The Cala Within

The Cala Within

In the land of Sava many years ago there lived a people called the Jala who were often paralyzed by their enemies. They could not seem to ever be the masters of their destinies because of their powerlessness and lived in fear daily.

Legends existed among the people of Jala that there would one day come among them a powerful man who would fight these enemies for them so they would no longer be subject to those who abused them at will. This man they thought would be superhuman and enthroned king of the region so all their enemies would have to bow before him.

After a long wait for deliverance many began to lose faith in the appearance of such a person, but then one day, almost unnoticed, a fairly ordinary looking man walked into town. Outside of being a little taller than average and a little thinner than most there was nothing unusual about this person. Even his dress was very simple, certainly not giving the appearance of potential royalty and his slight frame gave no evidence to one with the super strength of a conqueror.

The man stayed for several days before he first drew attention at the town square where there was an image of the god of the region who was named Elume. This idol was etched of fine gold and silver and it was believed that the spirit of Elume dwelt within the image and had power to grant the answers to all petitions. To petition Elume one had to pass through a gate and kiss the feet of the image. Now the people of Sava were forbidden by law to pass through this gate without the permission of the authorities and if any should do so and kiss the feet of the image of Elume such a one should be killed.

There was one called Patro who greatly desired to overthrow his enemies and felt that if he could kiss the feet of the image he would be granted his wish for the destruction of his oppressors and gain freedom for his people.

As the stranger watched on Patro crashed through the gate and approached the image, but before he could kiss its feet and make his wish he was subdued by the guards who began to drag him away to his execution. As they dragged Patro by the stranger he stood, stretched out his hand and said: “Stop!”

The guards paused, smiled with amusement and attempted to continue, but the stranger said in a still louder voice: “Stop!”

This time it seemed that some invisible force stopped the guards and they dropped Patro. They were beside themselves and attempted to grab Patro again, but a third time the stranger commanded: “Stop!” and they were thrown back and unable to touch him.

At this the guards were very angry and rushed at the stranger to do him harm. Again he stretched out his arm and said: “Stop!”

The command caused the guards to be thrown back with strong force and they were filled with fear and ran away. Patro was so thankful that he approached the stranger to kiss his feet, but the stranger said “No! You shall not kiss my feet neither shall you kiss the feet of dead gods. Follow me and you shall stand on your own feet and have power over your enemies.

“Who are you and what is your name?” said Patro.

“My name is Jeros, Master of the Cala,” He said.

“What is the Cala?” said Patro.

Jeros paused and said: “The Cala is the same power that the people ascribe to the false god Elume. The power that they believe resides in the image of gold and silver resides instead in the human heart. I have found Cala and have learned to manifest it in the world of men.”

“Will you teach me about this Cala?” said Patro.

“Yes, I will,” said Jeros. “Gather your friends and bring them to me three days hence and you too can be masters of Cala.

Patro excitedly went to his friends and family and told them about Jeros. Some believed his story and some did not, but he did manage to gather a band of believing men and women to meet with Jeros on the third day.

They met in a secret place and sat at the feet of Jeros and listened. “What I do with the Cala all can do. The Cala is for protection only. When an enemy comes at you seeking to do harm the Cala reverses his energy back upon himself. Thus if one seeks to do you harm the only one he harms is himself. You are not to use the Cala to initiate harm, or control, or the Cala will retreat to the secret place within yourself and be as if it is not.”

As he spoke the authorities came into the meeting to arrest him, but as they approached Jeros he raised both hands outstretched towards them. Suddenly all the energy that was expended in pressing toward Jeros was pushed back against them and the authorities were pushed back and fell to the ground. They rose and rushed at Jeros a second time and again they were pushed back by an invisible force and fell to the earth. This time they were filled with fear and ran away.

The students were filled with awe at this demonstration and Patro rose up and proclaimed: “Mt friends! Hail to Jeros, Master of the Cala, the power of the gods.”

“Hail to Jeros, the Cala Master!” returned the crowd.

Jeros rose up and said: “You do not understand. I did not come here to be your master, but to teach you to be Masters of the Cala yourselves.”

“But you use the Cala in a way that we never can,” said one. “In all our history no one has ever done a miracle such as you have just demonstrated.”

Jeros groaned within himself and replied: “Believe on my words and greater powers will you have than that which you have seen me manifest for as the Cala is in me so will it be realized in you.

As he spoke a young boy approached and said: “Master. Many men are coming! They have sent an army of the strongest men to apprehend you. Not even you can resist hem. We must flee!”

“No,” said Jeros. “We shall not flee. But here is an opportunity for you to use the Cala yourself and apply that which I taught you, but you must not fear.”

The students tried to apply the teaching of Jeros, but as the soldiers approached they began to fear and the attackers struck down the first students in their path. When the others saw the first were vulnerable they feared all the more and lost all contact with the Cala.

As they approached Jeros he stood and stretched out his hand again and every single soldier fell back with great force. Again this was repeated a second time and the soldiers all quickly retreated with fear in their hearts.

At this great miracle the people thought with one accord within themselves that surely this man was a Master of Cala in a way that none before or after will ever be.

Jeros perceived their thoughts and said, “The time is not at hand to establish the Cala among you in fullness. I will stay for a short time and teach a few of you what you are ready to learn and then I must go to other lands and give others the opportunity that I have given you.

