Repetition and Higher Reception

Repetition and Higher Reception

The concept of repetition seems to need some clarification.

The type of repetition avoided by the Higher Lives are the major teachings which are given out which are intended for eventual worldwide circulation.

Take for example the writings of Djwhal Khul through Alice A. Bailey. Even after a generation since her death the writings have only reached a very small percentage of the people of the United States, let alone the world. While it is true that many astral channelers try and copy them, the Masters themselves do not repeat these same teachings through other messengers because a true seeker will eventually find them out. Then too, eventually these writings will permeate the earth just as the Bible has.

Remember that all the books of the Bible started out by being circulated among a very small select group of people.

When you are given a direction to follow from the Spirit through the soul, and you do not follow it, the communication becomes stagnant until you decide to follow. It is possible that after a long period of time and you have learned to accept the direction that you may be reminded once again. This is because you must follow the last communication from the Spirit before you will be given more.

The higher lives only repeat themselves when it is absolutely necessary, but usually what appears to be a repetition is merely an amplification of what was said before.

Yes, many yearn for the voice of Christ to speak to them on a regular basis and give them assurance they are headed the right direction.

But consider this.

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are One God and because they are one it makes no difference if Christ is standing before you speaking, or if the still small voice whispers within. The intelligence will be the same.

Higher differentiations come as the energy pedals of your centers unfold. As they unfold like flowers the disciple will find that he becomes more and more able to tune into the higher energies wielded by the Masters and other Higher Lives.

Comment: “Sometimes I sense a Presence or see a light, or feel something that otherwise feels like Soul Contact or some kind of visitation, but there is not always a message. Sometimes I just feel intense love from that Presence towards me. I was under the impression that there was always supposed to be a message, and it was intended for a group, not just an individual, but there’s no message.”

You are going through a preparation period my friend. Take heart and get ready for things to come.

A Master, or perhaps your soul, has sensed that your consciousness is ahead of your energy unfoldment so he is sending you a charge of energy to which you must adjust. This will cause several energy pedals to unfold faster than normal. After you adjust to the energy you will receive more inspiration about your mission and your communication without the use of words will be increased..

Usually when the disciple receives this new energy he is somewhat confused and not sure what is happening. Just seek to tune in as you adjust.

July 13, 2002

Copyright By J J Dewey

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