Dark Brothers and Dark Matter

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A reader asks:  “if being a Satan or ‘the tempter’ is a step in the evolution of someone’s eternal path. Not that one is called to be a tempter but if it naturally happens in the course of one’s progression…Is there a Satan role during our eternal paths?

This is an interesting question.  In other words, are all of us destined to be a devil before we become one with God?

The answer is yes and no.  As we make the long journey to the feet of God we all go through periods of great selfishness and do some pretty devilish things and cause a lot of hurt along the way.  We also become tempters and lead many astray with us. Does this mean that we all eventually spend an eon as a dark brother at some time or another?

No.  Most of us learn our lesson as karma forces us to see the results of our bad behavior.  Only a handful proceed onward on the dark path despite all the warnings and attempts by the soul to turn the entity around.

The teaching seems to be presented by all the prophets, scriptures and masters that when we reach a certain degree of progression that we will be “saved” or dwell in the light forever onward.  But then we read of how Lucifer, a son of he Morning, rebels against God and was thrown out of heaven and apparently became Satan.

Now this being was of a celestial nature and a son of God as we hope to become, yet he fell.  Does this mean that after all our efforts of finally achieving liberation that we could still blow it and become a Satan?  That doesn’t seem to quite jive with the promises of eternal life as most understand them.

This is an area tat has never been cleared up by any teacher that I know of.  Here are several points that should help.

After liberation we do not lose our free agency.  We still have power to choose and the choice always leads to higher and lower paths.  The difference between humanity and those in the kingdom of God is the Higher Lives have learned certain lessons and know better than to revert to known errors.  For instance, the hiker who gets exposed to poison ivy will avoid it in the future.

Those who have gained entrance to the Council Chambers of the Most High have learned certain lessons and there are many errors that they will not repeat.  Even so, on a higher level of thinking where new concepts are being considered there will not always be agreement.  Therefore, even a liberated soul, such as a Son of the Morning can disagree and present his own ideas that may not be in harmony with his master.

When a liberated soul falls out of alignment with his brothers he does not descend to the lowest realms of darkness but continues to move forward the plan as he understands it.  The Dark Brotherhood evolved from beings on this earth and not from the Council Chambers of the Most High.  A fallen archangel may use the forces of darkness but in his mind he is still moving the work of God forward.

Good and evil as it plays out with liberated beings is a much different thing than good and evil as humanity sees it as it pertains to them.

We never arrive at a point where we will be totally free from mistakes for all eternity.  We learn by making mistakes and this principle even applies to Christ, the Planetary Logos and on up.

Here’s another question from QuasarAZx
I am an amateur astronomer and was wondering if the JJ could explain what dark matter is which is a theory about missing matter in galaxies. Dark matter is thought to make up the missing matter.

Nathan showed some good thinking in indicating that dark matter and regular matter represent male and female polarities.

Scientists believe that there is dark matter because there are gravitational pulls in the universe that cannot be explained by the gravity of regular matter.  Even though they cannot find this elusive matter they believe that 80% of the matter in the universe is this dark, or unseen matter.

Does such matter really exist?  Yes, but it is not dark, but very light compared to our own.  There is much matter in the universe that science has not discovered and this is clearly taught by the Ancient Wisdom.  First we have the matter of the etheric plane.  Next up we have astral matter and then mental matter.  Above this we have undifferentiated matter.  All this matter and life from unseen worlds has an effect on life, form and matter in this plane.

Science will find dark matter when they discover that there are co-existing dimensions that interplay with us and effect us.