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July 31, 2016



Another question I had to ask you, was when you regress someone, do they tap into their permanent astral and physical atom or mental atom, when they give you information?   Or are they tapping into a higher entity or other people from the astral realm who are just feeding the hypnotized person with dream like visions?


They either tap to the Akasha or a thought form. If it is the Akasha it is usually through the astral body. The astral permanent atom may be involved, but not sure on this. If they tap into a thought form there may be significant illusion involved mixed with some true things. If they tap into the Akasha then it will be mostly true according to the degree of contact. I rarely give a judgment as to the validity of a regression to a group and let them make up their own minds.


If entities came here to help unblock humans and connect them up with their souls, then that would kind of defeat the need for all those Initiations and teachings on soul contact and how to obtain it……….?


If this was a black and white thing you would be correct, but it is far from black and white. People come here to assist others, not to do all the work for them. One entity may see into the makeup of another, see what needs done and encourage and assist, but the person still has to cooperate and do the nuts and bolts work.

Aug 9, 2016

The Dark Night


“After all, during the dark night of the soul, lower desire runs rampant.”


I don’t recall such a statement from you before, tying the “dark night of the soul” with this degree of lower desire that “runs rampant.”

That’s an interesting, added twist of difficultly to the whole ordeal. Care to elaborate?


The term “Dark Night of the Soul” is a loosely used term and can refer to two different time periods. One covers the time the entity first incarnates as a human being until he becomes soul infused and the second is from the time he begins to truly seek until he becomes soul infused. In this second period the night seems particularly dark because the person is aware of his isolation.

During both periods he is led by his desire nature in its positive and negative aspects. Then after the turning around he is led by guidance from his Higher Self.

Aug 29, 2016

Bogus Friends of Light

The quote today was:

“A work of light is never destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.”

Ruth asks if this is always the case.

Even when a work of light appears to be destroyed by an enemy, the real core of its destruction can generally be traced to people on the inside who claim to be supporters. As a general rule, when you have twelve or more supporters of a plan and then stress occurs you are going to see a Judas or Benedict Arnold surface.

The real destruction of a work of light by its friends is often not so obvious. Once a work is set in motion that is beneficial for humanity and becomes established it will draw many people to it. Many of those who claim to be friends and supporters of the organization will desire to show their importance by making changes. They will claim these changes will improve things whereas the changes often destroy the work of light brick by brick, until after several generations it has changed almost beyond recognition.

Take the Christian church for example. It started out with a handful of followers who were so close to Spirit that miracles occurred regularly and the group shared tremendous brotherhood and spiritual flow.

Then after a few generations, those who claimed to be the true friends of Christ started weeding out the heretics (the good guys) and persecuting them and putting them to death.

Then take a look at the founding of the United States with its enlightened Constitution. Since the foundation we have often seen supposed supporters of the Constitution want to change or bypass it for our own good. They want to restrict and control free speech, the right to keep and bear arms, restrict the independence of the states, the right to have government as the servant rather than the master, etc.

The same problem occurred in the Mormon Church. I’ll just point out one item. A foundation teaching was that every person could be a prophet and receive revelations of truth. The mysteries were available to all. This was a great piece of enlightenment for that time. Now the friends of Mormonism will excommunicate anyone who even mentions that he has received any truth or revelation that is not standard doctrine, approved by the authorities.

We also see this principle at work with many beneficial businesses. A business may start with a great idea, with a motive to be of service to the people and treat employees well and then after a period of time the “friends” come on board ad start making changes that turn it into just another business only interested in the bottom line, or perhaps enrichment of a few at the top.

This problem will continue to occur until the Molecular Relationship is firmly established. The principles within it will weed out these bogus friends and neutralize their power to destroy.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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