Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-Five

Tyler: You were talking about the third initiation, and in order to pass the third initiation you have to overcome illusion. And so is that primarily illusion related to not choosing the left-hand path or is it just kind of . . . kind of what you said, but you know. Can you elaborate a little bit more on that?

JJ: The illusion to escape the left-hand path?

Tyler: Is that primarily what it takes to pass the third initiation?

JJ: To pass the third initiation, the person has to achieve an awareness where he unravels all the illusions that are hampering his progress towards spirit. So you may be born, maybe raised in a certain religion, taught certain things that were incorrect, and you registered them in your mind. But then you reach a point where you examine them, and you unravel the illusions behind these false teachings.

And when you’re able to unravel these illusions and escape their hold on you, then you become a candidate for the third initiation, which is control over the mind, but still, there’s still some lesser illusions that even a third degree or even the Masters are subject to.

What the third-degree initiate escapes are those illusions that hold him back toward being one with the inner God. Yeah, Curtis?

Curtis: Aren’t illusions ideas that cause separation from yourself and your soul or from yourself and let’s say, Michael. My car is better than . . . faster than your car. Therefore I’m better than you. It’s an illusion or a false idea?

JJ: Yeah, one of the biggest illusions concerns perceived contact with God. Like I say, if people think that their contact is the highest contact, and there’s all kinds of levels, you have the lower emotions, middle emotions, higher emotions, the lower mind, the higher mind. And you have all kinds of levels. When people as a whole, especially religious people, get some type of . . . what they consider a spiritual experience, they think they have achieved pretty much the ultimate.

But that’s an illusion, and they have to escape that illusion to become a higher initiate because the higher astral level is a level where you feel really nice heart energies and it feels like, you are pretty much as high as you can get. But it’s not as high as you can get. In the higher mental levels and the spiritual levels are higher still.

There is probably not a person on the earth that, well there isn’t a person in the physical body that’s reached the highest. Because if Asaph over here, nice as he is, had reached the highest, his physical body would just disappear.

Curtis: Well that would be a shame. (laughter)

JJ: So we know he hasn’t reached the highest yet. We know he’s still got levels to go. But the disciple realizes these levels and he realizes, “hey, I haven’t reached the highest yet.” That’s just one illusion that the disciple has to overcome.

People have all kinds of what they consider spiritual experiences. And if you go to these ex-Mormon sites, almost every one of them have something, but some of them have some real cockeyed ideas for having talked to God about everything, wouldn’t you say so.

Rebecca? (laughter)

Rebecca: Yeah. I just wondered; I don’t know if you know the answer to this, but a person like that whose body just disappears. Yeah. Do you know, do they have the ability to materialize and present themselves in a way where they can be seen? Can they choose that?

JJ: Yeah. Once a person has overcome everything like Jesus did, he can . . . because the the body is created on illusionary principles. And once a person masters this illusion, he can, first of all, learn to make his body invisible. The body’s still there, but he can make it invisible.

Inaudible audience response. (laughter)

Then when he goes to higher levels still, he can actually make his body disappear and then reappear. And that’s what Jesus did; he could make his body appear and reappear, disappear and reappear, so he reached a pretty high level.

Michael: Just real quick. So I think the conversation around illusion ties in with perception – what we were talking about yesterday. I’ve got my beliefs; I’ve got my programing. I have all this stuff in me that affects how I perceive the world and part of that evolution is well, we’re going to clear all that away, so we continue to see clearer and clearer and clearer. And so, clearing that lens of perception to see reality is part of that ongoing path.

Ed: I’d like to say something. One of the illusions that many who are aspirants have to overcome is the illusion of inadequacy.

JJ: Yeah.

Ed: You begin to begin to recognize that every one of us has some skill that we’ve developed over our many lifetimes. And I was thinking about this one time and the thought came to me, I have to command the ground I have conquered. We have to we have to accept the fact that we have traveled this way and we have learned that, you know, like the commercial says, “I know a few things, because I’ve seen a few things.” And we have we have to have faith in the ground that we’ve conquered.

JJ: And getting back to that statement “of myself, I can do nothing.” That doesn’t mean that you are nothing. You are still valuable. This is one of the problems with the statements from Master teachers is they often have levels of interpretation. That doesn’t mean that you do not have value. You have tremendous value. What he was stressing was the ego is nothing. The illusion is nothing.

The fact that what people place value on is really completely misplaced. For where the true value is, he is everything. Later he said, “all power on heaven and earth is given unto me.” Okay, well, does that sound like he’s nothing? No it doesn’t, does it?

Rebecca: Would you say that feelings of inadequacy then is one of the illusions?

JJ: Yeah. We should never underestimate our potential.

Curtis: Or a glamor.

JJ: There’s a feeling of inadequacy like you’re less than other people. And that’s wrong.

Rebecca: The feeling that keeps you from going forward.

JJ: On the other hand, there can be a true feeling of an inadequacy, like I’m not a good skier. So I have no problem saying I’m an inadequate skier, but that doesn’t make me an inadequate person, and that’s the feeling what you want to avoid. And a lot of people have this victim mentality that everything makes them into a victim. And this is this is what we want to avoid because we’re not victims. If you are centered in the spirit, you will never feel like a victim. And this is the thing you want to avoid.

So wrapping this up, it’s interesting that even Jehovah, even God himself, every lifeform, doesn’t like the idea of someone else taking credit for what it does, especially somebody that’s in the lower ego.

Any lifeform that’s out there, when it does a work, it appreciates having other people appreciate naturally what it did. When we think of creation and all the wonderful things about it, and we, in our minds, we think, “well, it’s wonderful, the creation of God.” You just think about how wonderful they are.

There is some higher part of yourself and God that was responsible for that, that appreciates that thought going up there, and think of what works you’ve done. Curtis is always doing all kinds of things and he really appreciates it when we say, “well, Curtis, that was a great job you did there.” And people are this way, and this is one thing we should do as people, in addition to avoiding wrong use of the principle of glory, is look for where you can give praise where praise is deserved. Because people really appreciate it.

Idaho Power came out and did some work for us, and as the guys were leaving, I just said, “thanks, guys.” And they acted like, they really appreciate the thanks, like, not very many people thanked them perhaps because most people kind of have a negative view of the power company. But people really appreciate a little recognition for what they do, so we should be on the lookout for a where we can praise.

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