Character of the Beast

Nov 20, 1998

Character of the Beast

Let’s phrase it this way. When a farmer orders his animals (beasts) around, how is his use of authority different than when he is trying to influence a human being that he respects?

The beast is composed of the people (the sea). Compare being herded like cattle to being influenced as a thinking person.

Why the beast is called the beast?

Nov 20, 1998

Beastly Authority

Rob was right on with his remarks about the beast. The beast is called the beast because he represents the mindless following of authority that controls most of humanity.

I will elaborate more later on. You have all contributed food for thought. There is a great collective intelligence here.

In the meantime, we need to solve the mystery of the seven heads. I think it was also Rob who commented they could represent different periods of history. This is the right direction. What kind of division of history would a head represent?

We are also told that the seven heads represent seven hills or mountains. What does a hill or mountain represent?

Hint: The Mountain of the Lord is often mentioned in the Scriptures.

Nov 20, 1998

Beastly Hint

One thing I need to add here. There is a long time period and a lesser cycle. The seven periods or heads are from the time of the Last Adam, or the beginning of recorded history. We are in the seventh head of this lesser cycle. There is a greater seven, and we are in the fifth head of this longer time period.

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