The Gathering Principle, Part 2

Texas Gathering, Part Seventeen
The Gathering Principle, Part 2

Very few people are aware but Jesus spoke quite a bit about the gathering. He attempted to gather the lights. The first attempt (in his day) at the gathering of lights was through John the Baptist. Remember, he’s a different character from John the Revelator. John the Baptist was quite different from Jesus. He was a very strict guy. He was into eating just the bare essentials, locust and honey. He lived in the wilderness and some people called him a wild man. Then Jesus came He drank a little wine and relaxed. He ate a little meat. A lot of people thought He was a glutton. They called Him a wine drinker and a glutton in relation to John. People wondered, “These two characters are entirely on opposite ends of the spectrum.” People were amazed that they were actually cooperating with one another because they seemed to be two types of characters who would be opposed to one another by using the normal thinking.

John had a hard time accepting Jesus at first because He was a lot different than Him. He was more relaxed than John. John was very serious. John was like today’s really fundamentalist religion person who wants to prepare for the great things to come. Then the person comes with the great things and was a lot more relaxed than everyone expected. So, John took his mission very seriously and he did everything he could to gather out the lights from the Judaic area and teach them. John acquired quite a large number of students. Then Jesus came along and He picked twelve of these students to be His disciples; twelve of the males of that group. He also picked twelve females who followed Him. That isn’t written clearly in the scriptures. But, of John’s group He picked the twelve. Because these people were prepared by John, He called John the greatest prophet in the history of man. The reason He called him the greatest prophet was because John prepared a group for Him despite their differences, despite their personality differences. John turned his disciples over to Jesus. What do most teachers do when they get a group around them? Are they willing to turn them over to any other teacher? No, they say, “These are mine. You go find your own.”

That’s one of the reasons Jesus called John the greatest prophet of them all, because he was able to overcome his ego and turn his students over to Jesus. He recognized that Jesus was a greater teacher than he was which was hard for him to do because Jesus was a totally different type of person than John was. He didn’t have these austere aspects to Him. He didn’t have a real cut and dry way of looking at things the way John did. So, John had to listen to his soul. When he listened to his soul, it spoke to him, and he recognized that there was one greater than himself. As a matter of fact, it says in the scriptures, “John was praying, asking, ‘How will I recognize the Messiah?” He didn’t know for sure that He was his cousin, Jesus. The fact that He was his cousin made it all the more difficult for who in the world would think his cousin or relative would be a Messiah or the carrier of the Messiah? The closer one gets the more you can see their flaws and the more difficult it might be to accept.

Almost all of my family thinks I’m off in left field somewhere. I can’t get any of them to read my book! I’ve given away my book to a lot of them then ask, “Have you read it?” “Well, no, I think I burned it.” (laughter) When I visit my relatives I notice that even though I’ve given them the book, it’s nowhere to be found on their bookcases. I look for it but it’s not displayed anywhere where it can be found. I wonder what they do with it; did they throw it away? Most of my family members are really staunch Mormons so anything that goes against the Mormon thought-form they’re very suspicious of. “The prophet didn’t say that this stuff in the book happened so. . . “

Anyway, the gathering principle is always resisted by the powers that be. In each age we have someone like Moses and someone like the Pharaoh and something like the people trying to better themselves. The gathering principle is the principle behind all evolution. You’ll find that when life began. It began by gathering out certain elements needed to produce molecules and certain molecules needed to produce amino acids and certain acids gathering together to produce cells, cells gathering together to produce little life forms and the little life forms gathering together to produce greater life forms until all the essence has gathered together from the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdom to produce human beings. Your life was produced by the gathering principle. All social evolution was produced by the gathering principle.

In the beginning there were families. Families gathered together to produce tribes. The reason they gathered together to produce tribes was because living as a family made you very exposed to the elements and it was very dangerous whereas if you gathered together to create a tribe it gave you a lot more protection from the elements. But then the tribes were attacked by other tribes so tribes gathered together to produce a nation. A nation could protect itself from wandering tribes. So the nation or the kingdom was much more superior to a tribe. Eventually when all the kingdoms have come and gone and risen and fallen, the people were more and more suppressed by the various kingdoms of the world. Then the western hemisphere was discovered and the greatest lights of the world that had been suppressed by the kingdoms gathered together and came to America for greater opportunity. Once they had gathered together here they said, “We want to go beyond what the kingdoms have done. We want to go beyond having a king to tell us what to do be able to cut our head off if we don’t conform.”

