The Fruit of Experience


The Fruit of Experience

A new reader writes this:

Isn’t the ultimate purpose of our existence here to Wake Up, and doesn’t Waking Up necessitate UNLEARNING, DEPROGRAMMING, DECONDITIONING, UNDREAMING, EMPTYING, etc. in order to re-realize what is always Present, Perfect and Eternally Free?

JJ: You are the first follower of Sri Dava Prakasha we have had visit us. This should be interesting. I just hope you will use your own thoughts and mind in dealing with subjects presented here rather than relying on what you have read from the Temple of Freedom Teachings.

If we came here to only unlearn and deprogram this would mean that all creation is a mistake and God is a big clumsy oaf who let things get completely out of control and had no control himself. Thus he could not be “perfect” and “free” for perfection could not create imperfection and he who is free would not create slaves.

In addition, it makes no sense to go on a journey for the sole purpose of coming back. When any intelligent being takes a journey, he has a purpose other than returning. He will indeed return, but with benefits achieved in the journey.

DK tells us that when life is liberated it takes with it “the quality of conscious knowledge and the fruit of all experience. These are the gifts of soul and form combined.”

Thus, we achieve much more than just going home. As they say “you can never go home.” There is much truth to this for whenever we go home in this world or out of the world we find that we have changed even if home has not. In the case of our spiritual home, we return with two benefits.

(1) The fruit of all experience. The word “fruit was carefully chosen because fruit is a thing to be digested and enjoyed. When we reach the great pralaya we blissfully partake of the fruit of experience and savor it until we are ready to experience again.

(2) The quality of conscious knowledge. Knowledge is always out there but before we left spirit we were not able to consciously wield it. Our expanded consciousness not only enables us to understand limitation and free ourselves from it but to enjoy the fruit of experience during periods of rest.

Reader: You say that this earth is a school of learning, but isn’t this world maya, meaning essentially illusion, or rather phantasmagoria that rises, glimmers and passes away, having no real Substance? And if this world (which Jesus said his Kingdom is NOT) is essentially illusory, then what can actually be learned or gained from an illusion that compares with Reality?

JJ: Form is created by an illusionary principle but the power that creates it is real, which thing makes the illusion a real experience.

I have often taught the guitar string principle. When in pluck it we see three strings, but in reality, there is only one. Does this mean that there is really no music?

No. Because the originating string is real, which makes the effect of the wavelength real.

Music can only be learned while music is in play through an illusionary principle. Even so, we must plunge into the illusion to discover knowledge. Without the illusion no knowledge exists as we know it in time and space. As evidence of this no one can tell us any knowledge apart from the illusion.

Reader: No one has told me yet how man got into this state of imprisonment in matter.

Surely a loving God did not make it happen by divine Design?

JJ: You are obviously asking a question to which you think you know the answer.

Are you saying God is flawed and made a great mistake in the creation of life in matter then?

(Note from 2021: I have been writing a book on A Course in Miracles which gives a little different take on this. It says that the Father God had nothing to do with the creation of this world, but was made by the wrong-minded thinking of his created Son – which includes all of us. It calls the journey to the material universe a “mad idea.” This still calls into question the perfection of a God who creates A Son capable of having a “mad idea.” I think the   Course has a lot of inspired teachings, but leaves out some important details about why we came to this world of time and space.)

Reader: I suppose what I am asking is: does anyone here have access to the Akashic records so that the development of man through the mineral kingdom might be genuinely traced? Or is there a master-soul here who could recall his own past journey through the sub-human kingdoms?

JJ: The intact human entity did not pass through the lower kingdoms. Instead, the living parts that make up the various bodies of man have passed through and were gathered from the lower kingdoms. We were reflections from the mind of God until the Molecular Relationship created a suitable vehicle for our consciousness. Even so, will humans organize into greater group vehicles for more advanced entities than ourselves to inhabit.

Because we do not remember a thing does not mean there is no truth to it. How many remember what happened during sleep last night or life in the mother’s womb?

