Romantic Balance

Romantic Balance

A reader makes the comment that he likes my writings and they seem truer than the new age teachers out there but it seems odd to him that I mix in scripture with metaphysics.

Just like there are true and untrue Christian writings there are true and untrue new age and metaphysical teachings.

We go by the maxim here that the highest religion is truth and wherever the truth is that is where we go. There are many new age and metaphysical teachings in the scriptures so if we threw out all metaphysics, we would have to throw out even the standard holy writ.

Here in this group all are welcome to question any teaching presented. If you read any of my writings and find something that does not sound right you are welcome to bring it up.

Right now, we are going through the Book of Revelation and I understand you have written about it. I’m sure you’ll find the interpretation presented here different than you have come across before.

It is not presented as the only true meaning, however, for all inspired scripture and teachings have inner and outer meanings that fit with the Law of Correspondences.

Question: I have a question about emotions in relationships and how they fit into this.

For example if one likes another very much and feels great emotion for them, but the other doesn’t feel exactly the same way. Does that mean the other person has got it wrong? That what they are feeling is not real, or lower, because the other one is not feeling it?

JJ: True romantic love where there is energy flow from the soul must involve equal interplay and sharing between two people or there will not be balance. The person who sends romantic energy that is not returned is allowing it to escape into the ethers with little or no return. Without that return there is no fullness and much emotional dissipation. This one-way dissipation occurs because of some self-deception on the part of the giver and makes for an out-of-balance sender.

To save himself a lot of grief the one-sided giver must face reality and realize he is pouring his romantic energy down a bottomless pit and take his power back. Be patient and wait until a potential lover responds and then let the interplay develop naturally.

Sharing spiritual love is another matter however. One should aspire to give love and kindness to all whether he receives back in kind or not. True spiritual love sees the soul in all people, and because of that soul, love is never wasted but will circulate and return to the sender with interest. Soul recognizes soul and keeps the energy of love in circulation.

Question: What is your position on ‘soul connections’? If you think you have a soul connection with someone but they think you don’t. Is this coming from your lower emotional self?

JJ: A soul connection and romantic connection are often two different things. One may correctly recognize a connection through the soul or a link from a past life while another does not.

If a person dies hating or loving another that strong emotion will create a magnetic force that will bring them into their presence again. This reunion may be one sided if the other person did not hold on to the strong energy but released it or forgave the other before death.

Then there are cases where two people are supposed to be together. In this case there will be powerful soul feelings manifest in both people in most cases.

Most of us have been through various imbalances and it is tough. The key is to play the role of the observer and learn to let go when appropriate. Overcome the fear of loss by mingling with other people and developing new interests and sooner or later the balance will come.

Question: You suggest that lying can be avoided if we look into the future so we can honestly navigate difficult situations. How can we do this when even masters or a logos cannot see the complete future?

JJ: It is possible because I do it all the time and I am far from a Logos. You do not have to see the future in full detail to avoid a lie, but the temptation to lie is usually pretty easy to see coming.

Let me give you an example of an easy one. It’s your anniversary and you have to work that day. You meet an old friend and he wants to have a drink You innocently think you can have the drink and then make it home in time for your date with the spouse. You do not pay attention to the time and while driving home you realize you are going to be a half hour late. You do not have to be psychic to predict the circumstances you will have to handle when you get home.

Now to avoid the lie you must project yourself through the questions you will be asked and figure out how to answer them honestly, even though you may get in more trouble than if you lied.

I have projected myself this way throughout my life and have only gone wrong two or three times in my long life. I’m sure the Logos has it down so he never feels he has to lie.

If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing. Anatole France (1844 – 1924)

June 8, 2005

Copyright by J J Dewey 

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