The Beast of Authority

The Beast of Authority

The Question: There are two other happenings that have caused beastly powers to come out of the United States which caused it to “speak the words of the dragon.” These happenings were much more serious than any of our attempts to throw support behind the lesser of two evils. What are they?

The answer to this is quite interesting and I have posted some of my previous writings on the subject below.

Even though all the countries of the world support the mark of the beast, this does not mean that they cannot make some good choices along with the bad as they work themselves free. Even the Roman Empire did many things that benefited civilization as a whole as well as their citizens.

The two main happenings that cause us to support the Dragon was:

(1) The creation of the Communist Empires through the Bolshevik Revolution. The establishment of this arm of the Beast could not have happened without financing by many capitalists here in the United States. Then after it was established financial support from the American government assisted in its growth and continuance.

(2) The turning over of the majority of the governing power of the country to bureaucracies and other officials who are not elected. An authority who is not elected does not have to answer to the people and is often close to impossible to get rid of. These non elected officials cause many of the problems we face.

But the unjust authority, which is the mark of the beast, is very subtle and shows up not only in places where death squads are at work, but everywhere from your medical authorities, to your church, to your favorite news anchor. Wherever there is a group of people who follow without thinking, but are lead through the emotional nose as an animal is lead to its good or bad destination, there you have the mark.

All have the mark except those who can think for themselves through soul contact.

I have found it irritating that numerous times in the past that some Keys members have been accused of blindly following what I say. I think many here are willing to take me to task whenever I say something that does not register with them. But then there may be long periods where we see eye to eye. Not because anyone is following blindly, but because we see through the same eyes of the soul.

It would be helpful for members to review post numbers 40-42 in the archives starting with Dec 6, 1998 titled, “Christ and the Tomb of Matter.”

The key to understanding the continual drift toward totalitarianism is to realize that this is the line of least resistance.

The path that leads to greater freedom is the path of high resistance (discussed in earlier posts).

Every step humanity has made toward greater freedom has came through great struggle and sacrifice. Then when this step is attained people tend to settle into complacency and shift attention to the benefits of freedom rather than the preservation of freedom itself. In this state of mind the line of least resistance is to allow those who desire to limit freedom (for the common good) to have their way. This creates a drift that can only be turned around by a focused will treading the path of high resistance.

There are exceptions to all things and in times of crisis sometimes a more centralized power needs to be assumed as was the case with Abraham Lincoln and FDR. Even though such a move, which can limit freedom, can also help save it, a great danger is posed. Our nation, for example does not realize how fortunate it is that Abraham Lincoln willingly relinquished his powers after the war or, for that matter, that George Washington refused to let admirers anoint him king rather than elect him President.

Because we cannot always depend on having leaders who have the common good in their crosshairs, any emergency measure giving the government greater powers over the people should have an expiration date, of around two years, that can only be renewed by a vote from Congress.

In the end we must realize that no law, no act of Congress and no one person can guarantee the preservation of freedom. Only the awareness and vigilance of an entire nation can do this.

A reader was reflecting on the two horns of the image of the beast and thought that “the Constitution and Bill of Rights would fall into the one horn of “good” and things like slavery and the treatment of many native Americans into the other.”

Good thinking, but the correspondence does not quite fit. The two horns belong to the Lamb – a symbol of Christ. Therefore both horns would represent the good of which slavery and mistreatment of native peoples is not.

The duality of good and evil exists in: (1) The Two Horns of the Lamb (2) The words of the dragon.

The two horns basically represent the establishment of freedom through the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the creation of many spiritual movements which have happened here. These do meet the Law of Correspondences.

As far as the fall of the Communist block representing the fall of Babylon in the scriptures I did not mean to imply that this was any literal fulfillment of this scripture.

I said “it fell similar to the description of the fall of Babylon… There is more to this scripture…”

The correspondence was not exact, but it had similarities as I pointed out, especially of note is the quick collapse.

Some have also equated the devastating fall of the Twin Towers to the fall of Babylon. Again there are similarities, but many correspondences are missing.

Prophesy, even inspired prophesy, often works out this way. Corresponding events occur now and again but usually an exact materialization on the physical plane of the prediction never occurs. Another reason why you have to think for yourself rather than expecting cut and dried results.

Oct 13, 2001

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