Conscious and Unconscious Channels

Conscious and Unconscious Channels

I was asked to comment on Neale Donald Walsch and his process of automatic writing.

From what he has written it sounds like he received his information through standard automatic writing.

When this happens, the pen moves by itself similar to an Ouija board and the author is unaware of what is being written down.

Ruth Montgomery did automatic writing on a typewriter. Her fingers typed automatically on the keys and she was unaware of what she was writing until she read it. She talked back and forth with Author Ford, (the entity on the other side), but not during transmission which was unconscious. After the message was typed out she would read it and ask a question to Ford, then he would take command of her fingers and type the answer.

She wrote some very readable and interesting books and much of the information is true, but it is not the type of transmission the Masters give out. She claimed to be receiving from an entity of similar evolution to herself on the other side and that seems true to me.

Go to and type in her name and you’ll see a group of books. They are easy reading and fun to read. She made popular the term “walk-in.”

The highest writings I have seen from an unconscious channeler was Seth through Jane Roberts. However, neither Seth nor Author Ford claim to be a master so I think there is honesty in both of these channelers.

Many unconscious channelers who claim to be receiving the words of some great being usually rehash old material and are often either receiving information from a deceptive spirit or from their subconscious.

Concerning Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles, Claire writes:

“She was largely unconscious at the time of receiving, and did in fact later recant.”


I can’t find any evidence that she received unconsciously

Concerning Helen Schucman who wrote A Course in Miracles we have this from a biography, “Absence of Felicity”, by Kenneth Wapnick:

“The scribing was referred to by Helen as ‘internal dictation’; that is, she did not go into an altered state, a trance, or engage in automatic writing. She was always aware of what she was doing, even if she chose not to pay attention to it. Regardless of her attitude, the writing would continue.”

But the strongest confirmation of conscious transmission comes from her own words. Let me quote:

“I would feel it (the communication) coming on almost daily, and sometimes more than once a day. The timing never conflicted with work or social activities, starting when I was reasonably free to write without interference. I wrote in shorthand in a notebook that I soon began to carry around with me, just in case. I could and very often did refuse to cooperate, but I became so acutely uncomfortable that I soon learned I would have no peace until I did. Even so, I maintained my ‘right to refuse’ throughout, and not infrequently acted on it for some time. Sometimes I did not write for over a month, during which I merely became increasingly depressed. But there was never anything automatic about the writing. It always required my full conscious cooperation.

“…I never knew when I started a sentence how it would end, and the ideas came so rapidly that I had trouble keeping up with them even in the system of shorthand symbols and abbreviations I had developed during many years of taking class notes and recording therapy sessions.

“…The writing was highly interruptible. At the office I could lay down the notebook to answer the telephone, talk to a patient, supervise a junior staff member, or attend to one of our numerous emergencies, returning to the writing without even checking back to see where I left off. At home I could talk to Louis, chat with a friend, answer the telephone, or take a nap, picking up afterwards without disturbing the smooth flow of words in the slightest. It did not even matter whether I had stopped in the middle of a sentence or at the end of a paragraph. It was as if the Voice merely waited until I came back and then started in again. I wrote with equal ease at home, in the office, on a park bench, or in a taxi, bus or subway. The presence of other people did not interfere at all. When the time for writing came, external circumstances appeared to be irrelevant. There could be interruptions of hours, days, and on occasion even weeks, without any loss in continuity.”

Absence of Felicity, Pages 182-183

There are two key points to note from her own words.

First, she speaks of “the voice,” which she consciously heard as the originator of her writing.

Secondly, she clearly says: “But there was never anything automatic about the writing. It always required my full conscious cooperation.”

This sounds very much like the process Alice A. Bailey went through.

It also sounds a lot like Joseph Smith in translating the Book of Mormon. He could leave off the translation in the middle of a thought or sentence, go to lunch and come back and resume exactly at the point where he quit with no need to review what had been previously written. All this was done in full consciousness.

Let me now repeat again. All that comes through an unconscious channel is not wrong and all that comes through one claiming to be a conscious channel is not correct. We must never relinquish soul contact, let our guard down and just accept because of authoritarian criteria. Nevertheless, neither can we relinquish our power of observation, discernment and thought, for if we do, our power to learn through the soul will evaporate.


