The Law of Karma, Part 2


Sep 10, 2016
The Law of Karma
Or Cause and Effect – Part 2
Karma and Health

The Question:
“Taking reincarnation and karma into account why do you suppose it is that some people can he healed and others not? Is it possible for one to be healed when his disease is connected with his karma? If one learns his karma is it possible to accelerate payment and thus free himself from unfortunate circumstance?”

Many diseases are caused because of past karma. If nothing is attempted beyond an act of faith, in some cases, the healer will be attempting to cancel out certain lessons that are to be administered through the soul.

Someone recently asked how we can discover our past karma, especially if you cannot remember your past.

The first thing to realize is that your soul does not expect you to pay off all your karma in this one life; but in any one life where the debt of negative karma still exists, there will be a certain amount allocated that you will be expected to pay off. If this karma is linked to a disease then the karma (or the lesson to be learned) must be lifted or redirected before the person can be healed.

Since the understanding of karma is important in the attainment of freedom from disease, it is necessary to discover how it may be affecting our lives. The most popular way of discovering karma is to review past lives. The trouble with this is that unless the disciple is relatively free from illusion, his discernment of the past is likely to be incorrect.

Hypnosis and guided meditation, sometimes reveals the true past, but other times it brings forth an imaginary past for a variety of reasons. Only through soul confirmation can one know if such a revealed past is correct.

A second way to discover the past is through dreams, but there is also much distortion in this and the soul must be used again. You can enhance the power to discover the past through dreams by giving yourself suggestions to remember as you are going to sleep. This will not produce immediate results, but will bear fruit over a period of time.

Do not trust someone who claims to be a great one from the past because of supposed synchronicity. Relating oneself to a historical figure because he sees similarities is often very misleading as vision is filtered through a multitude of glamours.

Another problem is that even several revealed past lives do not give the full story of karma you may be facing. For instance, you may know about your last past life, but your Higher Self may have karma arranged for you from a more distant past with which you may be unfamiliar.

One of the best ways to determine areas where one needs to put attention is to study the law of cycles. The adage “history repeats itself” is based on this principle.

Saturn largely governs the energies of karma in this solar system and its orbit around the sun takes about 29.5 years. This period of time is called a “Saturn Cycle” by astrologers. The first half is polarized female/receiving/negative, and the second part of the cycle is male/sending/positive.

The first twenty-nine years of your life are like a mini incarnation. If you have solved your problems and learned the lessons assigned to you, then the next twenty-nine will be like a new birth or an advanced incarnation. If the needed lessons are not learned, then the second twenty-nine year period will bring you face to face with the same problems you had in the first twenty-nine. If the pilgrim ignores the solving of these problems, he will just coast along the line of least resistance; and he will become crystallized by the second Saturn Cycle at age 59 or earlier. He is also likely to suffer ill health.

Then there are those who pass their first cycle successfully, but follow the line of least resistance in their second and also crystallize in their third. Only about 10% of humanity successfully navigates into their third Saturn Cycle where they will learn new principles, solve new problems and essentially live three lives in experience and progression.

It is therefore beneficial to examine your life in roughly seven, fourteen and twenty-eight to twenty-nine year cycles. The first question to ask yourself is can you see that you made major changes or that major events happened to you around the end of these cycles? What was going on in your life and what was your internal makeup at age fourteen, twenty-eight, forty-two, and fifty-six?

If major changes were taking place around these periods, this is a sign that you were progressing as you should. If no major changes have occurred since age twenty-nine, this is a sign that you have been coasting. Be careful to not coast too long because as you near the third Saturn Cycle at age fifty-nine, you will find the energies within you crystallizing.

When honey crystallizes it gets thicker and thicker so it will no longer pour easily. This is what happens with the human in incarnation. If he follows the line of least resistance and does not work on his progression, he will find his movement forward at a stand- still by the time he reaches his mid fifties.

What the disciple needs to do is to look at these seven, fourteen and twenty-eight year cycles, and watch for different circumstances that seem to be repeating themselves.

Does it seem that a lover or friend betrays you cyclically? This would indicate that you have betrayed others in past lives. To complete and move beyond that cycle you must reach a state of mind where you have a resolve to be true to others in relationship.

Does it seem that you get stolen from regularly, not only materially, but in other ways? Then this indicates that this was a problem for you in the past and it is time to incorporate the lesson of not seeking for that which you have not earned.

Do you have a problem with dominating people? Then you created a problem for others in the past.

And so on it goes for every recurring problem we find.

If you have periodic illness it is helpful to examine repeating problems and see if they correspond. All illness is caused or enhanced by some type of resistance to spiritual flow. If the person can hone into the problem he needs to solve; and starts making progression with it, then his health and vitality will increase. The part of the body the physical distress is located in is also an indicator of the cause of the physical problem.

As food for thought I will name several problems. Using the Law of Correspondences and karma attempt to decipher the spiritual cause.

(1) Heart Disease
(2) Skin rashes and inflammation.
(3) Constipation
(4) Throat Cancer
(5) Backache
(6) Neck problems
(7) Alzheimer’s
(8) A major accident.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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