McCall Gathering 2007, Part 46

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The Capture of the Erymanthian Bore

JJ: Labor Seventh in Libra, the capture of the Erymanthian Bore. Hercules was told this time to go and capture a bore that has been terrorizing a community just about like the lion had been doing earlier. This time a wild bore is giving everybody a bad time. Hercules is told to go and capture it. He does not have to kill it this time – he just has to capture it and render it harmless.

Hercules is very concerned about himself and he is not sure is he can trust himself. He said, “Twice now I have killed those I was not supposed to kill. In the first labor I killed my best friend and in the last labor I killed the Amazon queen that was willing to cooperate. This time I will go with no weapons and I will be harmless.”

This is the way Libra’s are – they are the balance between things and they are the negotiators. If there is a big argument that ensues the Libra is the one that will come forth and say, hey guys let’s get along, let me negotiate here and bring peace. This is the Libra nature; they like to bring to balance to things.

So Hercules decided that he was going to be harmless and just capture the bore and not hurt it even though this was a wild bore. Hercules thought this would be a good plan and all would be well this time. So he takes off roaming around searching for it and he has a heck of a time finding it. As he is searching for the bore he gets bored and begins to forget the object of his search as we so often do and he came across this centaur who was a member of a brotherhood of centaurs. All the brotherhood was gone and he was guarding the local home of the centaurs.

Hercules made friends with the centaur and he noticed that they had this great big cask of wine. The centaur says, this is the cask that is to be shared by only centaurs and the only time we drink of it is when we are a group and we drink and share the energy of the wine together. They became good friends and after a while the centaur says well we are such good friends now lets break open a cask of wine. So they broke it open and they drank and got drunk and having a great time and telling stories.

Then another centaur came along and he started to drink with them and they were all just having a great time and they were making such a loud noise that the brotherhood of centaurs heard them from a distance and suspected something was wrong. So the brotherhood came back and found them all drinking the wine and they attacked Hercules. Hercules had to defend himself to stay alive and he wound up killing these two centaurs that had become his best friends. He also had to kill several centaurs just to get out of there alive. After he escaped and went up the mountain a ways he thought, wow that was a heck of a deal. I come down the mountain here I did not have any weapons and I was not going to hurt anybody and here I killed two people I love again. I just can’t believe this! This is really irritating!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: So he says I guess I had better focus on my mission and if I had not given it up and started to take it easy then this would have never happened. So he goes back and refocuses on his mission and finally finds out where this bore is and he continues on his quest to be harmless. He did not want to kill this bore so he sets a trap and captures it. When he captures it he grabs the bore by its hind legs and goes down the hill with it like he is pushing a wheelbarrow and goes through the village with it showing the people. When they see the bore that were terrified of and how Hercules was making fun with it by forcing the bore to walk on its hind legs, the village people just laughed. They thought it was so funny. This is basically the end of the story – Hercules put the bore in a safe place where it would bother no one anymore.

JJ: What do you suppose the wild bore represents?

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