Because the inner spirit is a testator. It testifies as to what is true and to facilitate this we must first do all we can on our own to find all the facts and pass them by our inner self.

Back to Helen Schucman. Some say that she recanted her writings. From what I have read here is the way I understand the story.

Helen received the messages over a period of seven years from a being that she thought was Jesus. During this time she had reservations about being the scribe for this other worldly author, but overall felt impressed to continue the work.

She did not always embrace all the teachings herself and felt she was unable to complete the course herself. I cannot find were she renounced the work, even though she sometimes had doubts. Instead, I think she was frustrated that she was unable to embrace and complete the course herself.

Helen completed the writing of the Course in 1972 and shortly after that gave a copy of the manuscript to Hugh Lynn Cayce, son of the famed psychic channel Edgar Cayce. Around this time Kenneth Wapnick read a copy and decided to devote his life to promoting it. He edited the manuscript and it was shortly thereafter published.

For quite a number of years only a few people realized that an original manuscript was held by the Cayce organization in the library of the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.

It was only recently that someone got a hold of the Cayce copy and published it on the internet. The headquarters at the Foundation for Inner Peace were furious and attempted to legally stop anyone from publishing this original copy citing copyright infringement as the reason.

Apparently a group started to surface which claimed that the course is on par with scripture and as such it should be legally in the public domain and not subject to copyright laws.

Thus the whole matter is in litigation at the present awaiting judgment.

Now the interesting question is: How significant were the changes that were made in the text before it was published? How close to the original is the published Course that affected millions?

I have a digital copy of the original and compared some of it with the published book and there are some differences, but they do not seem to be great. I have not had time to examine them thoroughly, but the greatest differences are said to be in the first five chapters.

On examining the Course in Miracles I conclude that it was a piece of work which was consciously channeled and the intelligence behind it is higher than any unconsciously channeled material I have seen.

But because the intelligence behind it is of a high order does this mean that we can relax and accept all as true?

No. We must examine with more attention than ever before.

Whereas I have received verification on the main principles taught in the Alice A. Bailey books, there are several problems I have with the Course.

One of the main ones is the Course claims that God is perfect, yet he made a big mistake in the creation of the whole physical universe. This mistake needs corrected by our relinquishing of identity and disappearing from this unreal existence and going to a place where no change ever occurs.

There is also the problem that no one we know of has ever completed the Course and then vanished afterwards.

This idea also conflicts with many of the teachings of the ancient wisdom.

There is always the possibility that this and other writings of high intelligence are a subtle deceit from advanced entities on the left hand path.

From the viewpoint of average humanity, it is difficult to discern the difference in light when we are dealing with advanced entities from the two sides.

Even so, I have discerned that there is much truth in the Course and I often quote phrases from the text that I perceive to be correct.

I have found that some who are profound believers in the material accept it with the dogmatism that a Jehovah Witness has toward his green Bible. Many are fairly black and white in their approach, but of course, this happens in all belief systems.

Question: There are several levels of discerning truth.

(1) The Still small voice that quietly urges or speaks to us.

(2) The intuition which turns on a light in our head allowing us to understand that which was previously in the dark.

(3) The spiritual fire. This gives us confirmation on direction. Contemplate this phrase as a seed thought and write what comes to your mind.

Seed thought:

“Confirmation of direction through spiritual fire.”

June 21, 2001, 2001

Copyright by J J Dewey

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A Course in Miracles & More


A Course in Miracles & More

Question: Who is the voice in A Course in Miracles?

First let me clarify what mental telepathy is. This is the reception of actual words that form in your mind sent by an entity residing at a distance from your physical space. In Alice A. Bailey’s case DK was in Tibet and Alice was in the United States. By this method the entity never coexists in the same body as the disciple and does not speak through his or her vocal chords. If there is an alteration in the voice then the method is not mental telepathy, but channeling.

Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles through mental telepathy. Here is a description of it.

“This period of preparation culminated on the evening of October 21, 1965, when the now familiar voice of Jesus said to Helen: “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” She called Bill immediately, and he reassured her that she was not going mad. He suggested she write down what was being dictated to her, and that he would look at it with her early the following morning at the office. Helen did just that, which is how the scribing of A Course in Miracles began. As Helen later described the experience:

“The Voice made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook. The writing was never automatic. It could be interrupted at any time and later picked up again. It made obvious use of my educational background, interests and experience, but that was in matters of style rather than content. Certainly the subject matter itself was the last thing I would have expected to write about.”

