The Feminine Principle

The Feminine Principle

Socrates once told an interesting story. He said that in the beginning male and female were one. In other words the two coexisted in one physical body. In this state they were much more powerful than they are today. At that time whatever they imagined they could create. What they wanted they could bring into existence. That which they desired they could achieve.

Their power became so great that the Gods became alarmed and they feared that the man-woman could challenge their power and perhaps dethrone them from their position. To protect themselves they called forth an angel with a sword and sent him to divide these male-females. The angel did as commanded and went to each human and divided them in two. Once they were separated they immediately lost their power and seemed to wander aimlessly about in a confused state. Nevertheless, each male and female person seemed to be inwardly aware of the loss and felt a longing to find their other half and unite again as one.

To this day that sense of longing is still there and each male and female feel a drive to unite and become one with their other half and they intuitively know that a true union will somehow give them power again to fulfill all their dreams.

Scholars may think that Socrates merely told a cute story here, but it was more than a story. He was a man of wisdom and illustrated a divine truth of monumental importance.

The male and female are two parts of a great whole and no atomic, human, or solar creation can exist without the interplay of the two energies science calls positive and negative. They are totally dependent upon each other. One half of the whole is not greater or lesser in importance than the other, but the roles they play are different: More than different. “Opposite” is a more correct word.

It is ironic, however, that humanity is somewhat mixed up and out of order in creating balance in these pairs of opposites. The basic reason for this is our true reality has been denied by both sexes and we have tried to convince ourselves that we are not opposites but the same. A person is called “sexist” if he or she insinuates that there are any differences between the male and female.

This is a great deception. To deny the differences in the sexes is to deny the power of creation and to rob men and women of their true heritage.

And what is their true heritage?

It is this: To have the power to bring into reality anything which the mind imagines and the heart desires. If one cannot do this he has not balanced the male-female energies.

The problem is that no one can balance them unless he understands them and is aware of their different functions.


To understand the male and female we must look at them not as physical bodies, but we must look behind the form to the energy symbolized by the body. In reality male and female are energy states.

The male energy is easier to see and understand because it is more visible as we shall show. The knowledge of the female is what is really lacking at this time. The energy she works with is invisible. Only its effects can be seen, but they are very powerful and this invisible energy of the female is a key to creation that is missing among humanity at this time.

The purpose of this treatise is to restore this grand key of creation. With this restoration the male will gain an immediate respect for the female as his equal and the female will no longer feel the need to polarize herself in the visible male energy which is generally uncomfortable for her. She will realize that she has ignored her right place and has therefore lost her point of power. She has given up all rights of domination of the world to men believing it is something she has to fight for. When she realizes her power (which is exactly equal to male energy) and uses it, then equality will not have to be won, it will merely be. The energies will automatically balance and creation begins.

We have heard of the feminine mystic. Women have always been called mysterious and enigmatic. We all realize that there is something that we don’t understand about them, but what is it? People just can’t seem to put a finger on it.

Here is the answer, plain and simple. In all creation there are two types of energy: radiant and magnetic. Radiant is visible, outgoing, giving and male. Magnetic is invisible, pulling to the center, receiving, and female.

The radiant energy we see from the sun is male and very visible. The magnetic energy of gravitation that holds the worlds together and gives form to the whole universe is female. As powerful as this energy is we cannot see it with the most powerful microscope. We can only see its effects.

This is why the female has always been looked upon as mysterious. We cannot see her energy, but we can feel it and see its effects. This has caused much confusion in understanding the female energy. Because the male energy is visible the creative effects of both the male and female energy have been attributed to it. Hence it has been looked upon by male and female alike as being the more desirable energy. The female has “fallen” or forfeited her true powers of creation by being deceived into thinking that the radiant male energy has the powers of creation and that to get ahead or compete in the world of being that she has to use this male or radiant energy.

This causes a problem. When a magnetic energy tries to compete in the world of form by using radiant energy the human unit is thrown out of balance. The trouble is that it not only throws females out of balance by keeping them from using their magnetic powers of creation, but it diminishes the power of the radiant male so he is not as effective either.

In common language it causes the sexes to be more neutral; hence the trend toward unisex styles. The trend toward the reduction of radiant energy in men and magnetic energy in women is a path toward self destruction among mankind. The very power of creation is dependent upon the existence of the opposite polarities and those two opposites must have a certain gap or space between them or the creation collapses, or self destructs.

The female must awaken to her magnetic power of creation and the male needs to be aware of this also. Together they must learn how to combine the opposites into a working whole for this will give them the power to create anything that can be imagined.


