Sex 102


Sex 102

Received some questions on my Sex 101 post.

Question: How does sex “aid in the stability and union of the atomic male/female units”?

JJ: For males and females of a high charge and strong sex drive, sex in the committed relationship actually takes their mind off the attainment of satisfaction making it easier to focus on spiritual endeavors. Sex in the non committed relationship can bring physical satisfaction, but in the committed relationship the strength of the aura of each couple is straightened and spiritual vision is increased if the zero point I mentioned is approached.

Question: “Would you please expand more on what “…share a still different kind of energy with other molecules….” means? I thought the only energy that would be circulating was Will/Power/Purpose energy?”

JJ: “The initiating energy of Will-Power-Purpose is manifested in many spheres and levels in different degrees and vibratory rates. Love, in its varying levels is a creation of this energy and is the foundation ray of this entire solar system.

When we advance from a lesser relationship to a greater one we discover that what we thought was the ultimate was not the ultimate after all, that there are higher and higher rings of feeling and intelligence in which to participate. When molecules are completed, members will experience feelings they had not experienced in the past and as greater life forms are created new and greater energies will be contacted. We will eventually realize the truth of this scripture:

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” I Cor 2:9

Question: “When the male and female have sex their equal but opposite energies cancel each other out, allowing for the “…higher spiritual energies flow….” What spiritual energies are these?”

JJ: The male and female will often have differing energies, but when we select a mate through soul contact we will pick one who is close to us in opposing charge. If the energies differ some adjustment can be made and when the energies balance and the zero point is reached the energies of the soul flood the personality and the couple feels a charge of spiritual power. They will often see a kaleidoscope of lights when they shut their eyes.

Question: (quoting JJ) “Another one is a similarity of evolution. If both are above average on the path there can be a recognition.”

Why would a similarity in evolution have

anything to do with it?

JJ: There is a principle which says: “like attracts like.” Average people are attracted to their own vibration, but they do not have the soul contact to have the recognition. For those who are advanced on the Path there is the added benefit of recognition added to attraction.

Question: You totally lost me there. Ray energies? Sorry, wasn’t paying attention that day. What are Ray energies?

JJ: Theosophists and Alice A. Bailey wrote many of the teachings of the Brotherhood about the seven creative Rays which correspond to the seven musical notes and seven colors of the spectrum and it would take a lot of time to do them justice. I’m sure we will go into them in depth some time in the future.

Question: Reader quoting me: “If I woke up in the morning in a female body I would have difficulty in making the adjustment even though my natural flow of energy has changed from male to female. A change in thought has to follow the energy. For gays the sooner the thought follows the natural energy the quicker will be their spiritual progression.”

Question: What do you mean by “…a change in thought has to follow the energy….”? Do you mean if I wanted to consciously make the cross-over that I would have to start liking sports, be super competitive and aggressive, find some way to switch my feelings towards vaginas from repulsive to desirous?

JJ: When we are polarized in a sex or any other energy we develop habits of thinking, feeling and action in harmony with that energy. Let us say that a person identifies strongly with the emotion of anger and develops the habit of blaming all problems on others and always gets angry at someone outside himself when things go wrong.

He thus develops habits of thought. When things go wrong he thinks of the cause as being someone out there.

He develops habits of feeling: When things go wrong he feels anger at someone out there.

He develops habits of action: When someone offends him he may make an aggressive physical move.

Now let us suppose the guy makes some progress and he has a spiritual experience and the energies of the soul pour into him and the concepts of inclusive love become available.

Will his old habits immediately vanish?

No. When things now go wrong he will still instinctively react as if there is some enemy out there he has to blame things on, but when he does it will not be so satisfying. Now he will slowly work at tuning into the higher energies of soul and find the solutions by changing himself within rather than others without.

Even so when we change sex with a new incarnation we carry over habits associated with the old energy. (Not equating this with negativity as anger) The entity may insist for some period of time that these are his energies but sooner or later as the new energies increase in power the person will generally yield to them and develop new habits associated with the new sex. One of the soul lessons of this crossing over is the lesson of letting go of what we were and becoming something or someone new. This is always difficult and many handle the situation by being celibate in the life of transition.

Question: “I’m still having problems with the Law of Correspondences. I can see how blood is the carrier of life-energy, and how the immune system is the protector of the life-energy. But this immediately raises the question: What is life energy and what is its physical correspondence? Is the term you’re using–life energy–called something different in your other writings, like soul energy, or purpose energy? If blood is only the carrier of life-energy then oxygen and nutrients from food is the correspondence to life energy on the physical level, no?

“If the immune system is a correspondence to something higher than who/what are these protectors of life-energy? Angels?”

JJ Life energy is different than soul energy from soul contact. Everyone has life energy which is transmitted through our etheric body and essential to keep us alive and healthy. The life is subtly connected to the soul, but without awareness. Soul contact includes an additional link with the soul in conscious awareness.

The energy that creates our physical life enters our bodies through the center at the base of the spine and works its way upwards as we evolve on the Path. This one initiating energy is transformed into over a thousand differing energies that we experience through our series of lifetimes. If the foundation energy is corrupted then all of the other centers are affected to a degree, thus the importance of following natures guides in the correct use of sex.

The physical correspondence of the life energy is indeed the physical energy transmitted to us through the blood and the blood is a symbol of the soul. The idea of the immune system being angelic protectors of the body is a good thought.

I wrote: “Or what if you just have not established the right patterns with your own child, but want to start now, even though he seems hell bent on becoming the antichrist?”

To this a reader was upset at me associating a child with the antichrist and even insinuating I accepted the idea if original sin.

The reader needs to lighten up. He’s taking some humor here and creating a point of disagreement that does not exist. I am against the original sin idea as much as anyone. Many parents, when reflecting on some of their kids misdeeds, will smile at my attempted joke of kids being like the antichrist.

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