“The actual process of the scribing was not difficult, and for the most part flowed rather smoothly. Helen would write down Jesus’ words in shorthand notebooks, and whenever she and Bill had time during a very busy schedule, she would dictate to Bill what had been dictated to her. Bill would then type it directly from Helen’s dictation, acting as transcriber. It was truly a collaborative venture between them.”

One thing is certain here. Helen Schucman did not write the book using her own intelligence. Because it was given by real mental telepathy we know it was given by a high entity. The course indicates the transmitter was either Jesus or the Christ.

Now the question is: Because the transmitter was using true telepathy and identified himself as Jesus, does this mean such is the case and we should believe it without question?

No, of course not.

How do we find out then?

Actually that is what we have been talking about before we got sidetracked – how to discover truth.

It doesn’t matter if a revelation claims to be given by the highest methods from the highest god from the highest dimension – each seeker of truth has a personal responsibility to apply all the techniques at his disposal to test the words and eventually reflect then off your souls and see if they ring true.

In reflecting the teachings of the Course (ACIM) off my soul I have had numerous things verified as true. However there are teachings in the book that have not been verified. The interesting thing is that the things that are not verified to me are doctrines that most students of ACIM have completely overlooked.

For instance, the book teaches that when you make the simple decision to leave this world and go home (which is the goal of the course) your body, the world around you, your friends, everything will completely disappear and the eternal unchanging world will appear before you and you will then eternally dwell there, never to be reborn.

The problem is that not even one ACIM student to my knowledge has had this happen to them. All of them are still here with us except those who naturally die and death is not what the course is referring to.

The Course also teaches that the creation of our universe with its billions of galaxies was a tremendous error and needs to be undone. On the other hand, it teaches that God is perfect, yet one way or another all creation came from Him so there seems to be a contradiction here. One may argue that the Son created the Universe and not the Father, but then the Father created the Son and if the Father and Son were perfect they would not go around making gigantic mistakes like creating universes that trap us for billions of years.

Since the book was transmitted by true telepathy this rules out an astral entity. Here are the possibilities:

(1) A Master such as Jesus or the Christ as the book states.

(2) An advanced member of the Dark Brotherhood attempting to distract us from the real purpose of creation.

(3) A Master out of harmony with the Hierarchy wanting to carve out a niche for himself.

(4) The Higher Self of Helen Schucman.

(5) An entity who has decided not to be and has never incarnated. He thinks incarnation is a great error and is trying to convince us to retrace our steps back to a static condition of “being.”

Which is correct? The time for the complete answer is not yet, but contemplating and seeking the truth for yourself is a great exercise in discovery.

Question: Is the Course in Miracles a ‘telepathic’ communication, or a direct visitation?

JJ: The Course in Miracles was telepathy as I said. In a direct visitation you can shake hands with the person and feel his body just as you would your husband and you generally talk to him just as you would with a friend.

If you just see a form you are either seeing a thoughtform projected to you or an astral entity.

Question: What is the difference between telepathy and overshadowing?


Telepathy involves a partial overshadowing, but a complete one goes far beyond that. In the latter case the mind of the disciple and the Master are in complete harmony with the Will of God and as such the minds blend and act as one mind, greater than the sum of the parts.

Question: Could you elaborate on the science of impression?

JJ: Impression is completely formless in its origin and does not work through symbols. Both mental telepathy, the subconscious mind and astral communication can use symbols or actual words. If you can see the outer film of your aura you will see both your own thoughts as well as some external ones reduced to moving symbols and geometric forms.

The closest we can come in regular language to describe impression is the world of ideas. Receiving an impression from a higher life is like receiving an idea. The difference is that with impression a complete understanding is received whereas an idea is the tip of the complete wholeness.

Concerning the Akashic records. The true Akasha is recorded accurately, just as has transpired in history, and if one has the spiritual contact he can accurately retrieve information. The dark bothers, or anyone else for that matter, have no power to change them.

The reflection of Akasha in the astral realm is shifting and changing all the time and the dark brothers can plant readings there to be picked up by psychics.

