Handwriting and A Course in Miracles

Handwriting and A Course in Miracles

 A reader sent me a copy of Helen Schucman handwriting. She was the receiver of A Course in Miracles

  It’s odd when you think of it as to how many innovative female teachers of the new age are called Helen. There’s Helena. P. Blavatsky, Helena Roerich and Helen Schucman.

It matters little whether the writing is shorthand, or even in English. Most of the analysis is determined by the strokes.

The most interesting thing at first glance is Schucman’s handwriting show’s high intelligence, comparable with Madame Blavatsky’s. With a little help from inspiration, her higher self or a well-developed thoughtform she could have written A Course in Miracles, though she would have needed help of some kind. The same goes for H. P. Blavatsky. It would have been possible for a woman of her high intelligence to have come up with all her writings without the help of masters.

Alice A. Bailey is another story. She was more intelligent than average but not as sharp as the two Helens. She definitely could not have written the DK books without outside help.

In addition to high intelligence Schucman’s handwriting shows basic honesty, simplicity, directness and not much desire to come up with a fabrication to draw attention to herself. She does show a desire to initiate though. It also shows a large range of emotions with some inner conflict as if two emotional selves are fighting for dominance. One suppresses and is subject to guilt and denial. The other is expressive, uninhibited and free.

I can see why she expressed a desire for knowledge as exists in A Course in Miracles before the messages came to her.

There’s much more I could say about her handwriting but these are the pertinent things.

That said here is my best guess as to how A Course in Miracles came to be.

We know that Helen was contemplating the need for a course something like A Course in Miracles before it was written. I believe her thinking on this was much more than a passing thing but nearly consumed her because of her own inner conflicts and struggles with residual, possibly unrecognized, guilt.

As she contemplated solutions to her own conflicts as well as that of others the answers began to come. The problem was the answers were somewhat of a religious nature and she was not a religious person, but a trained professional.

She thus restrained herself from writing the answers that were formulating in her mind. Energy follows thought and the energy of her suppressed thought created a powerful thoughtform. The thoughtform grew in strength until one day it came to life and began speaking to her as if it were the greatest authority in spiritual matters, even Jesus.

She did not realize she was receiving from her own thoughtform but did sincerely believe she was receiving a revelation from God. The fact that this seemed to come from outside herself made it acceptable to her and she paid attention to it and began writing that which beforehand was too uncomfortable to write.

Was then A Course in Miracles a product entirely of Schucman’s inner mind and outer thoughtform?

Possibly not. It is quite possible that one of the Masters, or even Christ himself, was aware of her thoughtform and saw the great influence the course would have on the world. If this were the case then such a master could have added some of his own thoughts to the thoughtform and thus enhanced the amount of truth that Schucman would present.

Whatever the case A Course in Miracles needs to be approached in the same manner as all other teachings, including my own. That is, the seeker must run all things by his own soul. He then should go with that which registers and reject, or put on the shelf, those things that do not.

(For more current comments from me on this subject check out this link to my book)

Question: How does justice become much more Scientific?

When someone seriously breaks the law today, they are either given a large fine or thrown in jail. Sometimes they are given community service but that is often ineffective.

Nonviolent criminals should not be fined and the money given to the State, but they should be forced to repay their victim with interest plus some extra to the State to pay for overhead. This way the victim gets some benefit. He gets nothing if the person is just sent to jail as it exists today. If the criminal does not repay then the victim he could then be sent to jail.

Jail today is often just an education camp that teaches people how to be better criminals. They are called correctional facilities, but concentrate very little on the correction part. This should be more vigorously pursued with more schooling and even some Dale Carnegie type courses.

Some correctional facilities have internal businesses, but the inmates usually make something like 25 cents an hour. They should pay them a reasonable salary and then take most of it away and give it to their victims and pay for overhead. This would give them a continual sense of loss that would remind them of the effects of their crime.

But the pride of working and getting paid and then paying for their crime with their labor would better prepare them for the outside world.

Question: Was there a family organization before we were born that is different than what we have on earth?

To understand the organization of souls in the higher worlds we must look at the principle involved. The principle is this: “Like gravitates to like.”

The higher the worlds you go to the easier it is for this principle to operate. In the higher mental the gravitation is almost instantaneous, but by the time you get down to the physical plane the magnetic force has to pull through sluggish resistance. The principle still applies but it takes time. Eventually light will gather with light and darkness with darkness but in the present, light and darkness are mixed together on earth in what seems to be a random combination.

Take a look at your family on earth, for instance. How many are searching for light as you are? I’m sure you see quite a strange mixture when you think of it.

After death, material forces of separation have less power and you will gravitate to more like-minded souls. This will be good if you are in the light, but not so pleasant if one is in the dark.

The goal of some teachers in alignment with Purpose is to reorganize the lights of the earth so they can blend their energies on earth as it is in heaven so peace on earth goodwill to humanity can manifest.

Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.

–”A Course in Miracles”

Sept 10, 2006

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