Body and Energy II

Body and Energy II

A gay reader asks: So, what is the place of a gay person in building a molecule? Or should we wait for the next lifetime? :O)

JJ: He would approach it like anyone else. He can choose a working partner of his polar opposite or be a single associate member.

Keep in mind that many (perhaps the majority of) partners in the molecules will not be romantic relationships, but will team up for the purpose of spiritual work. A corresponding opposite charge for a gay man would usually be a gay female. This is because the negative polarity of the lesbian has a similar amount of charge as does a gay man.

The second opportunity for either gays or heteros is to correspond to a neutron and be a single associate member.

This balancing of energies will be especially important for the bringing down of spiritual power and will be emphasized in meditation, but for much of the day-to-day practical work a number of other relationships will develop unrelated to the polarities of the sexes.

Another gay reader comments: I have a few comments and questions I’ve been meaning to ask, and now seems like the perfect time.

JJ, you wrote that: “Since you are gay the first thing to clear up is that I accept that the attraction that one gay feels toward another of the same sex is real and not just a current choice or conditioned by circumstances.”

I think this needs clarification because if you take other things you’ve said about this subject in the past it would seem like, yes indeed, homosexuality is a product of conditioning. Don’t you mean that gayness is the product of many lives of past conditioning as opposed to anything that could have happened in the current life while growing up?

JJ: From a wholeness point of view everything is the result of conditioning of some type, but the point I was making was to counter the idea that is in the mind of many fundamentalists which is this.

Men are men and will feel like regular men in their attraction toward women (and visa versa) if they just follow their natural male inclination and do not sin against God. The idea of religious fundamentalists here is that neither men nor women would be homosexuals if they were not wrongly conditioned. If they would just follow the plan and make the right decisions then they would just have the natural attraction toward the opposite sex as the majority does.

My point was that this is a false idea – that the gay who says he is not attracted toward the opposite sex is speaking the truth and getting his mind right will not change the energy which is flowing through him and will do little to change that to which he is attracted.

Reader: I also have a question in regards to the following:

“After the crossover the power of the new polarity will increase and an adjustment will usually be made in the second lifetime in the new sex.”

You’ve written this several times in the past, but I find the number of lives you claim it takes to become straight to be too few. For example, you say in one life, after just crossing over from one sex to another, the person will be gay. But the very next life he’ll be straight. This transition takes only 1 life. The problem I have with it is that it doesn’t explain the existence of bisexuals which seemingly exists somewhere between being gay and being straight.

To me the transition from straight female to straight male (and vice versa) goes more like this:

Life 1: Just crossed over;100% attracted to same sex. Gay.

Life 2: Energy of body you find yourself in gains steam; Attraction to same sex vs. opposite sex-75% vs. 25%. Some curiosity about sexual relations with opposite sex exists that may or may not be acted upon but the desire to do so is low or non-existent.

Life 3: Energy of body you find yourself in even stronger than last life; Energy attraction-50% same sex/50% opposite sex. Bisexual.

Life 4: Finally polarized in the energy of the body you find yourself in; Energy attraction-25% same sex/75% opposite sex; Some passing thoughts of sexual relations with same sex may exist with some small desire to act upon them; Straight/bicurious.

Life 5: Fully polarized in the energy of the body you find yourself in; Energy attraction-100% opposite sex; Straight.

This transition taking place over several lives seems more closely aligned to reality than your idea that it takes only 1 life to transit. It also goes against your 7 lives male/7 lives female model. But you’ve mentioned once that I can remember the idea of 7 cycles of activity for both sexes (meaning a number of different lives per cycle with a total of 7 cycles for each sex), which would allow for more than 7 lives per sex, so maybe there’s no conflict there.

JJ: Interesting thoughts. You are to be commended for your contemplation.

First, there are seven cycles which often work out as seven lifetimes in each sex, but there are many cases where it does not because:

(1) A short lifetime may not allow time for the cycle to complete.

(2) The entity may suffer a setback or not learn the lesson associated with the cycle and have to come back in that particular energy a number of times.

(3) As the entity evolves into discipleship and above he gains power to control or choose his energy so he can have the charge necessary to best complete his or her mission.

Here’s the way I see the cycles playing out

Cycle One: This is the cycle most likely to last more than one life because it is the cycle of transition. It lasts until he is able to accept his new polarization. All have some difficulty in this cycle. Because of different contents, rays etc of their mental and astral bodies some are more accepting of the sex change than others and adapt to it (with effort) in their first life in the new sex. Others will join some religious order and not take a mate hoping to avoid dealing with their feelings of same sex attraction. A large number in this cycle will go through a number of internal struggles and finally accept their attraction to the same sex and go with the flow of the past that seems to still dominate in the present.