The true reader of Akasha is very rare. Remember when I gave the group a test? I wrote down a one digit number and had the group try and retrieve it. The number was recorded in Akasha the moment I wrote it down, yet the group made about 17 guesses before someone got it. This illustrates that no one in the Keys group at that time was a verifiable reader of Akasha.

When I speak of continuity of consciousness in receiving revelation I mean that the receiver never steps aside and lets some other consciousness control the physical brain. The disciple using this method never has a period of time that is blocked out by unconsciousness as the information is received.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Keys Writings 2013, Part 11

This entry is part 11 of 25 in the series 2013

April 17, 2013

Male/Female Polarization

Nathan writes: According to your teachings, it is demeaning. You place the emotional lower in spiritual evolution than the mental and that the mental should guide the emotional, so by saying that women are more involved in the emotional and that men are more involved in the mental you are effectively saying that women are generally the lesser of the two sexes and that things are best when men are guiding women the most.

JJ First, it is an obviously fact, almost universally acknowledged by both men and woman, that females are more in touch with their feeling nature than men. One of the common complaints among females about males is that they do not communicate their feelings well.

It is true that the plane of the mind is above the emotional but few people either male or female function on it. When we speak generically about the mind as far as men being polarized in it we speak of the mind as commonly understood, not esoterically understood. The mind as commonly understood means focusing on brain activity and the highest reason available to consciousness.

To say that a person is polarized in the emotional nature is no more demeaning than saying that a football player like Tom Brady is polarized, or has the majority of his focus, on the physical plane where football is played. Because his focus is on the physical or the lowest of the planes does not mean the guy is not evolved. On the other hand, his business agent who may be lesser evolved than him is probably polarized on the mental side.

Now Tom uses his mind when he makes plays and certainly shows his emotions when he causes a turnover but his attention overall has to focus on the physical game. That is not demeaning but has brought him great glory.

A female because of her birth is pulled toward the emotional side but has a brain and mind with as much ability as a male and can use it to her heart’s content whenever she wants to focus on it.

It’s a little like this. If you are in a rowboat in a flowing stream and can go either direction which one are you likely to choose – the upstream or downstream? Downstream is much easier so most will choose that, but a few will struggle and decide to go upstream for the challenge.

For males the flow of the stream is reversed. A male-female team are powerful together when they rely on each other to move them one direction or the other according to their inherent natures.

Gays are another matter. They are only slightly polarized so they are like a person rowing in a lake where there is little push from the water.

Less than 10% of humanity can function on the plane of the mind and far less than 1% have mastered it. A female can be polarized in the emotional nature yet function on the plane of the mind which is polarized in the male.

The nest plane up is the intuitive (buddhic) and that is higher than the mental plane and polarized in the female energy. Those who seek to function on this plane must focus on the female/receiving side to bring down concepts from the higher planes. Both males and females must apply the same principles.

Nathan: You also say that the Left is composed mostly of femininity. How is that not demeaning towards women?

JJ It is a proven fact that the females as a whole do lean left. I have you the ironclad evidence on this when I posted the chapter from my book. It is your judgment, not mine that it is demeaning. You’re basically saying reality is demeaning here.

Both sides have their flaws and must check themselves from going too far in either energy. There are also cycles involved. There are times when it is good to have the feeling/creative side dominate and other times the mental/reasoning. Right now with the tremendous overspending problem an extra dose of reason in politics would come in handy. Many politicians feel we need to spend more money on helping people but the mind must step in and make these expenditures fit into a budget.

You’ll notice that the receivers of extra worldly information are mostly women whether they be lower direct voice channelers or higher initiatives like AAB, HBP, Helena Roerich and Helen Schucman. Receiving is going with the current for females but against the current for the males. That’s why we do not like to ask for directions.

LWK On the other hand, when Isaac Newton supposedly sets under an apple tree and gets hit on the head, is that a metaphor of him pulling pure knowledge _down_ from a higher plane?

JJ A great mind like Newton used the intuition but went even beyond it to the Atmic, the realm of direct contact with ideas, which shifts again to the male polarization. As evidence of this you’ll note that men place many more patents than females.

Planes 1, 3 and 5 are dominated by male energy and 2, 4 and 6 by female. Plane seven, the divine is very slightly male. This slight imbalance is essential for the creation of form. To get an idea of how slight it is compare the amount of empty space in the universe to the places where physical matter exists.


