometimes families, you will wind up being a cog in a great wheel that will assist in working out effects of cause for the entire group which you are affiliated. Thus we have national karma, racial karma etc.

It can sometimes appear that we pass down individual karma to offspring because the offspring gravitate to a situation conducive to working out their karma. If you and person B have similar karma to work out you may wind up being born into the same family that provides the correct circumstances for you.

Question: “Would you mind explaining the last line? ‘This is the great deception; and the Maya of His Presence.’

You have to be a fairly advanced student to even ask a question like this. Most Bailey readers eyes just glaze over when they reach quotes from the Old Commentary.

Let us use the Law of Correspondences.

We have seven spheres of existence within the Cosmic Physical. Within the worlds of form we have two worlds which seem to be real but are not built upon a principle and are not founded in reality.

The first is the physical which we see before us. The real physical is the etheric double.

The second illusion is the astral world which is created by smoke and mirrors and turns reality upside down. The astral world is created through the power of soul energy reflecting through the higher mental world. In the same way the power of our solar plexus is very illusionary because it is a reflection of the higher feeling nature of the heart center.

Does the Higher Self work then in the illusionary Solar Plexus as well as the astral worlds? Yes, it does, but this power works as a reflection which distorts the true and the real so we can have a “not self” as well as a true self. Only through the duality of the real and the unreal can we learn to appreciate and use the real with wisdom.

Just as we have a real self and a “not self” we have real Gods, or Lords and illusionary Lords, but just as this physical world and the astral world of emotion seems very real even so do the lunar lords seem very real. But from the greater reality the Solar Lords represent the true God and the Lunar Lords, the illusionary Gods, just as the light of the moon is not its own, but a reflection of the sun. Even so just as the astral is created by the soul energy reflecting through mind, even so are lunar lords activated by Higher Spiritual Inelligence manifesting through astral or lunar energy. When this happens great illusion is the result, but such illusion is necessary for mankind during certain stages of evolution.

When man is centered in the astral, or emotional world, then God must speak to him, however imperfectly, through his lower feelings.

When this happens we have “the great deception; and the Maya (illusion) of His Presence.”

The seeker does not have the actual presence of God with him, but a reflection of his presence. He is deceived, yet still encouraged to move onward so the end is good.

When Moses ascended to the Mount he encountered a Solar Lord as evidenced by his shining countenance when he appeared before the people. He was given solar teachings on the first tablets, but when Moses saw that the people were worshipping the golden calf he destroyed them and then received the lesser laws on stone tablets from “the angel of the Lord” who was a lunar Lord. The Lunar Lord thus gave commandments which are repulsive to Solar people, such as killing men women and children of their enemies and stoning to death anyone who breaks even slight rules such as working on the Sabbath, being disobedient to parents, etc.

One of the missions of Jesus was to destroy the work of the Lunar Lords and bring our consciousness to the true Solar Lords, in particular the Logos of Jupiter in conjunction with the Solar Logos.

Copyright By J J Dewey

April 3, 2002

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