In the long run it should be helpful to gays to realize that they are in the midst of a transition of energies and the energy of the sex they are in will increase in future lives. Contemplation on the energy of their current sex will prepare them for their next life and make the transition easier.

If a gay has a same sex mate and is committed, as several do in this group, he will find himself in a situation where it may be impractical to make the complete transition in this life, but even here contemplation of one’s polarization in relation to the opposite sex is helpful. Such contemplation must be done with the attitude of a little child, letting all the past go, looking forward to future progression.

Then one may exclaim, “But that would mean that my mate and I would be heterosexual males in a life or two and would not be attracted to each other.”

Correction. You would still be attracted to each other, but not sexually.

This happens to heterosexuals too. Let us say that my wife (who is one in a million) were to incarnate in the next life as a male. Does this damage me?

No. She is a good friend now and would also be a great friend as a male. I could still enjoy the most important part of our relationship. I would just have to get another mate for that life.

Cycle Two: The person has settled into his new sex and accepts it. He is not strongly attracted to the opposite sex but the attraction is strong enough that he begins to adjust.

Cycle Three: Here he is a very normal heterosexual.

Cycle Four: Very powerful attraction toward the opposite sex. Unless he exercises self control he may go to excess.

Cycles 5-7 the energy diminishes as he heads toward the new polarity.

The question: where do bisexuals fit in to your model?

A bisexual can be found in any of the cycles. This is usually an experimental person who does not believe in natural barriers and tries to ignore them. Often he will have a powerful sex drive and seek to fulfill it by any means available.

Some of them will be in cycle one, experimenting with their energies attempting to understand who they are.

Reader: My second question is in regards to this statement:

“What do physical bodies have to do with attraction? It is the vehicle of transmission of the force just as a copper wire is equipped to carry electricity.

Just as two wires are necessary for two flows, and voltage can have a lot of variances, even so it is with the male/female bodies.”

It seems to me like you’re saying male bodies are the vehicle of transmission for male energy and vice versa for female energy. It also seems like you’re saying that the stronger and more masculine the body the greater amount of male energy transmitted, and the smaller and more female the body the greater amount of female energy transmitted?

But if one were to go to you would find many examples of gay men with large, muscular bodies. But aren’t gay men supposed to have just crossed-over from being female? So shouldn’t their weak male energy be expressed on the physical plane as smaller, slimmer bodies by comparison? Yet this is not the case for the guys on this website.

The question: How do large and muscular gay males, large and muscular straight females, small and slim gay females, and small and slim straight males fit into your model?

JJ: The female energy is receiving/magnetic whereas the male is sending/radiant. When the female makes the transition to the male, the entity will carry with him a lot of residual magnetic energy which places a lot of attention on form. For the new male who has strong residual magnetic female energy this plays out by him placing a lot of attention of beauty, looks, clothes, style etc.

Thus the gay male will often be interested in body building because he wants to be as magnetic as possible by looking as good as he can and realizes this draws attention from other males.

The heterosexual body builder does this for a different reason – to enhance his radiant energy – often to assist him in picking up “babes.”

The gay man will often have refined male features such as Rock Hudson, whereas the male in cycle 4 will be more like a John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Jack Nicholson with rougher features. A gay man can be just as physically strong as any other man.

Because one has strong male polarization does not relate directly to physical strength but to the pull he feels toward the opposite sex.

Rob: My third question is in regards to what a person should do in order to prepare themselves for the new energy that suddenly becoming male or female brings.

In a past post you wrote:

“When we change sex with a new incarnation, we carry over habits associated with the old energy. The entity may insist for some period of time that these are his energies but sooner or later as the new energies increase in power the person will have to yield to them and develop new habits associated with the new sex. One of the soul lessons of this crossing over is the lesson of letting go of what we were and becoming something or someone new. This is always difficult and many handle the situation by being celibate in the life of transition.”

Ok, let’s say someone has just finished living a string of male lives and is on their last life as a male for that particular male cycle. He knows and accepts that in his next life he will be female and doesn’t want to go through a rough transition period being gay. Wouldn’t it be in alignment with his soul to begin developing habits associated with the new, forthcoming energy now-kind of like a head start program for people about to cross over? In his attempt to form these new habits he will seem to others to be gay. It seems kind of weird to me to think that in this situation he would be more in alignment with his soul than a truly gay person would.

Third question: What, if any, preparations should be made for people that know they’re about to cross over to the opposite sex?

JJ: The best thing to do is to practice tuning into your energies and deal with them as they are. Another thing that will help immensely is to establish soul contact. The soul is always several steps ahead of us and if we practice following the still small voice this will condition us to accept whatever energy or situation with which we find ourselves. If we condition ourselves to follow the soul then our soul will aid us in making the transition as harmless as possible.

“But O the truth, the truth. The many eyes that look on it! The diverse things they see.” George Meredith (1828 – 1909)

Aug 15, 2004

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