Principles of Political Unification

Principles of Political Unification

We are in the midst of an emotional civil war in this country and much of the world. Never has then been a greater need for the two sides to see the points of agreement rather than disagreement.

As a measure to solve this problem I wrote The Principles of Unification in 2004. Since then, the need for such a document has only increased. The problem was that which was presented at that time was too lengthy and not likely to be accepted by both sides. I have therefore edited it down substantially, attempting to keep the wording concise so it will be accepted by most of the people on the left and the right. It is hoped that this can be helpful in bring the two sides together in greater cooperation and goodwill.

Here is the version reworded in November 2021

Principles of Political Unification

(1) I seek that which is good for my country and the world, above that which is good for my party.

(2) I support the principle of free speech. All should be allowed to express political and spiritual views, however repulsive, without legal restrictions. Let the people be the final censors.

(3) I support the principle of freedom and work toward securing the greatest possible freedom for individuals and groups. I accept the principles of freedom enunciated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

(4) I commit myself to sending goodwill and the spirit of friendship to all involved in the political process, especially those with differing political views.

(5) Even though the majority may not always support my views, I realize that the majority view, when properly informed, rarely will lead us on a dangerous path. I therefore seek to honor the will of the people. When I disagree with the will of the people, I will not seek to forcefully control them or change them but will use peaceful means to inform and educate them.

(6) I support the policy of both sides being heard and able to express themselves on controversial issues.

(7) I believe in integrity and honesty and will seek to be truthful no matter what the opponents do. I seek not to distort or lie for the benefit of my party or for personal gain.

(8) I support fiscal responsibility, the elimination of wasteful spending and fair but not excessive taxation as supported by the will of the people.

(9) I support the fair and accurate presentation of history in our educational system so students will have a knowledge of important historical events and people.

(10) I support a legal system governing immigration in harmony with the will of the people

(11) I support equal rights for all races, sexual identities and members of all religions and ideologies.

(12) I support the elimination of poverty using aid, when necessary, but always encouraging steps toward self-sufficiency.

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1 thought on “Principles of Political Unification

  1. You teach two things: 1. the left is emotionally polarized / the right is mentally polarized, and 2. that the mind should take precedent over the emotions. Logically, this means you want a right wing dominated political sphere.

    With that in mind, and all the memories I have of your group being very nasty to anyone making a left leaning point, talking to us like children who need guidance, and you condoning that every step of the way, it is not only laughable that you would post these principles but also insulting. Reading these principles from you must be like what reading principles of child care written by Michael Jackson is like. There is no way you or your group embrace this list, specifically 4, 7, 9, and 10. I’d add 5 as well, but that one is pointless since “properly informed” means different things depending on who you talk to.

    It’s not a bad list, but I wish someone else wrote it.

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