The Evolution of Humanity

The Evolution of Humanity

Question: Does the story of Adam and Eve relate to the evolution of human consciousness?

The midway point of the fall occurred when the Ancient of Days initiated incarnation into an animal type body over 18 million years ago. The first Adam did not immediately become self-conscious but was asleep for a time while the animal consciousness dominated. Then at a certain moment after reaching maturity his self-conscious self-awoke and became the first human to be self-aware. He immediately became the leader of the other animal men who were stimulated by the human consciousness and others soon drew human sons of mind to the bodies which followed the example of the first Adam and became human in consciousness.

Here is a statement by DK that sheds some light:

“At the later initiations, and after the fifth Initiation of Revelation, he sees with a new clarity some of the karmic liabilities which have led the planetary Logos to create this planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle; he realises then (and with joy) that this little planet is essentially unique in its purpose and its techniques, and that on it and within it (if you could but penetrate below the surface) a great redemptive experiment is going forward; its prime implementing factors and its scientific agents are the “sons of mind who choose to be the sons of men and yet for all eternity remain the Sons of God.” These “sons of mind” were chosen, in that far distant time when the fourth kingdom in nature came into being, to carry forward the science of redemption. There is a true historical and spiritually esoteric significance in the words in The New Testament that the “whole creation groaneth and travaileth together in pain until now, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.” Discipleship in the New Age Vol II, Page 385

The story of Adam and Even has been repeated numerous times in the history of the earth since that ancient time. Each time there has been an advance in human consciousness Adam has awakened from a sleep of part of his nature to a greater awareness.

Question: What causes the human physical body to be ready for a human to incarnate into it and what exactly was it prior?

The question needs to be reversed. When a higher entity is looking from the subtle planes to incarnate – it is he who is asking questions such as:

[1] Are the bodies under consideration suitable for my use?

[2] Is the situation where I will incarnate productive enough so my incarnation will have purpose and be helpful?

For millions of years the answer was no for the first human consciousness, but then when the bodies were usable and the situation right a higher consciousness incarnated into a human body.

Actually, the Ancient of Days was higher than human, but assistance from a super high consciousness was necessary to raise animal man to a higher state.

Another interesting point is this. Through the creation of computers, we are creating the ingredients for a body which could house a self-conscious intelligence. Some day in the future an advanced intelligence will look at some super computer and say: “I think I will jump into that and use it as a vehicle to explore.”

Lower lives exist in our bodies but they have not fully identified with higher consciousness. For the majority of humans it is the other way around. Many identify more with animal consciousness than with the consciousness of the “son of mind.”

When the human molecule, the next  great advance in consciousness, is first created the identification of humans with the higher molecular consciousness will be in its infancy and it will take some time for the individuals to fully identify and to come to a full realization of that of which they are a part.

A molecular body is not one human but a certain number of them and a molecular life will need more than one human to use as his body, but an individual can tune into the higher consciousness.

Members of a molecule will not be perfectly unified but must be unified enough to produce group soul contact.

Higher than human lives paved the way for human consciousness because we could not do it for ourselves within the needed time period.

We could have done it without the Masters help but DK tells us that our evolution would have been greatly hindered and the typical man today would be like a primitive native.

Who knows – maybe even this meddling will backfire and we will blow ourselves up because we gained knowledge too quickly. The Ancient of Days did take a risk on us, one that was not taken on many other worlds.

Question: What is the difference between those who become planetary logoi and those who do not?

There are two things at play.

First each of us is at a different point on the path and have had different amounts of experience in the material plane.

Secondly, we have free will. Each of us use that free will to make a different quality of decisions than any other being in the universe, making each individual unique. Each of us is the result of all the past decisions we have made. He who becomes a Planetary Logos arrives at that status because he made decisions that took him in that direction.

This is a lesson for us all. We must look at what we want to become and then start making decisions that take us to that end goal. Before one can become such an exalted being he must work with other Logoi and learn the necessities of the path.

Question: What happens to those who do not make the grade in his earth system?

DK tells us that 60 percent of the human population will make the grade at the end of our evolution on this earth. The 40 percent who do not make it will be sent to another system for overtime summer school programs. The 60 percent will move on to higher things.

Question: Were the first humans in Atlantis?

We are talking about the Lemurian period, not Atlantis. The remnants of these first self-conscious humans are the Aborigines, but the Lemurians were less refined. The Atlanteans were more oriental in appearance.

When the first self-conscious humans appeared there was no fifth kingdom of masters as there is today. The Ancient of Days belonged to the seventh kingdom and was more than a master.

We are not told much about the first human but I would assume that both a male and female incarnated together. It’s quite possible that the female awoke first since we are told that Eve was the first to taste of the forbidden fruit which caused them to be aware of their nakedness (self-consciousness).

Question: Were these primitive animals serpents?

The earliest human like creature discovered by science was Toumai man which lived here 7 million years ago. You can see his reconstructed picture HERE

The intelligent serpent creatures existed before the first human and became extinct in the days of Atlantis. Very little concerning intelligent life which lived over 100,000 years ago has been discovered by archeologists. For instance, they have found only one skull of Toumai man from 7 million years ago. There is about a three million year gap to the second oldest man, yet there had to have been many millions of humanoids during that three million year gap.

Question: You say that many get revelations from their own thoughtforms. How does that work?

A thoughtform is merely a sophisticated computer program created by thought and feeling. A program does not take nearly as long to create as the programmer.

It is interesting to note that even though humans created computers that computers are able to do many tasks better than we can.

In the same way a thoughtform can give the appearance of being more intelligent than its creator, but this is illusion unless an outside intelligence is at play.

The thoughtform will not understand principles, but will have the knowledge of the principles understood by its creator. The creator, through his own initiative, can advance to an understanding of new principles but the thoughtform cannot. It must be fed the information by its creator.

A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends. Baltasar Gracian

Sept 13, 2006

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