The intuition can reveal much truth that is not available to the brain memory.

Reader: I can say for myself that I do not recall passing through any lower kingdoms before this incarnation, and I can also say that I have no empathy whatsoever as to what a mineral, vegetable or animal consciousness may feel like!

JJ: Perhaps contemplation would help. The mineral, the vegetable and the animal all exist within our bodies and their consciousness is available to those who seek.

Reader: I wonder sometimes how much we could really state as known fact if we had never read a book and so never adopted certain second-hand ideas as our own? It might be a good and humbling exercise to only declare that which we truly, directly, experientially know as fact for a week, free of book-learning influences.

Imagine if everyone in the world did that. I would think the global confusionometer needle would fall radically!

JJ: Here are a few of my past teachings on this principle:

Christ basically said that if the light that is within you be darkness, how great is that darkness. But if the light that is within you will be the light of Christ, that light will shine forth unto the perfect day. If the light that is within us be the Holy Spirit, which is achieved through soul, then the door is open between us and the higher worlds. The Holy Spirit can then flow within us and we can be full of light so the path before us is always clear. When the person has the Holy Spirit within him, he always sees his next step. If we do not see our next step we need to obtain a greater portion of the spirit because when the light shines within us, the light of our next step is there before us. We should always be able to see that so we must ask ourselves the question, “Do I see my next step?” If we do not see it we must call in a greater portion of the light. We must listen less to the voices out there and listen to the voices within.

One might say to me, “Aren’t you a voice without with what you’re teaching us?” Yes and no. I’m the voice without but if my voice without stirs your voice within and says the same thing as the voice within you is saying, then it is the voice within. Sometimes we need to be reminded of what the voice within is trying to tell us. Sometimes we don’t listen to the voice within and when a voice without reverberates what your soul is attempting to tell you, then it’s the same as the voice within. When Christ was on the Earth teaching His disciples and He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” the apostles felt, “yes, that’s what the voice within is telling me. I just wasn’t listening.” It woke them up to what the voice within verifies. We’re stimulated from without and verified from within. Stimulated from without and verified from within, that’s how we progress. None of us can do it alone. We all have to be reminded of what the voice within will verify. This is why we need to assist and teach each other.

We have all heard cases where some cruel adult locked up a child in his room for ten years or more, so the child had no contact with the outside world.

Now in this case the child is forced to go within for his stimulation and learning from without is close to zero.

If learning from within is the main goal, then after ten years in isolation the kid should be a genius, right?

Not quite. The interesting thing that researchers have discovered is that during these long periods of isolation the child learned virtually nothing and his consciousness was as if the ten years did not exist.

If the child were locked up at the age of five and released at fifteen, he will still see himself as a five-year-old. Lack of stimulation from without brought his progression to a halt.

This lack of progression is something that I have observed in both extremes of thought. The literal Bible believer cannot get past his outward authority riveting him into his mindset and the “all is within” person will not take an objective look at reality as it is.

A couple years ago several group members were trying to convince me that all knowledge is within so I gave them a challenge.

I wrote down a one-digit number in my notebook and challenged the group to go within and retrieve it. Now, as soon as I wrote that in the notebook it became true that in this moment in time and space I had indeed written a certain number.

The group guessed every number they could think of from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and none of them were correct. They were beside themselves until someone realized that it must be a negative number. Finally, when the group was headed the right direction through the process of elimination and about a half dozen more guesses, they discovered that the answer was minus 2.

The interesting thing is that no one, by going within, was able to even discover the direction of the number (positive or negative) let alone the number until almost all wrong answers were eliminated.

Now it is true that the number was written in the akasha and an adept could have retrieved it, but none in the group who were preaching that they have this great power to go within and find truth were able to.

The question is this. What validity does a person have in claiming that they can go within and retrieve all knowledge when they cannot manifest that belief?

The final test of the validity of a belief is whether or not the belief can be demonstrated.

July 22, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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