We, the people of goodwill from all nations, who desire to see the people of this planet progress in a state of peace, safety, and friendship, find it necessary to act and issue this Declaration of Goodwill.

Polarizing rhetoric, accompanied with vitriol and name-calling, from leaders, celebrities and media spawns tension among the masses and undermines goodwill and cooperation. Therefore, we, the silent majority and people of goodwill on this planet, have decided to take action and issue a call to correction. Such a correction is essential, for our leaders have power to take us into wars and conflict that could destroy our civilization.

We do not expect our leaders to be perfect or agree with us or each other on all matters, for that is beyond the present ability of most individuals. But there is one thing all can do that will pave the way to quieting the present conflict and opening the door to peace on earth.

We can all be civil to each other and send goodwill rather than the prevailing ill will we currently witness. Loving our neighbor as ourselves is at the core of the teachings of every great messenger of the past and we need to be reminded of this now, perhaps more than any time in our history.

The great majority of us who are not in power do not hate those who vote or think differently than ourselves, nor do we care about their race, sex, or status; we are willing to extend a hand of friendship and goodwill to all who will accept it. We do not call others hateful names or desire to hurt them, but seek harmlessness in all discourse and interaction. Name calling is out of the question for us and it should be for our leaders as well.

Many leaders and media personalities seem to think that personal attacks are justified, as it highlights how bad the “other guy” is in order to affect change; but negative tactics often beget negative rather than positive change. Calling our neighbors “haters” when they see themselves as loving people results in resentment and often fuels the emotions of the projected name calling. The attack thus brings forth the hate that was not previously there. Many leaders and media personalities understand this principle and use it to polarize and create false animosity where none should exist.

So much grief in the world can be avoided if our leaders would embrace the spirit of goodwill, as it is longed for in so many of us who silently watch these reckless attacks.

Therefore, we the people of goodwill call on leaders and media who fail to embrace a higher path to match the positive spirit of goodwill that exists in most of humanity, the common people.

The day of watching leaders bring us to the brink of destruction is over. Sending peace and goodwill is our charge as we seek to transform our societies throughout the world.

It is true we have problems to solve which require rigorous debate and uncomfortable discussions, but we cannot solve them by demonizing each other. If we look for the best in one another and give our neighbors the benefit of the doubt, we have a much better chance of solving problems and reaching agreement.

Therefore, we the people of goodwill can no longer silently stand by and watch angry persons of power set the world aflame. All those with influence must be held accountable and shamed from hateful speech and emotion toward goodwill and friendship for all.

We, therefore, will watch our leaders and others with influence and call them out when they violate the principle of goodwill. When such a violation occurs, we will write them letters, emails, make posts on social media, and communicate our displeasure in every peaceful means possible to make them aware of their destructive behavior.

On the other hand, when people of influence perform positive acts of goodwill that deserve recognition, we will go out of our way to praise and recognize them.

Leaders and people of influence include:

  • Political, spiritual and business leaders
  • Celebrities of any kind
  • Those in the media, especially writers
  • People of influence in social media and on the internet

Last of all, there are those of lesser influence among family, friends and associates who need to be reminded to be and remain civil.

The simple fact is this. We need to start with ourselves. If each of us does our part to extend goodwill and friendship to all, and encourage others to do the same, the world will be healed and we can safely enter into a new era of peace and goodwill.

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Instead of signing some endorsement we invite you to endorse the idea by joining the Goodwill group. By joining you are saying you support the  Declaration of Goodwill. After joining you  are under no obligation for further participation though we hope  all members will support Goodwill at every opportunity.

Support goodwill now by joining The Declaration of Goodwill

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