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April 15, 2012

George Hansen

Keith: There was one other recent politician who spoke out against the Federal Reserve and the dire fiscal and monetary America was getting itself into.  This politician even showed that America officially went  bankrupt a number of times.  This politician was attacked, slandered and then finally put behind bars.  Can you guess his name?

JJ You may be thinking of George Hanson, but he mainly got for going after the IRS. You can read about him here:


April 16, 2012

Sending Love

Dean touched on a point worthy of comment. He talked about the importance of love, which is of course something we all accept but then he touched on the importance of projecting love through our communications so the other party will feel or at least sense it.

As a group this is something that we should be placing more attention on. Now I’m not singling out any individual here but speaking to the group as a whole.

From time to time we have disagreements and that is fine. Anyone posting should feel free to disagree with me or any other member without being seen as the bad guy.

Then from time to time those disagreements evolve into attacks, irritation, hurt feelings and sometimes outright anger. That is not so fine.

We can take some consolation in the fact that most every group that discusses anything controversial has this happen but I would like to think that we can be better than most groups.

The key to doing this is to communicate in the spirit of kindness and love even when we disagree or think the other person is out of line. I have attempted to set the example for the group in this area. People have strongly challenged me, disagreed with me and attacked me through the years and I have never responded with name-calling or anger but have always attempted to communicate in such a way that the person would feel that I have his best interests at heart and the hand of friendship is always extended.

Now I am sure there have been times in the midst of heated arguments that the person on the other end wasn’t feeling waves of love coming from me. This may be true, but that doesn’t mean the door is not open. I always attempt to communicate with the love of the soul in mind so if the contentious one opens the door a channel for the love of Christ, it will be available.

Dean is a good example of this. Some time ago he became very disillusioned with me and started arguing against every point I brought up. He went beyond this to attacking me on every level even participating in an anti Keys website.

Through all this I tried to leave the door open though I must admit that he challenged my patience at times. Dean seemed to disappear for a time and then came back on board. I noticed a change in him and treated his with as much friendship as I would anyone. When I saw his new tone was sincere I took him off moderation and he has been a solid member ever since. He still disagrees with me at times but he is much more respectful.

If you pay attention you can feel the vibration of the person with whom you are communicating. Dean’s vibration now is a lot more loving than it was when he was challenging my every word. He’s not perfect, as he admits, but he is making progress and that is the important thing.

Now one of the problems with us humans is that we tend to believe that we are sending the other guy all the love he deserves or that is possible and if he doesn’t feel love or acceptance from us then that is his problem. That may be somewhat true at times but usually part of the problem lies with the sender.

Here are points to consider if one wishes to make the other feel that he is coming from an aspect of love and has the best interests of the other at heart.

(1) Soul contact is more than an individual thing. It is true that an individual can obtain a degree of soul contact but the greatest endowments come from group effort. If one writes off his brother he may be writing off greater union with his own soul and group soul.

(2) It is a human tendency to believe one is being as loving and friendly as possible or that the other person deserves. Forget about what the other person deserves or how good of job you are doing – instead listen through the soul to the other guy. Does he feel a loving and friendly vibration coming from you? If not why? Maybe you think you are sending all the love necessary or possible and you are really far from the mark. Do not write off what the other person is feeling – learn from it.

(3) Have patience and tolerance for the other guy’s faults and mistakes. People hate to be corrected and often see correction or criticism as an unloving thing to do. Only correct others when you think they will appreciate it or you are nudged by the soul to do so.

(4) Do not insult the other person or use any type of name-calling.

(5) Be slow to take offense, for often no offense is intended.

(6) Say positive things about the other guy whenever possible. This will help keep the door of loving communication available.

May we set out sights on the good of the group as a whole and do our part in making it a place where love can be found.


April 17, 2012

Re: Sending Love

lwk writes: What I was trying to point out is that this sort of Internet communication is a relatively new-fangled thing for humanity and we haven’t learned yet how to accurately inject the equivalent of the non-verbal cues that soften face to face communication – those non-verbal cues that allow the hearer to more accurately determine if you are using sarcasm, or are entirely sincere. Therefore the probability of accurately getting the real intent of a communication with only black and white letters is probably pretty low.

JJ I had several misconceptions of the internet when I first came on board. One thing I thought that would be really great about it, and an advantage over in-person communication, is that one can avoid impulsive and hurtful speech because when you write you have more time to think than when you speak. If you write something that is hurtful you have time to erase it before you send. On the other hand, many relationship problems occur because of impulsive speech that one may wish he hadn’t said and you cannot take back.

I therefore assumed that discussions on the internet would wind up being friendly and reasonable most of the time. Boy, was I wrong, especially concerning forums where people can post anonymously. There they insult each other to the degree that a major fistfight would occur if done in person. Even in a forum such as ours, composed some of the best people on the planet who are seeking spiritual love and truth, the words exchanged are sometimes hurtful and not too well thought out.

