The Great Mystery, Part 2

The Great Mystery, Part 2

Lorraine writes:

“Has anyone created music or have the notes always been there and we just put them together in a way that has not been done before? The notes have always been there. Just not organized into the tune. So are we. We have always been there just not organized into what we now call us.”

To elaborate some more I will quote from a previous post:

“The lower part of the formless worlds is a plane of essential ideas. Consider the song “Yesterday” by the Beatles. Even before the formation of the Beatles, the essence of the song existed beyond time and space as an idea in the mind of God. As an essential idea it had no form. Then Lennon and McCartney tuned into this formless idea and brought it down into time and space and clothed it with vibration, vinyl and sheet music.

“If every piece of form representing this song in this world were destroyed the essential idea would still exist in the formless worlds and take form again somewhere, sometime.”

Anni also covered this concept very beautifully a couple posts later.:

“The ideas are already there – they are created on another level of consciousness and are just waiting for us to see or find them. When smaller lives merge into a greater lifeform by there own free will – like eg. a human molecule – we just live out an idea that was already there from the beginning. And as others have said so well: this greater life is more than the sum of the individuals, even though we still have our own individual consciousness. It must be like in our body – each single cell knows the whole, but works in a special place with a special task. But if for some reason it is necessary each cell knows the structure and the whole being it is a part of.”

To show that you really understand this principle explain how the creation of a molecule of 24 will create a greater life, where that greater life will come from and how it will get here. Does this greater life have a beginning or an end? What is our relationship to it?

To this question the best response (IMHO) was from Anni. I might add that Anni’s past few posts have been excellent. I think she really underestimates her ability.

She writes:

“This new molecule made of 24 humans is already, has always been and will always be there. It was created in the mind of God and manifested through the formless worlds. It is already manifested on the mental level because we as a group think about it. I think it is manifesting on the emotional level now as we are growing closer and closer. … In some years the molecule will manifest on the physical level as well – because we decide it to. The greater being that will come alive will of course be the sum of all 24 individuals but will also be given more energy and light from higher levels so it will indeed be more than the sum of the 24.”

JJ: Great comment, but let me add something to the latter part.

The phrase that a greater life being created by the “sum of its parts” and then being greater than the sum of its parts is often taught in metaphysical circles, but I will submit that this is a misleading phrase.

As a side note, I have found something very interesting in my pursuit of truth and that is if you hear a common phrase that is purported to be true you will often find that there is illusion behind it if the meaning is examined in the light of the soul. “Go with the flow” is a popular example that we have discussed earlier.

Technically the greater life is not created by the sum of it’s parts for it never had a creation.

Let us look at the simple molecule of water again which is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. Let us take one of these elements. Suppose we have oxygen packaged in units of ten each and we start adding them together. 10+10+10+10+10 = 50 for example. We can keep adding these packages (parts) of oxygen and what do we get? Answer: More oxygen. And how much oxygen do you get? Answer: The sum of it’s parts. Now suppose you add big numbers like billions and trillions of oxygen atoms. What do you get? The answer is the same: More oxygen gas. No matter how many parts you throw in the result is the same material, only the quantity increases.

Now let us add different type of parts. Let us add two atoms of hydrogen to one of oxygen and what do you get? Is it just the sum of the parts which is three atoms?


Is it greater than the sum of its parts?

Not really because it is not the sum of anything for this new material water has properties not related to the sum of hydrogen and oxygen because it is so different from either of them. It was not created through simple addition as oxygen gas was, but through right combination, bonding, electrical exchange and other factors.

To understand this we must accept the premise that the life of God flows through all things and even atoms and molecules are alive within their own sphere. Many seekers realize that life advances in stages and that the molecule is a greater life than the atom, a cell greater than the molecule, the plant greater than a cell and so on.

These greater lives are not manifested through a simple addition but the prerequisite is a unique combination of elements that will allow the life that has always been to express itself.

Even though the greater lives have always been they are not seeking to become what they has always been. If this were the case there would be no purpose in manifesting on the physical plane. Each life that manifests here does so in the hope of Becoming that which it has never been but without the loss of that which has forever been.


What must be prepared for a greater life before it manifests and what is this process of the manifestation of a life called?

The two key words are “body” and “incarnation.”

It is obvious to us that we as humans need a body prepared and then we jump into it or incarnate, but this is not so obvious for greater lives.

Question: Why is this knowledge so significant when we think of creating a molecule of 24? What are we creating and what will incarnate into it? Does this shed light on why the Apostles of Jesus had powers that were different from human? Was the new life that shall be manifest ever human? How will the oneness principle operate between molecular members and the new life?

Feb 7, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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