The Dragon of Authority


Jan 1, 1999

The Dragon of Authority

New Years Day! And the best part is that I have the day off to kick off my shoes and do anything I want. Maybe I can be awake enough here to keep the typos out of my writing since I have the luxury today of writing in the middle of the day rather than late at night.

The Question… What is the first major step toward soul contact? The answer is somewhat of a judgment call and I would say that some of the answers given could be argued as being the major one.

Let me briefly cover several.

(1) Making a decision to seek or BECOME. This can be major except there are some who seek for a short time and then quit and then go into limbo for a few lifetimes. This then becomes the major step that was not taken. If the seeking attitude and the Decision to do so is maintained then that is a major event in the life of the soul.

(2) Awareness, recognition that there is something out there beyond the physical – looking for it – looking within.

(3) A point of crisis in our lives causing us to reflect.

(4) Observing ourselves with detachment.

(5) Finding a true spiritual teacher who has himself received soul contact.

All of these are good points and we may expand on them later, but I want to cover an important step which occurs as the mark of the Beast is replaced by the name of the Father. What makes this possible?

Glenys writes:

“True soul contact can only take place when the mark of the Beast is replaced by the seal of the Father on our foreheads and when we look to ourselves and no one else for the ultimate truth and authority in our lives.”

She is heading us the right direction here, but I would reword her statement to “within ourselves” rather than “to ourselves.” If looking to ourselves leads us to the Ego then we only have an illusion of being free from the Beast, as the ego is part of his realm. Semantics is involved here because if we find and look to our true self who is one with God then the mission is accomplished. But the safer wording for the seeker, who has not yet found, is the direction to look within – implying that something will be found that has not been discovered before.

If you look within and find that still small voice then you shall have to slay the dragon who gives authority to the Beast. You will not have to look for the dragon for he will come after you in a myriad of ways and his approach will always be sensed.

At this point you have two choices.

(1) Fear the dragon and let him immobilize or slay you.

(2) Face the dragon and slay him.

Then even if you face the dragon and seem to slay him you may discover you have just wounded a head, which is healed, and have to slay him again until the body of the dragon is “cast alive into a lake of fire and brimstone.” Rev 20:20. The fire of the Holy Spirit from God finally consumes the dragon and at last you are able to maintain your focus on the name of the Father in the forehead.

The sign that you have taken your first great step is when you show a willingness to act on a true message from within in defiance to all the clamoring messages from without in the face of risk of life, reputation, eternal damnation or loss.

Notice I say “true message?” There are many who believe they have received a true message from the soul when in reality their action can be traced to the blind following of a guru, religious leader, book or the ego pretending to be the soul.

The subtle difference is this: He who still has the mark of the Beast will either be enhancing someone else’s ego or his own, whereas he who follows the soul will always feel humbled by it.

Perhaps a personal story here will help.

When I was around sixteen I started reading the scriptures for the first time and as I read I began to wonder why there are not miracles today, as there seemed to be in abundance in ancient times. The church I attended rambled on about miracles a lot, but I hadn’t ever actually seen one or met anyone who had faith to perform one.

Then one day I was walking home from school and passed by a fellow student’s home that had been stricken with an incurable disease (multiple sclerosis). I stopped a second and looked in her direction. I was saddened as I watched her hobble around in her yard on crutches, barely able to move from one location to another, and in my mind I reflected back to how she was just a short period before – healthy and vibrant with a whole life in front of her. Then a thought occurred to me.

“What is preventing me, even at this moment, from stretching forth my hand and commanding in the name of Jesus Christ for her to be healed, even as did the prophets of old?”

This was an exciting thought for me to have at that young age, but as it ran through my mind a great cloud from the dragon descended upon me and another thought came:

“Don’t you know that no one of your age has this type of authority? The leaders in the church have told you that you have to have authority from the church to heal, and you do not have it. God would be displeased with you or maybe even curse you if you should attempt to use power that doesn’t belong to you.”

This thought brought me great disappointment and overwhelmed me with discouragement for a moment, but before I moved on I looked again in the direction of my friend as she hobbled along to another location in the yard. Then another thought came to my mind from the still small voice. It said: “Whatsoever you ask in the name of Christ shall be done for you.”

This statement seemed to reflect the essence of what I had been reading in the scriptures and again I took courage and reconsidered that I could be an instrument of healing. But as soon as I reflected upon this, the voice of the dragon again spoke: “Who do you think you are? You’re just a kid! Even the adults who are faithful in the church and are authorized by church leaders can’t do a miracle such as you are thinking. God will probably strike you dead for even trying to go against established rules. And besides, this girl is not even a member of the church and is not to be included in church blessings.”

