19 Jan 1999


The two key words for the passing Piscean age and the coming Aquarian are “sacrifice” and “service.”

What lessons have these two key words to teach us?

Sacrifice: The individual must be willing (if required) to set aside his dreams, no matter how benevolent they appear to be, in order to do the Will of God.

Service: The service of the individual’s personality to self eventually changes to the service of humanity (selflessness).”

When you think of it, the key word of sacrifice does apply more than any other to the age of Pisces. We have the sacrifice of Christ, the sacrifice of the early Christians as well as many other believers including millions sacrificed by Christians themselves after they came into power. Just read The Book of Martyrs and you’ll discover that many in the church really believed they were doing God’s work as they tortured and sacrificed people to get them to confess their version of Jesus.

Then The American Indians wound up being sacrificed so civilization could be built upon the American continent. Relative liberty was established in many lands because of tremendous sacrifice by lovers of freedom. Then we had many wars culminating in the two world wars which were won by the Allies at great sacrifice. A book could be written on this but you get the general idea here.

Now an interesting principle as taught in the writings of Alice A. Bailey is this: “The good in one age becomes the evil in another.”

This is an important principle to understand the current illusions around sacrifice. This does not mean that sacrifice is now evil for the lessons learned because of the great sacrifices in the past will never be forgotten. What it means is that our point of focus must now shift to bring in the age of Aquarius and if it does not then the law of sacrificed will slip into illusion and be used with an evil distortion and prevent the true service of the New Age from being accomplished.

Question: How is sacrifice being used by those who still identify with the Piscean energies in a negative way?

Hint: There are examples among the born-againers as well as the New Agers.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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