Teachers, Teachings and the Reappearance

Teachers, Teachings and the Reappearance

We will continue with the Reappearance of the Christ. Students are advised to read chapter five. Here is a link for the text:

This first installment gives us a number of great teachers who prepared the world for the Christ.

They are: Hercules, Hermes, Vyasa, Sankaracharya, Shri Krishna and Buddha

What he did not say was who the great teachers have been during the past two thousand years who have helped prepare the world for the reappearance.

Who do you think have been the significant ones in this category and why?

There is a lot of meat in chapter five. Let us start the ball rolling with this quote:

“Acquiescence has in it the element of an understanding intelligence, and this marks a great step forward. Both admit the fact of a divine over-shadowing will in the life of mankind today; both are preparatory to a recognition of Christ’s work in bringing about right human relations. At present, the submission of mankind to the divine will is a negative submission; the true submission is a positive attitude of spiritual expectancy, leading eventually to a positive acquiescence.” Page 114

Question: Many have a black and white view that all submission to God as being wrong and diminishes individuality, but here DK tells us there is a positive and negative submission or acquiescence.

What is the difference?

Let us catch up catch up on a few of the questions. First: Why is purpose the absolute source of power?”

Reader Answer: Purpose is the absolute source of power because it comes from the Will of God…. Without Purpose there is no Need or Desire to Become.

JJ: Good point. Let me put it this way.

Purpose is the originating point of power as it manifests in creation. Purpose is not the Plan, but the originating source and motivation behind the Plan.

When Purpose is perceived then power comes to the perceiver because Purpose creates power so it can prevail in all worlds.

When the disciple perceives purpose, he then obtains a knowledge of what will be and if he decides to assist then power will come to him to manifest Purpose.

The time frame is not always known for Purpose exists outside of time and space. But when Purpose is clearly perceived power can manifest to compress time and hasten its manifestation.

As to significant teachers after Christ – we received some interesting comment. One reader replied that there was no one that came close to equaling him in his works. On the other hand, there have indeed been significant teachers. A reader also added some Greek philosophers to the list of those who preceded the Christ.

What was there about Greece that provided fertile ground for enlightened teachers to arise?

It was the freedom of expression that was allotted. Philosophers could teach without fear of persecution from their government during several periods of the history of Greece.

On the other hand, if we look at the history of civilization from Christ until the modern age we find that most of the time, during this Piscean era, teachers were often persecuted, jailed or killed for speaking their minds. Therefore, it is quite possible that an Aristotle, or Pericles would have been suppressed if they had been reborn during the past 2000 years.

In other words, it is quite possible that the great men of women of the history of the past 2000 years could have been greater if they had the freedom of the early Greek teachers.

So, who do I think were the great teachers or initiates since the days of Jesus?

There are many to choose from, even though none are acknowledged by the public to be of Messiah caliber.

I think I need to divide my answer into two categories which I call Before Free Speech (BFS) and After Free Speech – relatively speaking. (AFS)

H. P. Blavatsky
Alice A. Bailey/Djwhal Khul collaboration
Joseph Smith
Helen Schucman of A Course in Miracles
Mary Baker Eddy
Helena Roerich
Nicola Tesla

Apostle Paul
Martin Luther
William Shakespeare
Marcus Aurelius
Leonardo da Vinci
Giordano Bruno

Of course, there are many more who could be named in both categories

The Question: Many have a black and white view that all submission to God is wrong and diminishes individuality, but here DK tells us there is a positive and negative submission or acquiescence.

Many people look at the extremes of submission and decide to live their life as a law unto themselves submitting to no one and no thing.

The terrorists are a prime example of how to not submit. They submit to what they believe is divine will and end up killing, maiming, bombing and beheading all in the name of submission.

There is, of course, wrong submission in all religions including the Christian. The question is what makes the difference between positive or negative submission?

A reader had the right idea when she stated that wrong submission is giving our will over to the beast. What does this mean?

It means that instead of submitting to God we are merely submitting to an outward authority who claims to speak for God. Therefore, this type or submission to God is an illusion that has nothing to do with God.

True submission to God comes when the disciple receives enough soul contact so he can receive accurate inner communications. True submission to God then begins when the seeker obeys the inner voice.

But wrong submission can again occur if that voice is generated from personal desire and not the soul.

Then again correct submission may have nothing to do with God. One may find a teacher who has proven himself adept in a certain field and submit to his tutoring because he is a proven authority.

For instance, it would be correct to submit oneself to a proven martial arts instructor to learn the art, but foolish to submit to one who has no expertise.

DK says: “The doctrine or theory of reincarnation strikes the orthodox Christian with horror.”

Why do you suppose this is the case and what can be done to assuage those fears?

“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821 – 1881)

Jan 15, 2005

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