April 19, 2013

More on Intuition

LWK indicated I was not consistent in my use of the word “intuition” so I thought I would add a few words of clarification to the many I have already written.

There are two basic hurdles that must be overcome for the esoteric student.

(1) Average people use the word to convey a wide variety of meanings.

(2) The common definitions differ significantly from the metaphysical one, as the common one is much broader.

Here are a couple orthodox definitions:

(A) An ability to know or understand something through your feelings, instead of by considering facts or evidence more… (B) Instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes) (C) An impression that something might be the case.

All of these are applicable for common usage but not very usable for the esoteric student. In fact, the use of the word as used in the Ancient Wisdom is so narrowed a completely new word may have been in order to avoid confusion. Robert Heinlein did this with the word Grok or a process of taking in understanding in his book “Stranger in a Strange Land.”

For our studies, forget about intuition as applied to getting something from emotional feelings, lower psychism or instinct. The one thing the student must accomplish to use true intuition is to penetrate the intuitive or Buddhic plane with his consciousness. This taps in to still higher planes where all true principles as well as the seed ideas behind all creation lie.

I have said that intuition brings a flashing forth within the mind that leads to greater understanding, especially concerning principles, but the application is broader than this.

Contact with the intuitive plane can lead to higher psychism such as conscious channeling. With lower psychism the medium goes into a trance and is not conscious of what is given out in the trance state. This takes place through the astral body and the data is often not reliable.

The conscious channeler touches the intuitive plane with the higher mind and gathers true impressions or receives by mental telepathy from either her higher self or higher lives. Thus Alice A. Bailey used intuitive abilities to receive from DK though it might be more accurate to call the process telepathy rather than applying intuition.

The most common form of true intuition involves that flashing forth in the mind where understanding is enhanced.

When one achieves some mastery of the intuitive plane he then seeks to access the Atmic plane where the seed ideas of creation reside. Once this is achieved he not only receives through the intuition but becomes a Knower by achieving direct access to this plane.


April 19, 2013

Re: More on Intuition

Dan: I think you said something the other day about inventors tapping into the Atmic. 1) Does an invention ALWAYS involve tapping in to the Atmic,

JJ No. Many inventions are created because of a need that is mentally deduced and is a logical sequence of need. It is the inventions that are a leap that tap into the Atmic.

To understand let us look at the difference between a couple of inventions by Tesla and Edison.

Edison’s most famous invention was the light bulb. The idea of creating a light bulb, I’m sure occurred to thousands of people before it materialized but no one knew how to put the ingredients together, including Edison. What made Edison different was he had the resources and determination to make the 10,000 logical experiments necessary to finally achieve success.

My best guess concerning Edison is this. The idea of creating a light bulb was a logical deduction created by his rational mind. However, after much contemplation, he tapped into the intuitive plane and saw that the creation had a true reality on a higher plane. This gave him faith and a knowing that a light bulb could be materialized on the physical plane.

On the other hand, Tesla’s most famous invention was the Tesla Coil. This was an entirely different animal than the light bulb. It was a natural and logical thing for many people to dream of creating a light bulb but few if any daydreamed about creating a coil that could transfer energy as did this and even led to the invention of the radio.

Many of Tesla’s inventions give evidence that he directly tapped into the Atmic plane and understood how the ideas worked from that point. Edison received intuitively and conjured mentally and had to figure out on the mental plane how to make the ideas work.

There is a similar difference between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Gates receives an inner confirmation of innovations that can be accomplished and he proceeds mentally. Jobs saw a vision from a higher plane and saw ideas that were beyond the regular reasoning process. Now Jobs was not as evolved as Tesla, but the difference between him and Gates is quite similar to Edison and Tesla.

Dan; 2) Has the prolific inventor likely already mastered the mental or buddhic/intuitive planes?, and

JJ See above. Some have, some have not.

Dan 3) I think you have said that mastery of the planes is progressive, so that one masters first the mental, then the intuitive, and then the atmic but that one may get “flashes” of contact with the next one or two “up” without mastery, is that correct?

JJ Yes, it is progressive but with gaps. A common example of these gaps is the intelligent nerd that so many movies are made of. The nerd character is very smart, gets all A’s, is a computer whiz etc. On the other hand, his emotional intelligence is very low and he does not understand that world. The third plane is thus more developed than his second and he must eventually spend time developing this before he can move on to higher things.

lwk A classic example of your “waffling” on your definition of “intuition.” First you say that AAB used “intuitive abilities” but then say to the effect that, “Well no, it was actually telepathy” which you say is a more “accurate” description.

