Stealing Glory

Stealing Glory

2021 Gathering, Part Twenty-Four

There was no instance where Jesus took glory to himself. It’s interesting that when he visited his hometown and stood before them, and he said, “I know what you’re going to ask. You’re going to want me to do miracles like I did in other towns. And you’re going to ask me, you’re going to say, ‘physician, heal thyself.’”

Now why would you say that to them? Is it possible that Jesus had something physically wrong with him, that he could not heal himself? I always wondered about that particular scripture because if he did have something wrong with him and he never did anything for self, he would not have healed himself. Perhaps somebody else would have had to assisted him if there was anything physically wrong with him.

So I’ve always wondered about that scripture. It’s kind of a mysterious one. Why would he have quoted that phrase “physician, heal thyself.” Why would Jesus have to heal himself? But the physician, the spiritual physician cannot heal himself with the power of the lower self. He can take care of his body . . . and speaking of the body, Phil said something interesting that when there’s a miracle . . . a miracle that happens . . . there’s a lot going on that we don’t understand – the technology that goes on behind it, and if you don’t understand it, then you’re not responsible for it.

The same thing with our body. You look at all the great things that are going on in our bodies. Every cell in our bodies has tremendous intelligence operating within it. Just look at everything your liver does, your kidneys, and your heart is just an amazing instrument that just pumps that blood for 24 hours a day. Never rests. How does it do that? It doesn’t do it because of any intelligence we have, or anything we’re consciously doing. It’s all happening through miraculous means that is beyond our ability to completely understand.

So we can’t really take glory for anything going on in our body. All we can do is just give our body that good nutrients it needs so it can take care of itself. So yeah, you can’t . . . people can’t take glory to themselves. And it’s interesting that even Jehovah, as advanced a being as he is . . . because people think if you’re a very advanced being, you don’t care who gets the glory or whatever, but He did.

He cared about getting the glory because that was the principle not only for himself but for Moses. He needed to teach Moses the principle of glory because avoiding or violating the principle of glory puts the disciple in danger of taking the dark path. You have two paths you can take the paths of darkness and the path of light.

And when you take the wrong path, your soul will come to you and try to guide you back. With most people, they go through a number of lifetimes making a lot of mistakes, and they go through enough pain that eventually they think, “well, maybe I better retrace some steps,” and they go back and they enter back into the correct path.

But there’s a handful of people who are on the dark path. They resist and resist, and they want to take glory unto themselves, and they keep taking glory unto themselves as much as they can and doing things on the path of selfishness. Even though they go through all kinds of pain and discomfort, they continue because they’re bent on thinking that that is where the greatest fulfillment and pleasure is, is in seeking glory and pleasure and everything just for self.

Fortunately most people endure enough pain from following that path, that they retrace their steps and get back on the path of light, but there’s a handful who continue. In the scriptures, these are called the sons of perdition. In esoteric writings they’re called the Dark Brotherhood. And these people are bent on following the path of selfishness, but there’s not very many that enter into this dark path.

They cannot enter this dark path until they reach the third initiation. The first initiation is where the person gets control over his physical passions. And the second initiation is where you get control over your emotional body. But the third initiation . . . you’re not trusted by the powers that be until you get to the third initiation. Because there are a lot of good religious people that are on the first and even second.

But the third initiation is where you overcome illusion. You never completely overcome it, but you overcome it so you’re not tricked into following the dark path because of illusion. Does anyone know what illusion is as described by the esoteric writings? What does it mean to be caught up in an illusion?

Hitler was caught up in illusion. He was actually an initiate. He had good control over his physical nature, he was even a vegetarian. He was highly in control over his emotions. But then he got trapped in an illusion. What was Hitler’s illusion?

Susan: That his race was better.

JJ: Right. It was around race. He thought there was a big difference in the value of the different races, when in the true reality, we all have the same value in the eyes of God. Okay, we’re all brothers and sisters, but Hitler was under the illusion that that was not true. He thought the Jews were the spawn of Satan himself and that they needed to be completely eliminated. But Asaph proves Hitler wrong right there. Look at the guy. He’s just a sweet little guy.

Asaph: You don’t really know me. (laughter)

JJ: If he had known Asaph, he probably would’ve gotten straightened out right there. But anyway, he was under the illusion that some races were of more value than other races. Some colors were more values than other colors. And so he got caught up in this illusion and he thought he was doing right.

But this is the problem with illusion. When you get caught up in an illusion, you can have the best of intentions, and wind up doing wrong and harmful actions.

And so Hitler was caught up in that, and that caused him to start a war that killed millions of people and caused a lot of grief for a lot of humanity. This still happens today. I mean, look at the Taliban. The Taliban in their hearts, they are they’re doing the right thing, and there may be second degree initiates among them, but somebody there is caught up in illusion that the women are inferior – that’s an illusionary teaching – and the women need to be controlled, not educated. They have all kinds of illusions in their teachings.

This happens other places, even when these people from Islam cut off somebody’s head, they think that is a righteous thing to do to make a statement. So it’s interesting how people caught up in illusion can be thinking that they are supporting the righteous path.

It all comes down to the principle of glory. Everybody gets caught up in illusions sometime along the path, but we work our way out of it. We work our way out of it if we are not too centered on taking glory to ourselves. Then there are those that don’t make it and do not enter the path of return, the ones who insist on taking glory to themselves.

The way the disciple has to operate is when he performs the work, he has to do it from the viewpoint of the observer. I am the observer. I will perform this work. I will write this book, this song, do this painting. If people like it, fine. If they don’t like it, fine. I will accept the people’s judgment, but the person who violates the principle of glory, does not accept the people’s judgment.

And so they do everything they can to bring glory to themselves. Joshua did you have something?

Joshua: No, I was just stretching.

JJ: Oh. (laugher)

Curtis: Well I was going to say in the third initiation, the third Temptation of Christ, the Dark Brother, that was tempting Jesus was trying to take glory unto himself, and Jesus was told, if you like . . . so when he was taken to High Mountain and said if you’d be the Son of God, if you worship me, I will give you power over the nations. Well, what was the illusion?

JJ: You tell me.

Curtis: Well, the illusion was, first of all, he was going to offer Jesus something that he couldn’t, and that Jesus already had. Jesus already had the power within him. He already had power over the nations, you know, and the glamor. Well, the glamor was the second illusion . . . the second temptation.

But then Satan would have taken the glory unto himself for giving Jesus something that Jesus already had. So Jesus overcame the illusion, and the third temptation by saying, I don’t need power from an outside source. I have power over the nations if I want it from within.

JJ: Good point.

Yeah, the power that he promised was not a real power, but he did have . . . the negative energies do have power within the illusion itself. In other words, we see this in our world where negative sources have power over people’s lives, but it’s not real power. It’s power within the illusion. And that’s different than real power.

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