This decree of darkness caused me to fear. Would I truly offend God by using this power that may not belong to me? No one in my family, church or angel from heaven had ever given me authority to do miracles. Perhaps I would anger God by going out of my bounds and put my very soul at risk…

As I thus reflected and stood in silence for a moment my attention went back again to the still small voice:

“Whatsoever you ask in the name of Christ shall be done for you.”

I considered this statement and asked myself: “Do these words have any limitations to them? I am not being told that I can ask for a miracle only if I am an adult, or only if I have a position in the church, or even if I am perfect? The words of the soul that I had received merely told me that I could ask and it would be done.

Then for a period of about a minute (which seemed like an hour) my mind went back and forth between the two polarities:

Play it safe and do not attempt to heal. If God really wants her healed He’ll do it without me. Why put my soul at great risk and trust the words of the inner voice which may just be my imagination.

Unknown to me at the time the real risk was trusting the dragon rather than the soul but of this I had no knowledge and thus the point of tension in my mind was great.

After this long moment of reflection where my mind seemed to go back and forth between the two decisions about a hundred times I finally settled on the inner voice. I thought to myself that I did not have a good logical reason to doubt these inclusive words and if I need to put myself at risk to help a friend then so be it.

Upon making the decision to proceed I gazed upon my friend in the distance again who had her back turned to me. Fortunately, she had not noticed me staring at her. As I looked her direction I raised my right hand whispered these words: “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to be healed.”

Instantly, upon completing this sentence I felt a surge of divine energy going through the warp and woof of my being to the extent I almost collapsed on the ground. This was very unexpected, for I had never associated any energy transference with miracles, and my immediate thought was that perhaps God was in the midst of punishing me by dissolving my body and soul back to the nothingness from whence it came.

I used what little energy I had left to head toward home as fast as I could and did not notice whether the decree had any effect on my friend. For a while I was more concerned about my own well being than any one else’s, but after a while my state of being seemed to return to normal and I thought that perhaps God was just sending me a warning not to mess around where I do not belong.

I put the experience out of my mind until about two days later. I saw my friend at school walking with no crutches. I was curious about this and walked up to her and asked about her recovery.

She smiled and said that the doctor had told her that her disease went into remission – that it may not last, but she was feeling fine for now.

When she said this the truth then dawned on me. God was not trying to punish me. I had made the right decision after all. A true miracle had happened and the power which I had felt was some type of spiritual energy going through me into her. Evidently, I thought, this was just part of some natural process. I was just an instrument in the hands of one greater than me.

I left her presence realizing that perhaps the greatest miracle of all was the knowledge that I now possessed and that from that point on I should trust the highest I receive from within more than all the voices without.

The interesting thing is that at the time I had a beloved uncle who was dying of MS, but when I contemplated doing the same thing for him I felt restrained from doing so.

I later found out the reason for this. That is each illness is sent to us to teach us something and that the problem can be permanently removed when the lesson is learned. My Uncle had lessons to learn from his struggle that I was not supposed to remove from him.

I believe I was allowed to heal my friend more as a teaching lesson to me than anything else and it was the right thing to do because of the inward message to go ahead. Of all the sick people I have met I have only been impressed one other time to silently heal without the cooperation of the patient.

An interesting ending note here is that about 36 years after the healing of my high school friend my wife and I were dining in a restaurant and we were accosted by a middle aged lady who said to me: “You’re Joe Dewey aren’t you?”

I looked up and the person looked a little familiar, but wasn’t positive who she was.”

She saw the puzzled look in my eyes and then identified herself. It was the same girl who had MS and was healed. I hadn’t seen her for over thirty years.

I asked her about her illness and if it had ever returned.

She responded that her husband had died but she has been in good health ever since her “remission.”

We visited a while and she returned to her table. Then I said to my wife, “Do you remember me telling you about that miraculous healing of my friend back in High School?”

She said she remembered.

“The lady we just talked to is her.”

“Haven’t you ever told her what happened?”


“Why not?”

“I’ve just never been impressed to do so.”

This is the basic account of my first confrontation with the dragon of authority, but not my last.

Confronting and slaying your first dragon of authority is the first major step for when the Spirit of God through your soul sees that you will listen to It more than the multitude of voices without then the lines of communication swing open wide.

But then the problem of focus begins. The disciple must keep his attention on the Inner Light and when a communication from the soul is received he or she must learn to trust it and follow what is revealed. If he does not then the door shuts again until the message is heard and incorporated.

I have written this account in the hope of giving inspiration to others to face the dragon and slay him in your own lives.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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