The Beast

Nov 19, 1998

The Beast

The group has been jumping all over chapter thirteen and also other chapters (this is good and expected—it gives you a lot to think about), but the interesting thing is that for solving the mystery here, we are still on verse one.

Here is what we have established. The beast represents the energy of unjust, unearned blind authority. He was created “out of the sea” and the sea represents the multitudes of the people of the earth.

The next question: Why is he (you females are probably happy to call this one a “he”) seen by John to be a beast? Why didn’t John see some great king, dictator or devil man rise up out of the sea? Why a beast?

Hint: How is the right use of authority different between animals and human beings?

Nov 19. 1998


So you are not accepting me as the beast and are questioning the use of the word “Father” in the Song? Good for you. Now you have only one responsibility. That is you must check with your souls (the final authority) and verify any answer that I or any other teacher should give.

I thought overall Rick gave a good answer on the subject, but let me add this. What matters more than the word you use to describe God is the thought that arises in your mind and the feeling in your heart. All of us have within our inner-selves a sense of the One God, and He-She-It is the same God for all of us no matter what name we call It. In the truest sense God is “The One Who is Becoming What It Decides to Become.”

For the sake of the Song you can use the name of God that you feel is the most sacred. If you are a Muslim you might want to use the name “Allah.” Any name will work as long as you visualize the highest concept of God of which you are capable. “George” would even work as long as you see the same God the rest of those singing the Song see. If you are more comfortable saying Father-Mother God and seeing the duality this should not detract from the meaning of the Song.

When saying the Song in group formation all should follow the group leader and use the same term. I would suggest that for purposes of unity we use either the term “Father” or “Father-Mother God” as a group in saying the Song.

There is an esoteric reason why the Brotherhood of Light uses the male gender in terms like “brotherhood,”” Father,” “Son” etc. This has nothing to do with bias because we have all been male and female in past lives. This will be covered more fully in a future writing.

Nov 19, 1998

Christ Consciousness

Someone asked about Christ Consciousness. Christ means “anointed” and it is a position held by various advanced beings on the various worlds. The Christ consciousness is something else and is achieved by the individual contacting the soul energy within.

The soul is the point within where the interplay of Spirit and matter is taking place. Thus when we talk about soul contact, we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on this still point within that tells Spirit, what matter is doing, and matter, what Spirit is doing.

The Christ consciousness is a key to becoming a knower in the worlds of form as well as the formless worlds. The person with no Christ consciousness is only aware of the material world. The person with Christ consciousness is aware of the spiritual as well as the material world.

Hope this sheds some light.

Nov 19, 1998


The Song should be published exactly as is for any mass distribution; however, if an individual wants to substitute a more familiar name for Father, that should not interfere with the vibration of the Song. Words are really just symbols of thought. If you publish the Song you can add an addendum that Father-Mother God or something similar can be substituted for Father if desired.

By the way, there are some surprises awaiting Immortal readers about The Ancient of Days as well as The Christ.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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