Principles of Higher Lives

Principles of Higher Lives

Question: What must be prepared for a greater life before it manifests and what is this process of the manifestation of a life called? Hint: we are looking for two key words.

Answer: The two key words are “body” and “incarnation.” It is obvious to us that we as humans need a body prepared and then we jump into it or incarnate, but this is not so obvious when we think of greater lives.

Now consider the following questions:

* Why is this knowledge so significant when we think of creating a molecule of 24?

* What are we creating and what will incarnate into it?

* Does this shed light on why the Apostles of Jesus had powers that were different from human?

* Is the new life that shall be manifest ever human?

* How will the oneness principle operate between molecular members and the new life?

Question: What is significant when we think of the key word “body?”

Answer: The fact is that any life that manifests in the worlds of form needs a body to enter those worlds.

Each of us has three bodies of form:

[1] The physical which includes the duplicate etheric body.

[2] The astral or emotional body.

[3] The mental body.

You and I could not enter into, explore and Become in physical reality until there was prepared for us a body of manifestation.

Question: So, what is the higher life above human?

Answer: It is a molecular life currently living on the mental plane waiting for a physical body to manifest.

Question: What exactly is the body of manifestation for a higher life?

Answer: Its first body among humanity will be a molecule of 24 or twelve male/female units.

Just as the goal of your seven major and 21 minor centers is to tune into the higher entity, which is you, even so will it be the goal of molecular members to tune into the greater entity when It comes.

Concerning this greater molecular entity – it is an individual totally apart and independent from you or me though they are all connected to the One Great Life on higher planes. You have never been It and will not evolve into It just as the cells in your body have never been you and will never evolve into you. In fact, all your cells die and are replaced by new cells periodically.

Even so, if you are a part of the body of a molecular entity you are not this entity though you identify with it as if you are, and can even be replaced and become a part of the body of another molecular entity while the first entity remains incarnated.

If you remove yourself from an original molecular body and move to a second body it should be obvious reasoning that you are not becoming the first entity.

The point I’m making here is that each entity is independent within its own sphere. It is dependent for life on the wholeness of its body but not the individual parts. Individual parts can move from one body to another and the original body can remain unaffected as long as the parts are replaced.

Question: To prepare a body of manifestation for a higher entity what must be done?

We have already discussed in detail that such a body will be composed of twenty-four male/females. But that alone will not make a living body. Unless there is a link made with the Brotherhood of Light, we have the equivalent of a stillborn baby. There is a body but it cannot contain a spirit. The connecting link with the brotherhood corresponds to the umbilical cord of a human baby. With no such cord providing the life-giving blood there can be no living birth.

If we create a body and the Brotherhood gives life through the spiritual umbilical cord then the final step will occur.

Incarnation: An actual entity will incarnate and each of the twenty-four will be units in its body.

This is what happened 2000 years ago on the day of Pentecost when flames of fire appeared on the heads of the apostles. An entity incarnated and the disciples were the various parts of its body. This entity had different qualities other than human and because the disciples were a part of its body, they were able to use these higher and unique assets of the higher life.

Question: When you reach a point where you reach relative perfection will your progression come to a standstill or is continual evolution somehow linked to a higher life? If so how does this help you Become or progress on an eternal basis?

First, let me define what I mean by a higher life in this context. I am not speaking of the masters or advanced individual entities that have passed through the human kingdom. Technically they could be called higher lives but for the sake of this treatise we will call them “advanced lives.”

A higher life, as discussed here, is a life composed of, or a molecule or cell of, individual entities who have passed through the human kingdom.

DK, for instance, is an advanced entity who is a unit in a higher life.

We will play out every possible dream and adventure that is within human imagination as the molecular order is expanded throughout the universe. After every dream has been accomplished and there are no more challenges from a human viewpoint then time will cease to exist and the principle of identification comes into play. All humans in the universe will eventually identify with higher lives. This identification principle is in a very embryonic stage on earth in the God kingdom and is practiced by the Masters and will soon be practiced by some of humanity in the Molecular Relationship.

When the lower life has filled the measure of its creation it then continues to progress by identifying with a higher life and living through that life with other lesser lives as if they are the one greater life. The personal individuality is still there just as it is with a cell in your body, but the whole becomes much more important than the unit.

An imperfect analogy would be that of a fan watching his favorite football team play. He identifies with the players to the extent that he is as happy with a touchdown as is the quarterback.

A member of a higher life not only identifies with it, but is a participant.

Those who enter the Molecular Relationship in the near future will be infants in the principle of identification and it will take many millions of years for us to master it. Nevertheless, the little we will comprehend as this next great step is made will create great change.

Some may wonder where animal lives fit in.

There are three basic divisions of the animals.

[1] Microscopic lives that are capable of movement.

[2] The insect kingdom.

[3] Those lives we normally call animals and birds.

Through a Molecular type of relationship, the lesser lives in category one join to create category two and then the lesser lives in category two join to create the greater lives in category three. The individual lives in each category pass through many different forms within their sphere, but to move into the higher intelligence they create a higher body of manifestation (using molecular principles) that draws a higher life.

There is a big difference, however, in the application of the Molecular Relationship with plants, animals and humans. With the lesser lives the intelligence involved is supplied by great entities that preside over the lesser kingdoms, but with humans there is the privilege of joining our intelligence with greater intelligence to consciously participate in our next great leap in evolution.

The higher lives will eventually incarnate into the physical among humanity. Its first body most likely will be composed of the twenty-four humans. Are they twenty-four physical entities? Of course. Then is the new entity physical? Yes. Its body is not one of the twenty-four, but all of them. Its form, if you must have form, is the symbol that represents the twenty-four as it is seen on the plane of the mind and corresponds to the beginning of a crystal in the mineral kingdom.

A reader asked: Wasn’t it the Holy Spirit that manifested on the day of Pe ntecost?

The actual entity that incarnated into the body created by the apostles was a different entity than the Holy Spirit. This entity being higher than human is more in tune with the Holy Spirit than are humans and when the Apostles identified with this higher life it caused a greater portion of the Spirit to work through them.

The Holy Spirit is a great spiritual entity that fills our whole solar system and is linked to all other Holy Spirits in other solar systems to bring about the grand purposes of God.

When we incarnate as humans we acquire a body, which is composed of billions of tiny lives that are cooperating together in a molecular order so the lesser lives can have a greater experience through you the greater life. Now it is time for the human race to do the same and prepare bodies of manifestation that will draw forth still greater lives so we can individually go in consciousness where no human has gone before.

Now when you die and leave your body behind and come back through reincarnation and take another you then stimulate the progression of a whole new set of lives. Even so will the greater lives who incarnate in the Molecular Order will not confined forever to the same set of lives but will go through numerous bodies as they progress on their level.

Question: We have said that an actual entity will come to the human molecule. Where do you suppose it will come from and what relationship will it have to Christ and his Hierarchy?

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July 11, 2006

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