The Chain of Contact

May 14, 2020

The Chain of Contact

Over the years I have had a number of people ask me about prayer and how our communion with God is supposed to work. I’ve touched on the answer to this in the past, but perhaps a more complete explanation is in order.

Those who are raised in an orthodox religion are taught about a god who sits upon a throne and pays complete attention to each and every one of the billions of people on this planet as well as everything else in the universe. Not only is he aware of you but he follows your every thought and action.

Now there are various doctrines on the Trinity but most think that Jesus shares this same omniscience.

Thus the good believer who prays feels that God is personally taking an interest in him and hears every word he or she speaks.

Let us turn this idea around and place yourself in the position of the all powerful all knowing God. You have all power so you can do anything you want. Do you really think you would want to spend all your time sitting on a throne taking in and evaluating billions of thoughts and prayers each day?

Just imagine what a hassle it would be to keep track of the thoughts and prayers of even a hundred believers, let alone a thousand, a million or over seven billion here on Earth and trillions on other earths and the unseen worlds.

If you have all power and can do anything you want I do not think his would be your idea of a good time. Just a few dozen rambling prayers going through one’s mind would be enough to drive any sane person to madness.

Does it not make sense here to apply the Law of Correspondences which tells us that that which is higher corresponds or has similarities to that which is below and that which is below corresponds to that which is above? The correspondences are never exactly the same, as many teach, but there are always similarities.

What therefore could correspond to a Higher Intelligence we call God governing his kingdom?

A lower correspondence to God and his kingdom would be a CEO over a business kingdom such as Tim Cook who presides over Apple. Tim is responsible for 137,000 employees, but even though he accepts this responsibility he does not personally oversee each one and give them instructions and corrections while individually listening to all their concerns. Instead, he presides over a hierarchy.

If there is some new policy he wants to incorporate he may call a meeting of a handful of leaders and explain it to them. They in turn will spread the ideas to others until all the many thousands receive the transmission and are given the individual attention that is needed to adapt to the new information or policy.

If a regular employee has a concern that he thinks he needs to share with Tim he will find that the best approach is to contact his supervisor instead, as Tim is too busy to individually listen to all employees. If an employee has something that is indeed innovative the suggestion may go up the line of authority until it reaches Tim, but as it turns out most concerns will be centered around his working group which may be a dozen employees or less. Most employee concerns and communications are handled at lower levels of hierarchy and need not call the attention of the higher ones who have their hands full dealing with broader issues.

Now Tim has an awareness, or a finger on the pulse, of the whole company and if he desires he can call upon any individual employee, but overall his attention has to be upon the whole rather than the part. On the other hand, the parts, or the individuals are not ignored, but linked up to Tim by a hierarchy of other workers. No one is left without guidance.

Now the skeptic will say that one cannot compare heavenly things to earthly things or God to humans.

And I say, why not? Of course, there will be differences but there are certain principles that are universal.

Why do you suppose it is written that God has “an innumerable company of angels” (Heb 12:22) and servants at his disposal if He as an individual does all the work? If this one being called God does all things for us then why does he need prophets, messengers and angels?

To the vast multitude of faithful servants on the earth Jesus made this promise:

“Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.” Matt 25:23

If the individual we call God does all the work then what work will there be for the faithful servants. What are the “many things” over which they will preside?

God works with us because he needs us for we live in a universe of duality and separation so the various separate entities have to help each other. We are the arms and legs of God that have to reach out and assist others to the extent that they will say within themselves, “thank God.”

So what happens when we pray? Is anyone listening?

How far up the ladder your prayer goes depends on the intensity and sincerity of the individual.

Jesus tells us that we have “angels” who are assigned to watch over us. (Matt 18:10)

Indeed, there is one individual, usually higher up the ladder of spiritual evolution than yourself, who resides in the spirit world, paradise, or the kingdom of souls. This individual is assigned to watch over you and will assist you in making course corrections to insure that you fulfill your life’s purpose. This individual deals with a number of earth entities so you do not take up all of its labor but it will pay particular attention to you at important crossroads of your life.

This angel, or guide as it is often called, does not focus on answering your prayers though it may assist at certain important occasions.

The average payer of average intensity goes to your subconscious and mental self. This is like a great computer that can send you answers on many things, but it is only as accurate as its programming. It is a little like Google in that it has lots of information available, much of it is useful, but it is not infallible.

If your prayer, meditation or focused thought is intense enough you may pierce the astral static and reach your soul, your Higher Self, your guide or some helpful spirit entity who just happens to be tuning in.

Your normal contact above your subconscious is your own Higher Self or soul. Your soul is happy to see you making an effort to contact Higher Intelligence for a channel must be open by an effort from both sides of the veil. The soul’s effort is described in the first rule of White Magic which reads:

“The Solar Angel collects himself, scatters not his force, but in meditation deep communicates with his reflection.”

You are the reflection of your Higher Self, the soul, and such reflection roughly corresponding to your dream self which is an imperfect reflection of your waking self.

If you want to communicate with your dream self you have to focus a powerful thought and send it to your subconscious which can be picked up by the dream self. Then there are those who are lucid dreamers who are aware they are dreaming and know they are one with the waking self.

Now the correspondence between the higher and lower selfs is not exactly like this, but similar.

Jus as your waking self has a higher awareness than your dream self even so does your soul have a higher awareness than you. Even so, your soul is still you, but just a more complete you with much greater knowledge and abilities.

On the other hand, your soul is a reflection of something still higher which is your originating intelligence, called the Monad in the Ancient Wisdom.

Your soul corresponds to your Mother in Heaven and your monad to your Father God.

Your soul is linked to all other human souls on the planet which are linked to their monads which are linked to the One Great Life we call God.

Therefore, when your prayer ascends to your soul it ascends to God, but in this universe of duality God has become the many and there is indeed an “innumerable company” of assistants who help in the great work of guiding us through this dreary world until we find our way home.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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