The Body and Energy

The Body and Energy

A reader asked what physical bodies have to do with the power of attraction. She points out that she is gay and not attracted to males, but attracted to females.

Since you are gay the first thing to clear up is that I accept that the attraction that one gay feels toward another of the same sex is real and not just a current choice or conditioned by circumstances. A gay cannot just take a course and get his mind right and change the energy with which he or she finds himself emerged. The few who have changed have done so because their energy was such that it could go either way and followed the power of their will.

That said, let us make this observation.

(1) There is a very powerful attractive force between about 90% of males and females toward the opposite sex.

(2) Among the gay population there still exists, in most individuals, a strong sexual/romantic attraction, but toward their own sex while experiencing a repulsion toward the opposite sex.

(3) Among both groups there exists a variety of “pull” as far as the power of attraction is concerned. A beautiful female could walk by a group of three heterosexuals and one could feel mild attraction, another a fairly strong one and a third a very strong one.

Now, suppose you take away the physical bodies of all these people. Would anything change?

Yes, there would be a drastic change because when we are merged with our physical bodies a certain life charge is the result which is different for each individual.

Without our physical bodies what remains? In the worlds of form, outside the physical, we still have our emotional and mental bodies. These two bodies still have a charge, but without the physical the charge is not as pronounced and some natural attraction and repulsion to form remains.

If we were to shed the emotional and mental bodies then the sexual romantic attraction would be neutralized from our point of view.

Now, if we shed our bodies we enter a neutral state Then if we them put them on we feel a strong attraction. It only stands to reason that the body has much to do with the power of sexual attraction.

The reason behind this goes beyond the beauty of the body. If it did not there would be no gays, or heterosexuals. All would be sexually attracted to the same forms.

Each of us is attracted romantically and sexually because of the positive or negative charge which is a combination of our three bodies, but by far most powerfully influenced by our physical/etheric bodies.

As I’ve said in my writings, one who is in a male body is (with few exceptions) more polarized in a positive charge than negative and the female more negative than positive.

The main reason for being attracted to the same sex is this. A person may have spent quite a few lifetimes as a male (for example) with a natural attraction to the female body and emotional make-up. Then one life he makes the crossover. After making the crossover his body has a female (negative) charge, but only a slight one. Her emotional and mental make-up has not made the adjustment and it is natural for her to go with the attractive pull that she felt for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years in the past.

What will happen in this situatiuon? After the crossover, the power of the new polarity will increase and an adjustment will usually be made in the second lifetime in the new sex.

There are other factors at play influencing a small number of people, but overall, we tend to go with the charge with which we find ourselves.

For instance, I have a strong male charge and have no inclination to force romantic attraction toward any other form than the female. I realize that the situation and energy with which I find myself is done through the manipulation of my soul so I go with it. If I were to be in a female body in my next life I would probably be pretty confused for a while, even if I had a female charge

I know my body has a male (positive charge) because I can feel it. If something is, then it exists. If it exists, then it is.

What do physical bodies have to do with attraction?

It is the vehicle of transmission of the force just as a copper wire is equipped to carry electricity.

Just as two wires are necessary for two flows, and voltage can have a lot of variances, even so it is with the male/female bodies.

Conspiracy Clarification

A reader was a little confused about my views on conspiracies so I thought I would add some clarification.  I believe there are some true conspiracies, but most of them are misunderstood and not as they seem. Some conspiracies are used by the Dark Brotherhood but not all. The most dangerous conspiracies are not originated by greedy people in the flesh but from the realms of darkness. From this point of darkness, they will shift from the left to right and then back again.

The true dark conspiracy is a moving target. If someone points in one direction and says “this is it” just wait a few years and it will no longer be it, but the point of attention may be in the opposite direction.

An interesting point is that the Dark Brothers worked through some international bankers in the 20’s and 30’s, but then shifted their attention to Hitler.

After this, the bankers became the good guys fighting against Hitler, but many conspiracy buffs still saw them as the focus of evil.

This shifting of focus by the Dark Brotherhood keeps many sincere seekers in confusion by making them believe the good is evil and the evil is good.

One has to use judgment to determine the truth in any presented conspiracy. It may have been a focus of evil a generation ago, but more good than evil today – whereas the true evil is in a place thought by most to be the good.

If you wish to read more of what I have written on conspiracies just type this in Google’s search box:


On another note here is a thought provoking statement from one of our readers – Bryan Smith:

Early this morning as I sat on the porch looking at the rising sun…again contemplating “this and that”, this statement and similar others again came across my mind, and suddenly I realized that when at night I look up and “behold” the twinkling of the “stars and planets”, that that light which my eyes and my whole being finds itself bathed in “began” or was initiated or sent forth untold light years before and is no just reaching me at this moment in time-is the “literal light” of untold numbers of “gods” (logos)-that I am literally “experiencing the gods of the cosmos/universe”. That it’s all right there given to/for me, you and every other creature who is able to “see” to enjoy and benefit from.

Aug 14, 2004

Copyright by J J Dewey

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