The Kingdom Within

The Kingdom Within

A reader comments: “What is missing here for me is that in describing step four of “soul contact,” he describes a person turning “inward” for answers, to their own soul; but he omits from the discussion any form of turning “upward” to heaven for answers. To me, if it doesn’t also include turning “upward,” then that turning “inward” means nothing but self absorption and hence opening oneself to the master deceiver.”

JJ: And how do you look “upward” toward heaven? When you pray do you leave your eyes open and look up in the sky? Of course not… Mormons and other most other religions I know pray with their eyes shut with their consciousness focused within. If it was without you would pray with your eyes open.

Since Jesus said the “kingdom of God is within you,” Luke 17:21 and such statement registers so true to the souls of men it is difficult to see how seeking this kingdom within as “self absorption.”

When we pray Jesus said to “enter into thy closet.” Where is our closet? Is it out there somewhere or is it within?

When you draw within to pray, meditate or seek for answers where is up or down, right or left? Technically they do not exist for the Spirit of God dwells in the very center of your being. When that center is found you seem to be lifted up in awareness and thus God is refereed to as “up there,’ but it would be more accurate to describe him as “in there.” If the kingdom of God is within then it only stands to reason that God dwells in his kingdom does it not?

What is the difference between those who have the mark of the beast and those who have escaped the mark?

Concerning those who escape the mark it is written:

“And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.” Rev 14:1

Where was the Father’s name?

It is not “up there” but written within “in their foreheads.” One must go within and find God to escape the outward authority of the Beast which has his mark in the foreheads of the deceived which mark is an authoritative “God out there,” which is represented by some authoritative figure.

Miracle Questions

Another reader says, “The Son is the out-picturing of the Father. Therefore it is One. There was no imperfect Son in the beginning in the bosom of a perfect Father God… and there is still a Perfect Son, in the bosom of a perfect Father God.”

JJ: I find a lot of good in the Course in Miracles, but if one accepts it without question or reasoning he may find himself getting into some illusion and doublespeak comparable to Orwell’s 1984.

The Course in Miracles says that the creation of our whole universe including time and space was an “insane” mistake on the part of the Son.

If this is the case and we have a perfect Son still abiding in the bosom of the Father who was the imperfect Son that created all things? Do we have a perfect and imperfect Son – One makes mistakes and the other one does not???

The Course tells us that when we reach the holy instant that this insane world will disappear before our eyes. This includes our physical body. We will then leave this world forever and enter a “perfect world.

Problem: Not one student has graduated the course yet.

The Course teaches us that this perfect world is changeless “being.” No further decisions will ever be made there. You will never again progress from point A to point B for you will be dwelling in ultimate perfection and there is no where else for you to progress towards.

Problem: Do we even want to live in such a static place?

The Course does say that this other world is perfect and changeless and God who dwells there is perfect yet we continue to create.

Problem: This seems to be doublespeak for if we are living in a perfect changeless world then additional creation will create change. How can we live in a changeless world yet change it through creation?

How can there be no time yet at one time a creation is not and another time the creation is? This can only happen in time.

The Course tells us to not have special relationships that they are “unholy” and should be released.

Problem: It sounds like we should all be single, end the marriage relationship, and concentrate on going through the door of the perfect world.

The course seems to have reasoning that answers objections.

Problem: It gives circular reasoning using doublespeak.

For instance: God and the Son are perfect and so are you because you are one with the Son so why does imperfection seem to exist?

ACIM Answer: The world we are in does not really exist so The Son and all of us can still be perfect because none of us are here, we just think we are here.

Question: Wouldn’t that be an imperfect mistake for the Son to think he is here when he is not?

ACIM Answer: No. He just thinks he is thinking that he is here. He is really there.

Question: If we are not here why should we be concerned about leaving this place where we are not?

ACIM Answer: So the part of us that does not exist does not have to suffer any more.

Question: But can that which does not exist suffer?

ACIM Answer: No. We do not exist here so we do not really suffer. We just think we are, but since we think we are in this place we should concentrate on getting away from where we are not.

Question: If we are not here how can we leave a place where we are not?

ACIM Answer: We just think we leave from this mistaken universe where we think we are, but we will be really happy to get to the real world where we have always been, and really we are there now, so I guess we are happy now I think.

Am I the only guy (outside of religionists who have not read it) in the universe who questions this book? Just because it was claimed to have been written by Jesus does not mean that we should follow like sheep. Do we really want to cease becoming and dwell in a static unchangeable state for the rest of eternity? An enthusiastic follower of this course needs to ask himself this question.

Jan 25, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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