So they created a series of laws and ensured greater freedom. This was because of the gathering principle. The lights gathered here in America and they created something that had never been before by the gathering. Then in various religious organizations there has been gatherings. The Mormon Church attempted a gathering together of the lights, however shortly after the death of Joseph Smith the gathering principle ceased to be taught. Now they just gather into churches instead of gathering in communities to create a better way of life.

So, the gathering principle has been tried again and again but unfortunately, with this country, we gathered together to escape bureaucracy and now we’ve gone back to creating tremendous bureaucracy. It’s almost like a kingdom government where we are told what to do in every little detail again. So, another gathering has to take place. This next gathering will be a spiritual gathering. It will be a gathering of lights, a gathering of people who will see the God within.

In the book of Revelations, chapter 14, John said that he saw 144,000 led by the Lamb and they had within their forehead the name of God. And the 144,000 were people that had the name of the Father in their forehead. What does that mean to have the name of the Father in the forehead? It contrasted with what else? Chapter 14 comes after chapter 13 where it talks about the beast. The beast had his name engraved in his peoples’ forehead. Then in chapter 14 we find there is another group who have the name of God in their forehead. What’s the difference between the name of the beast in the forehead and the name of God in the forehead?

Audience: I think the people with the name of God in their forehead are people who follow the God within and do not follow authority lightly. The beast people follow outer authority as their choice.

JJ: The name of the beast in the forehead is what?

Audience: Inaudible discussion.

JJ: Right, the name of the beast– the number of the beast in the forehead is 666. The number of the beast is 666 and the name of the beast is authority. The reason it’s called 666 is because 6 is the number that governs emotional energy and 6 is the number which governs the age of Pisces which we are now leaving. The first six is symbolic of control over the physical reality. The second six is being led by your emotions in the feeling world. The third six is having your mind subjected to emotional control or astral control. These are the three sixes. So if a person has the number of 666 he is controlled by outside authority on three levels.

Six is the number of the ray which governs Pisces. It governs the solar plexus and it governs the astral world where there is great deception. The astral world is the desire world controlled by the emotions. So, the first 6 represents the physical world; the physical world governed by the pure emotions without mind. The second is where our emotional world is governed by its self without any influence of the higher worlds. It’s governed by its self which is another 6. The third is the mental world. The mind is not governed by its self but it’s governed by the emotional feeling. The reason it’s called the beast is because the beast reacts not by mind but by feeling.

Remember what I said about the dog yesterday? I say, “Bad dog, bad dog” (in a soft tone) and I speak with feeling but I say something negative and the dog responds by panting happily. He thinks it’s great. The beast is controlled purely by the way that it feels. A beast has to be herded and controlled and directed by a master. Those that are subject to the beast have to be guided by some authority, outward authority, not God, but an outward authority that takes the place of the inner God. This outward authority is his master and that makes him subject to the beast. He’s subject to the beast because the number 6, the astral world, the astral desire nature, tells him how to think.

The astral desire nature tries to govern itself. It tries to govern physical reality. Almost all the world is subject to these three 6’s. They have the mark in their forehead which means they have to think as they’re told to think by the beast. They have the mark in their right hand which is a symbol of work, of labor, in the scriptures. That means they have to labor as they’re told to labor by the beast. Any work that they do is subject to some authority telling them what to do. Any thought they think is subject to an authority approving that thought. If they go out of what the authorities tell them they can think or do then the beast does everything in his power to put them back in line by the fear of God or whatever means necessary. The beast can use the fear of God because the beast takes the place of God and becomes their outward God.

Then John saw the 144,000 had the mark of God in their forehead, which was the name of God. To have the name of God in your forehead removes you from the power of the beast. Why? It’s because when you realize that you have the name of God in your forehead, you realize that you are one with God. Remember, Jesus said, “I and my Father are one. My Father has given me His name and His name I give unto you and you will be one even as I and my Father are one.”

When we are one as Christ and His Father are one we have the name of God in our forehead. To find God we look where? Do we have to go ask a priest where God is? Do we have to go ask a prophet, a bishop or an elder, or a pastor or a reverend? No, we look within and we ask within. The kingdom of God is within you. Look within and you find the name of God is your name. Your name and the name of God is one. Your real name and the name of God is one and you look within and within is the spirit of God.

Delivered by J.J. Dewey Sunday, May 26, 2002 Wimberly Texas

Copyright By J J Dewey

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