Larry makes a good point that internet discussions do have disadvantages for in-person you can see a person’s facial expressions, his eyes, hear his inflections, tone of voice, feel the emotion in the voice etc. When we talk in person we have a better chance to tune in to all that the person is trying to say.

Even so there is a lot of miscommunication both in person and on the internet. Unless two people are communicating through the soul there will be some misunderstanding and one must insure that he speak as accurately and with as much good will as possible.

Overall, I was very surprised to see how easily people were offended in internet discussions. Sometimes they are very offended at fairly harmless speech and read into statements meaning that was never there.

The bottom line is neither speech nor the written word is a panacea for perfect communication but we must always be vigilant to see that our words reflect our thoughts as accurately as possible with as much harmlessness as possible.


April 22, 2012

Left vs Right

Kris: I am liberal and I also see, using JJ’s reasoning, that I have many conservative points of view. That being said, I can’t get into the dialogue about left versus right as to me it violates the Teachings that we must never be “anti” anything, but focus instead on our vision of the positive reality we wish to see manifest.

JJ Talking about what is, is not being anti anything. It is being FOR the truth. I am pro truth wherever that truth may lie.

Kris: I wonder if all of the endless focus on the political (how many posts were devoted to Ron Paul alone in the past 2 weeks alone?) might be a distraction from the personal and group preparation in these transformative times?

JJ I think that when Christ does manifest that he will be very involved in politics so it is good preparation to be aware of all that is going on in the political field. After all, DK indicated that Christ may come as a politician. He said the Master Jesus will come as a leader of the Jews. Imagine how much conflict that will generate.

Kris Okay JJ, as I’m reminded that this is your group. Does that mean that group members are to follow your cue in attitude, political leanings, matters of tone, respect and civility when speaking within the group?

JJ This is a very non authoritarian group. No one has to follow me in any way. You should know that by now.

Kris Is there a different standard of civility and even aggressive expression when the subject of the remarks is not a person within the group, but a public figure or a movement without and why is that even necessary to a discussion between enlightened people?

JJ Those who are not moderated are free to be civil or uncivil. If they get too far off base I place them on moderation. I have always encouraged members to be civil to all. I do not think you can find an example where I have violated this injunction.

Kris Do you ever worry that your postings might be influencing others to take polarized stands?

JJ Not in the slightest. Why should I worry about that? Hopefully I have helped some become polarized toward Spirit and truth.

Kris Do you see how some might feel that they are subject to a litmus test here if they dare to speak up, by people who think that they are enforcing matters in your interest? (it just happened to me; other complain they’ve had enough as well)

JJ If they see any litmus test coming from me then they are probably in illusion. My only litmus test is that members be civil in discussions and not go too far off topic.

Kris Are conflicting opinions welcome or merely tolerated in our group? Should Keyesters be, even unintentionally, locking their door?

JJ Where do you get the idea anyone is locking the door? Any opinion is welcome as long as the person is civil.

Kris Why in this group is a test of political fealty eclipsing a standard of spiritual loyalty to service of God’s Plan for humanity? How has the former become more important here?

JJ There is no test of political fealty. Where do you get such an idea? It can’t be important if it does not exist.

Kris When you members make statements that reflect a Cult of Personality might be going on for some, should you correct it directly?

JJ I regularly discourage such things. Who do you think I should be correcting?

Kris The broad brush has got to be put down wherever it appears. The trouble with using it is that it always manages to paint outside the line. I know its painted all over me and several others here as well. It’s use to a mistake if we are attempting to get to solutions which will best represent all of us. This will require both sides moving toward the middle and that starts with respect and civility.

(Quoting DK) I ask you also to sever your connection with all groups which are seeking to destroy and to attack, no matter how sincere their motive. Range yourself on the side of the workers for constructive ends, who are fighting no other groups or organisations and who have eliminated the word “anti” out of their vocabulary. Stand on the side of those who are silently and steadily building for the new order – an order which is founded on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood, and which possesses a realisation of a brotherhood which is based on the knowledge that we are each and all, no matter what our race, the children of the One Father, and who have come to the realisation that the old ways of working must go and the newer methods must be given a chance. Esoteric Psychology, Vol 1, p. 188

We must ask ourselves in every group to which we belong, How does my group comply with DK’s admonishment and what role do I play in serving this end?

JJ I wholeheartedly agree with DK here. You don’t want to head up any group activity that is anti something as its purpose of existence. In your quote he says:

“Stand on the side of those who are silently and steadily building for the new order – an order which is founded on love, which builds under the impulse of brotherhood.”

My teachings are about “steadily building for the new order” just as he says. Here are some of them:

(1) The Molecular Relationship. I have written an entire book on this which explains the next great step in human evolution and how we can be a part of it.

