A Great Mystery

A Great Mystery

I notice that the group has been talking about the possibility that we as entities were once lower animals.

According to my book, The Immortal, this was not actually the case. Can you remember why it is that we are a combination of lower lives, including animals, but that which is our individualized selves did not come from them? If this is so where did we as entities come from? Did we have a beginning? Will we have an end?

Can anyone remember what the Aquarian Gospel said about it?

This ought to stimulate conversation.

On this subject Joseph Smith made an interesting statement:

“Have the Presbyterians any truth? Yes. Have the Baptists, Methodists, &c,, any truth? Yes. They all have a little truth mixed with error. We should gather all the good and true principles in the world and treasure them up, or we shall not come out true Mormons.” DHC, Vol.5, p.517

Many see great doom ahead for the bulk of humanity, but such has not been decreed by God. We have been warned of it but we are in no way doomed to mass destruction.

Some seem to have a mindset on this very similar to Fundamentalists Christians using a literal interpretation of the Scriptures. I take a different approach. Even though I study many scriptures the black and white words are far from the final verdict with me. What is then? It is the whisperings of the Holy Spirit given through my soul. So when I look to the future what does the Spirit say:

It says with great power to me these words:

“My will is not to destroy, but to save. Go forward in the great work of the salvation of my sons and daughters. Give hope to the whole of the human race.”

What I receive is the opposite of what I hear from many Bible believers. They see God up there on his throne in a very agitated state because we have not gone through someone’s interpretation of repentance. In many cases those who are preaching repentance to the world are the ones in greatest need of it. To see nothing but doom and gloom on the horizon feeds negative energy into a thoughtform that could bring on some type of mass destruction if enough energy were poured into it.

What should we do then? Should we blissfully go ahead in denial of the dangers that face us?

No, but neither should we allow the dangers to be our prime focus of attention. Make reasonable preparations for the dangers that face us, but focus on the positive. Let us not be like Jonah and sit back and wait for God to bring fire down on the wicked, but let us go forward with a true salvation and work to save the race of men and women from their lack of hope. If we bring them hope through the soul then they will look forward to a better world. Energy follows thought and if the mass of humanity hope for a better world then energy will be created that will make this happen.

I liked a statement made that noted humanity focusing on solutions saved us from a Y2K disaster

This was a good point. Just as humanity pulled together and prevented disaster through Y2K we can also pull together and guide humanity into the coming age of peace with a minimal of problems.

I felt a strange feeling when we were watching TV on New Years Eve, and in time zone after time zone watched the peoples of the earth rejoice at the new millennium and the non effect of the Y2K bug.

The people of the whole planet had heard all the doom predicted and when they saw with their own eyes that we had pulled together and solved the problem I sensed very strongly it gave them hope that we could also pull together as a human race and solve the greater problems in the world that threaten us. I felt a partial lifting of the negative thoughtform that has plagued us for so long.

The latest question:

Can you remember why it is that we are a combination of lower lives, including animals, but that which is our individualized selves did not come directly from them? If this is so where did we as entities come from? Did we have a beginning? Will we have an end?

Many people who believe in the pre-mortal existence of man think that he began his evolution as the lowest life forms, perhaps a worm, plant or even an atom, and eventually evolved to where he is today. But what is the real truth here?

The answer I am going to guide you toward has not been explained by Blavatsky, Alice A. Bailey, the scriptures, Mormon writings or any other that I know about.

We can discover this truth by the understanding of spiritual principles.

Perhaps we should call this a Principle of Discovery:

Truth is in harmony with spiritual principles; therefore, we discover that which is true through the application of those principles.

What principle(s) can we apply to discover the truth of this great subject?

Principle One: If a thing has a beginning it will have an end, but if there is no beginning there will be no end. The opposite is also true. If there is an end there was a beginning and there will be no end there had to be no beginning.

This means that if there is a beginning to us as intelligent individual entities that there will be an end. If there is a beginning to eternal life then there will be an end. If there is a beginning to us being gods then there will be an end.

I submit that that which you are never had a beginning in time and shall never have an end. As a human entity in a human body you are one of the reflections of God, or as the Aquarian Gospel tells it “one of the thoughts of God.”

Principle Two: A life whether it be an atom, a worm, a man or a planetary Spirit evolves to relative perfection within its sphere. When this relative perfection is reached its progression on an individual basis comes to and end, but it uses molecular principles (see the Molecular Relationship) to enter a path of higher evolution.

Question: How can you apply these two principles in discovering the great mystery? If you were not once an animal or a plant what have you always been and will forever be? When you reach relative perfection how will you continue to “Become?”

The answer is hinted at in my writings, but I do not believe I have fully explained it.

I have written quite a bit already on this relative perfection, but I will add one more thing. Where there is not agreed upon definition for ultimate perfection then perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

On the other hand, there are many absolute perfections that can be agreed upon. For instance, an absolutely perfect circle has all points on its circumference exactly the same distance from the center. But in physical reality there is no such thing as a perfect circle. There is not a planet in the universe with an exactly circular orbit. No one has ever created a perfect circle. What is the best we can hope for? The closest we can come to absolute perfection is relative perfection. In other words, we can create relatively perfect circles.

Once relative perfection is reached in the world of form the intelligence behind its creation recognizes it and begins to duplicate this perfection. For instance, a proton is relatively perfect. These particles are not absolutely perfect because each proton has a very slight differentiation from all others. Because the intelligence behind the proton recognizes the relative perfection of this unit it has created these relatively perfect particles by the same principles everywhere in the universe.

Humanity does the same thing as God does. When we reach relative perfection in creation others copy this perfection to the best of their ability. Our better bicycles, for instance, are made about as close to maximum efficiency as possible. As manufacturers approach relative perfection others follow. We will never create the perfect bicycle, but we will eventually get so close to perfection that it would be a waste of time to attempt any more improvement.

This is what supreme intelligence has done with the proton. Perfection is so close that any more attention on improvement is not worth the effort. God’s efforts are now much better spent working on humans. We are far from relative perfection on the physical plane.

Evolution occurs when relatively perfect creations join together to create greater lives. When multiple lives join together to create a greater life – where does the greater life come from? Do the lesser lives evolve into the greater or does something else happen?”

What we are looking for here is the explanation of the missing link, so to speak in evolution. When there is progression from one kingdom to another there is a quantum leap. For instance, an atom to a plant, a plant to an animal, an animal to a human and human to a member of the God Kingdom.

Let me give you a logical reason why the progression is something far different than the mere evolution of an individual life.

In your body there are trillions of atoms to compose your one physical life. If each of these evolved into human form the universe would have to expand an unreasonable amount to accommodate all the new humans.

Instead the greater life is created without the loss of the identity of the atom. As was written in the Molecular Relationship atoms create molecules, molecules create cells and cells create plants and so on the progression goes.

There is an understanding that I am looking for about how this higher life is manifested, where it comes from and how it comes.

Technically the greater life is not created. It is manifested. How?

We have established the first major point we are looking for and that is this. A greater life is manifested when smaller lives unite with higher purpose.

Why does this mean you were not once a slug? Are you a greater life in relation to the lower kingdoms?

Some have said that we did not come from the lower kingdoms but are an eternal thought in the mind of God. If so, what caused you to manifest here for the first time and what principle will draw a higher life than human?

Feb 5, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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