JJ Let me put it this way. There is no telepathy without the attainment of the intuition, but one can be intuitive and not have the ability to be telepathic. The intuition opens the door to a large number of abilities, similar to soul contact, for one needs a degree of soul contact to access the intuitive plane.

A true telepathic person thus uses the intuition to access an evolved mind. He receives these mental concepts in a similar manner to the receiving of flashes of understanding from the mind of God.

Ruth If inventors can tap into these ideas, then that means that there was a beginning to all these ideas

JJ You’d better hope this isn’t true because you are an idea in the mind of God and if you had a beginning then you will have an end.

Ideas have no beginning or end. Will there ever be a time when the idea of a light bulb cannot exist? No. And this means that it neither had a beginning.

What does have a beginning is the incarnation of ideas. These have both a beginning and end. I have often given the example of a melody to illustrate this. The ingredients for the song Yesterday have always existed in the Eternal Now. Lennon and McCartney brought it into incarnation. Eventually all that creates its incarnation will be destroyed and it will not exist in the physical plane. But then eventually there will be new creations and the song will incarnate again but with an altered arrangement.

This principle also applies to us as eternal beings.


April 20, 2013

The Russian Jesus

A while back Dean referenced an interesting video about a Russian guy (Vissarion) who claims to be Jesus reincarnated.

There are three things that make him interesting.

(1) He actually has a following, about 5,000 dedicated disciples. (2) He is gathering his people in a plot of land and building a community. (3) Even though he seems to exercise the authority of the beast he appears to have good intentions to prepare a people for calamities to come. (4) He has taken a desolate area in Siberia and turned it in to a beautiful and productive food producing community. Not quite a Garden of Eden but very nice considering the circumstances.

DK made the prediction that a beautiful new religion would come out of Russia so I always check out any movement that seems to be afoot there. This group, despite its faults, is a possibility.

That said here are some of the negatives.

(1) A beastly control over peoples lives. Inhabitants have to rise at a certain hour. Do prayers and then go to work. Their diet is regulated and they must be vegetarians. They feel the need to ask their guru for permission for all kinds of mundane things. They basically give up most worldly things.

(2) Most sell everything they have and give it to the guru and if they leave it appears they get no money back. I’m not positive of this but indications point in this direction.

(3) Though he claims to be Jesus he is not much like him. He performs no miracles and does not teach like him in profound words and parables. I believe that he really thinks he is Jesus but do not believe he is.

Here are several things I pulled from the internet:

(His book) was extremely detailed: it contained God’s opinion on whether or not you should always wipe your feet when coming indoors, for example. The community also aimed to return to 18th century levels of technology, in spite of their enthusiastic embrace of the Internet and mobile phones- a contradiction surely, but then what faith is without contradictions?

The next day however my grudging admiration received a jolt when I attended an open air meeting between Vissarion and the villagers. I was simply stunned by the banality of their moral dilemmas: they wanted to know what brands of washing powder were acceptable to God, and whether it was okay to laugh at dirty jokes. There was nothing dangerous or surprising in his answers, but that was the problem. Link

If there was anything interesting to learn from the cult, it wasn’t coming from their Messiah. It was certainly intriguing to see the hyrdid religion Vissarion had created for his followers, but we didn’t learn much about that from his on-screen appearances. It’s a strange mixture of old-fashioned Christianity and new-age paganism, with lots of dancing and singing in circles, which at time made parts of the documentary look like scenes from the Wicker Man (albeit without the sex and human sacrifice). To Vissarion’s followers, Earth is a Gaia-like, sentient organism that man has brought to the brink of ruin, and they’re pulling it back in their own small way through their subsistence farming and veganism.

Another video HERE

Ruth: He looks like another Chris Nemelka!

JJ I noticed that resemblance also. He seems to be a nicer guy though.