Jeros therefore stayed a short while and taught them what they were ready to learn and parted with this statement: “I must go away and visit other students, but keep my teachings in your hearts and seek to become as I am. In the future I will return and teach again. It is my hope that you will learn to master the Cala in my absence so our union will be one of joy.”

At this Jeros went to a far country and many felt he was never to be seen again.

The students gathered together in his absence and wrote down a prime directive of belief which read:

“The great Jeros dwelt with us and used the Cala in a way that has never been seen among men nor has been seen since. We therefore declare Jeros to one the one and only true Master of the Cala. It is therefore blasphemy for any of us to consider that we may be a Master as is Jeros and if one so claims to be such a Master this wicked one will be scourged and executed. Hail to the one true Master of Cala.”

The followers did gain some confidence in themselves, thinking Jeros was with them, and overthrew their enemies and tore down the image of Elume. After this they melted down the gold and silver and cast a new image after their remembrance of Jeros and did bow down and kiss the feet of this image and did make petitions to the image of Jeros as the people previously did to Elume.

Now there were several which had diligently listened to Jeros and did remember his teachings accurately. Patro and several others wrote them down and secretly passed them around. But when the caretakers of the image discovered this they sought out these followers and had them killed and attempted to destroy all the writings. No matter how hard the new authorities tried to eliminate the true students and writings they always seemed to surface again and it seemed that a true seeker could always find the real teachings of Jeros. This situation continued for many years until the time approached for Jeros to return to the land of Sava.

He entered the land under cover of darkness at midnight walked again into the town square and looked at the image of himself where the false God Elume once stood. Jeros wept for a moment and then stood and said: “Wherever the seeds of the Cala are cast true followers will manifest. Where are you? At that Jeros tuned in to the Cala within him and perceived that true students were indeed in the land and that he would seek them out. But he thought that he would disguise himself and go about the in the land and teach the principle of Cala. Alas, if he presented himself as the mighty Master many were expecting even the hardest of hearts would believe. Instead he sought to gather those who could perceive the pure vibration of the Cala.

He thus went about in disguise, which was easy for him to do as he was much older now and the people’s memories were fuzzy as to his true appearance.

He went to the wilderness areas and found true seekers of the Cala who had been cast off by the authorities. As he gathered them around himself he saw that many had fear of being found out and persecuted or killed. Jeros said: “When I was here last time I demonstrated the power of Cala, and having done so you thought I was unique and different from yourselves. But my beloved ones we are all brethren and what one can do all can do. This time you must learn to use the Cala for yourselves. Thus we will continue to gather and when the authorities come you will follow my words and use the power yourselves.

The disciples continued to study and learn until they did attract the attention of the authorities and as they were having a meeting officers did come to arrest them. The students looked to Jeros for protection, but then he looked back and said: “Do not look to my form, find the Cala within.”

The disciples were nervous, but they held steady and quieted their fears and found the Cala as the officers approached. A disciple stood up, raised his hand and by the power of the Cala he reversed the aggressive energy of the officers. As before the officers fell back. They rushed again and fell back again. At this the chief officer bowed down before the disciple and said: “Surely you are Jeros come again.”

The disciple replied: “Jeros has come again, but I am not he, but I have found the Cala.”

The officers then went back to the authorities who became very distraught at hearing this and sent a division of the army to subdue the group. This time twenty-four students stood up and repelled the army with great power. Each time they attempted attack an invisible force came back at them. Each time they fired a weapon the weapon injured one of their own. After a time the army retreated back to the authorities to report their defeat and testified to them of the power of Cala which was now manifest.

The authorities acknowledged that the group definitely had some power from somewhere, obviously some evil entity who is an enemy of the true Jeros. They then sent a petition to peacefully meet with the leader of the group. When Jeros received this he said: Now is the time for me to play my part.”

The authorities came and said to the group: “Some think that Jeros has come again. Tell us where he is so we can worship him.”

Jeros stood up and said: “I do not want your worship. If you wish to worship, worship the One God.”

The lead authority stepped forward: “If you are truly Jeros show us a sign.”

Only a self deceived and unfaithful disciple is guided by outward signs. Even if I did give you a sign you would not believe, for you do not wish to believe I have returned.

The lead authority approached closer and said: “Without a sign how can we know you are he for you are much older than the image we remember.”

“The only true sign is the Cala within,” Jeros replied.

This very much angered the lead authority and he took out a secret knife and attempted to thrust it into Jeros, but as he did the energy reversed and he stabbed himself in the leg. As the authority lay screaming on the ground his associates were filled with fear and they attempted to worship Jeros, but Jeros stopped them and said: “Your worship has no meaning. I am no more to you than the lifeless image in the town square. Go your way and bother these my friends no more, for what you do unto them shall be done to you.”

Hearing this, the authorities retreated, but because of pride could not bring themselves to tell their people that they had discovered Jeros. Instead they found that he who they thought they had loved all these years was really one who they hated. And they spent the rest of their years in frustration seeking how they might destroy that which they thought they worshipped.

But those who found the true Cala grew in numbers until they filled the whole land, for none could cause them to fear or create harm. It was not long before the authorities seemed to vanish and every single inhabitant appeared to acknowledged the Cala within and gladness, happiness and joy were in the hearts of all.

Feb 2, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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