(2) The Molecular Business. This is a teaching that will make businesses more efficient, bring much more participation from the rank and file along with greater equality trough free will and not force.

(3) Project Peace and Goodwill. A plan to disarm the nations of nuclear weapons.

(4) The Gathering of Lights. Setting a positive goal to eventually build self sufficient cities of enterprising souls of good will.

(5) The Majority Speaks. A concrete plan to bring the will of the people into power rather than the will of the few as we have now.

(6) Thousands of articles that are not anti anything but present new and unique teachings that will be helpful in the new age.

Even though DK advised here to not have the idea of being against something as a prime reason for group formation he was against neutrality.

Even though the purpose of DK’s group was not to be Anti Hitler or anti totalitarianism he was definitely not neutral and definitely anti Hitler and all he stood for. He harshly criticized the United States for being neutral too long and not attacking Nazism earlier and was greatly relieved when we finally entered the war. He criticized the nations that remained neutral and were not anti anything and stated that they had accumulated negative karma they would have to pay off in the future.

He also harshly criticized the pacifists who were not against anything but conflict and noted how their freedom was paid for by those who were willing to take a stand on the side of liberty. He supported the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki which was far from a neutral action.

“The Hierarchy is NOT neutral.” DK The Destiny of Nations, Page 65

And I am not neutral. Just as DK did with his work I am doing with mine which is this. Give out positive teachings and building materials that will be useful in creating the new age. Like DK, when I find illusions I will give out teachings to dispel them and that causes me to not be neutral as the Hierarchy is not neutral but to take a stand on the side of truth, freedom and justice.

Today we are in the midst of World War III except it is being played out on the astral plane rather than the physical. Just as DK insisted disciples take a stand during World War II, even so must disciples take a stand in the emotional war going on now which if lost could spell a loss of freedom just as the loss of World War II would have.

My involvement on the political side of things is not leaving spiritual things behind, but embracing the key to all spiritual progress which is the defense of freedom. I will defend the freedom of the human spirit wherever there is opportunity, and the dispelling of political illusion is a large part of this.

April 26, 2012 Re: Swiss woman dies after attempting to live on sunlight\ thought-live-sunlight-article-1.1067359

It’s weird that the article says she staved to death when she was not drinking or eating. If she really was not drinking she would have died of dehydration first.

April 26, 2012


Re: Obama as Possible Antichrist

I forgot I posted this. It’s kind of scary to read now.

Posted September 2008 Here is an excerpt from Ruth Montgomery’s book “The World to Come” published in 1999. Quite interesting.

“The Antichrist will be a false Messiah, hailed by people as their savior in a time of great chaos, but all the while working to generate great evil in the world. In one of my earlier books two decades ago, they reported that he was still in school and unaware of his own true identity. In 1993 they wrote that, having graduated from college sometime before, ‘he now holds a minor government office and is aspiring to become president. He is full of mischief but not yet fully aware of the role that he was prepared to play when he came back to this Earth life. He has his eye on the elections of 2000, when he will be barely old enough to run for the White House.’

“From time to time the Guides kept me posted on his ‘progress,’ if we can call it that. In May of 1994 they reported that ‘the Antichrist is now in a governmental position, and his name will shortly become familiar to those in the know. He is ambitious above all else, and wants power, but is only just now beginning to feel that his purpose is to be ready to seize that power when the opportunity arises.’ They volunteered that they see no major warfare ahead, ‘because although war clouds are gathering, the shift of the Earth will prevent its occurrence as people scramble to preserve their own lives rather than seek national expansionism.’

“Two months later they contributed another ‘progress report.’ Reminding me that the Antichrist is now in a ‘somewhat minor position in government,’ they added:  ‘But he will begin to rise as he realizes his full potential for evil. Let us emphasize that he is not Satan, but a longtime disciple of that rebellious one, and has had many previous Earth lives. He is fairly young still, but on the borderline of becoming eligible for the presidency at the turn of the century. That will be his ambition, and after the Walk-in president is installed in office, the Antichrist will try to move forward, making waves and attracting attention.’

“‘As the Shift approaches he will begin to propose logical sounding propositions to solve the problems and will attract followers, as he is a compelling speaker with what will seem to be a pleasing personality. He cares nothing for truth, so he will promise everything to everyone and say that he is the one person who can lead them out of the miseries of this decade. He will not be elected in 2000, but he will move into the turmoil immediately following the Shift, calling on all to follow him, and many will do so for a time, until he is unmasked for the evil incarnate that he is.’

“At a later date the Guides added: ‘The Antichrist will make his real grab for power after the Shift, when people are beset by problems and frantic for solutions, and he will soon attempt to become a dictator with powers to regulate all human activities. This will awaken thinking people to the perils of following such a person. His true colors will be seen, and he will eventually meet physical death through violent means. We do not wish to say more about him at this time.'”

(End of quoted material.)


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