We have said that the male is a radiant energy and the female is magnetic. We will now elaborate on this as it applies to all creation, great and small.

At the midway point of creation is the human being. There is no argument that a physical difference does exist between the male and female of our species.

If you are in a crowded room look around at the men and women and think of them as energies, radiant and magnetic. The women wear pretty clothes, jewelry, perfume, and treat their skin and hair with a thousand substances to enhance their beauty, but for what purpose? It is because they inwardly sense that they are a magnetic energy and to obtain balance and fulfillment they should do everything in their power to enhance that. When a beautiful woman with smooth sensuous skin, a lovely body enhanced by well fitting clothes, and sweet smelling perfume crosses the path of a highly polarized radiant male a definite magnetic pull is felt. That magnetic pull which every male feels from time to time is the invisible female energy.

The skeptic will argue that it is the physical appearance of the female that produces the pull – not the energy, but this is not the case. The magnetic energy created the appearance; the appearance did not create the energy, it merely made it recognizable. As proof of this we see that the female does not feel the attractive pull of another beautiful female as does the male. If the appearance created the magnetism then both sexes would uniformly feel the same attraction. Instead, the female of the same energy is repelled by the other female and feels in competition with her for the male energy.

If the two females are not in competition for the same male energy then they can be friends but they will not share the magnetic energy. The female friend will not feel the magnetic energy as the male does.

The male attracts through radiance or active energy. Thus we have the tendency of the male to show off to impress the woman. He likes to actively demonstrate how strong he is, how witty, how talented, how successful, and so on. The more magnetic is the female the more radiant will be the male. Because males attract by radiance the attraction of the female to the male is not so influenced by physical appearance as is the male   to female. Thus we see that even rather homely males can attract good looking females as long as they are aggressive and radiant.

On the other hand, a homely female has a problem. It’s very difficult for her to use her magnetic energy on the male because it is static and must be projected through form. The female finds that she must keep her appearance alluring or the magnetism is not picked up. The female must cause the male to notice her energy through the form, but the male must cause the female to notice his energy through radiant action.

Homosexuals, of course, provide some exceptions to the general rule which I have covered in other writings.


Examining the male and female energy in all parts of creation will aid our understanding of the creative principle for by an understanding of this will we regain our power to manifest all of our desires.

In examining manifested form high and low we must use a law called “The Law of Correspondences”. Essentially it can be stated as follows: “Higher lives, systems, and worlds are created out of the lower; therefore, there will always be “correspondences” or similarities between the two, but with subtle differences that can be ascertained by the intuition, or scientific discovery.

As human beings we are centered in a world between the macrocosm of star systems and galaxies on one end to the microcosm of atoms and molecules on the other.

All of these bodies are circular and have rotary and circular motion. An observer may disagree and say that man is anything but a globe, but that is because only a part of us is visible to the untrained eye. Our physical body is our dense nucleus and the unseen aura circles around us causing our whole form to be circular if we could see it. Our true form extends about an arm’s reach and this matter that creates the aura of divergent colors has an opposite charge to that of the physical body.

Atoms are also circular and have 99.99% of their mass in the nucleus which is male or positively charged. This nucleus is counterbalanced in charge by a light density circle of electrons which are female in energy or negatively charged.

Similarly all completed atoms, molecules, cells, humans, planets, stars, and galaxies have a surplus of charge that is either male or female, positive or negative. Nothing in the universe that has form and occupies space is completely neutral. In a pure state of neutrality matter would turn into pure energy and form would cease to exist. Energy out of balance creates form or matter as we know it. Energy in balance transmutes form into spirit, or pure energy. All of us have to stay in the physical world until we balance the energies within us and in each other.

There are only three states of existence for all energy in the universe: (1) The acquiescent state of balance in the worlds of pure undisturbed energy, (2) The state of positive or excess male energy, and (3) the state of negative of excess female energy.

Actually there is only one energy because the male-female states are an illusion created by the vibration of the one energy. All vibration is composed of wavelengths. The top of the wavelength is male and the bottom is the female. When all vibration ceases then male and female, positive-negative, up-down no longer exist, but the primary energy remains proving that in the total prospective all is only one energy and all creation is in reality the dream of the One God and you and I are his thoughts without beginning or end.

General Eisenhower used to demonstrate leadership with a simple piece of string. He’d put it on a table and say: pull it and it’ll follow wherever you wish. Push it and it will go nowhere at all. It’s just that way when it comes to leading people.

May 25, 2004 (Written in 1986)

Copyright by J J Dewey

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