April 22, 2013

Re: Male/Female Polarization

John C If she doesn’t understand his feelings, how can she claim that he is not communicating them “well”? What does “well” mean? From an emotional viewpoint, “well” could mean “I don’t feel good about the way he expresses his feelings.” From a mental viewpoint, “well” could mean “Given the current situation, observing his body language, and listening to his words, and trying to empathize with him, his words do not accurately reflect what I think he is apparently feeling.” There is a 98% chance that both of them are speaking from the plane of the emotions, so neither side is trustworthy. It’s like insanity trying to explain itself.

JJ Yes, most men and women are polarized on the emotional plane and because they see emotion through different filters they often have major problems in understanding each other. This is an eternal source of good comedy and philosophy. John Gray certainly capitalized on this through his books on the idea that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Here are several links that look into the emotional differences between men and women.

Emotional Wiring Different in Men and Women Link

Men and women do think differently, at least where the anatomy of the brain is concerned, according to a new study.

Men can’t read women’s emotions, study confirms.

Women have higher rates of depression,post-traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety problems than men. Link


April 23, 2013

Re: Male/Female Polarization

Dean: Maybe I need to make it more obvious since you don’t seem to get it still. When someone talks about past lives they are effectively going into the realm of parallel universes.

JJ I’ve seen a lot of ideas on past lives but this is a new one. Did you think this up on your own?

Our recent past lives did not take place on a parallel universe but in this universe on planet earth. Sure you can argue with someone who claims to be some great one in a past life. If they show no evidence of greatness in this life then why should we consider they could have more intelligence and talent in the past then the present?


April 24, 2013

Re: JJ Quote – Telepathy

Okay Dean, your major point has finally sunk in. You agree with very little I say and do not think I even deserve to teach anything in this or any other forum because you don’t think I know what I’m talking about and that I’m leading people astray. Your mission is to examine with a jaundice eye every word I write and then do all in your power to discredit me.

I’ve given you lots of rope to attempt this over the years but you’ve reached the point where you are a boring distraction. I won’t ban you from the list but will place you on moderation. From now all all that will get through will be posts that will have some semblance of interest to the group and are non destructive in nature.

If you need to vent you can go to the conflict page I created just for you Here:

Hopefully you can find another teacher that you can truly respect.


April 25, 2013

Revisiting Obama Last President

Keith writes:

A few weeks ago I posted the thought that Obama might be the last President of the United States.  I was surprised when others searched the internet and found others who have said the same.

Anyway, the other night on coast to coast the infamous Ed Dames made the same claim that Obama will be the last President of the United States.

Now I find this article  claiming the same.

There seems to be something in the collective consciousness spewing this thought form.  Only time will tell if this outrageous prediction has any substance.  Whether it does or not – I am convinced that man in the White House is no friend of the Republic.

JJ I don’t see Obama becoming a dictator though following a natural course of events. For one thing, I don’t see Congress cooperating in disarming citizens which would be necessary for a dictatorship to surface.

It would be possible though if a major even or crisis materialized. Such triggers could be a major economic collapse or a nuclear attack on us. Even one nuclear bomb going off could create a great danger that could lead to dictatorship with someone like Obama in charge.

One of the great dangers we face is a electromagnetic pulse created by one nuclear bomb detonated above the atmosphere that could knock out our electronic grid. Here’s a synopsis of a book on the subject:


I recall that during the days of Nixon that there were many predictions afloat that he would be the last president. Sometimes there is just a thoughtform afloat that many pick up on. On the other hand, there are times when true disaster is possible.

Another thing of interest going rounds is the skeleton of a tiny human skeleton which many assume to be proof of aliens. Here are some comments on it from Coast to Coast:

Greer, who has recently published a paper on the latest scientific findings related to the humanoid, said that the specimen is an actual organism and not a hoax. According to him, the world’s foremost skeletal expert has determined that, despite its diminutive size, the entity was actually six to eight years old when it died. Stanford University professor Dr. Garry Nolan joined the conversation in the latter half of the first hour to share his thoughts on the Atacama humanoid. While he acknowledged that it is “very, very, very likely to be human,” Nolan conceded that the findings so far have presented unique paradoxes which prevent making that determination with any certainty.

Here’s another story on the subject with pictures:

Keith: I get the feeling (astral) ‘Something Wicked Comes this Way’. Another astral feeling I keep getting is the ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over us all just waiting to fall.

JJ I’ve felt that way for some time. Hopefully our luck will hold out until 2025. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee.

Copyright by J J Dewey 2013

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