Feb 26, 2016


A few months ago I checked out all the psychics I could find making political predictions on the web and just about all of them were saying the same thing, They were saying that the force was with Jeb Bush and he would wind up running against Hillary and that Hillary would win. Most predicted that Trump would make a major mistake and be drummed out of the race.

Astrologers were saying a similar thing – that Bush had a strong chart indicating he would get the nomination.

It never ceases to amaze me how wrong these guys are. A personal bias has a lot to do with their errors. I’ll bet over 90% of those predicting doom for Trump just do not like him and those predicting a Hillary win lean toward the Democrats.

I normally stay away from specific predictions because the future is very fluid except for things governed by cycles or guided intelligence.

For a couple years we experimented with making some predictions with the expectation that no one would probably be 100% correct. Some did pretty good. I think my rate was over 70% and I got all the academy award predictions correct. My biggest miss was predicting that Castro would die and he is still kicking. I think wishful thinking got in the way of that one.

Sometimes though the stars do align.

As mentioned in my book and several posts, I met my wife when she began attending my classes and I was impressed with her when I analyzed her writing in my handwriting class. Shortly thereafter, she requested an astrological reading as I was into the art at that time.

I not only calculated her natal chart, but also her progressed chart and noticed that the Sun on her progressed chart was extremely close to the placement of my natal sun. She still has the tape I made wherein I told her something like this:

“Our suns are in the process of merging. This would indicate that you and I are going to have a very close relationship or partnership of some kind.” Then keeping in mind that we were both married to other people at the time I added, “I’m sure that would be a working relationship.”

Then about six months later, when both of us were separating from our spouses, one Thursday evening lightening struck us both at the same moment and we have been together since.

Several days after this particular day, I became curious as to how near that Thursday was to the merging of the suns. I thought it would be close, but I was truly amazed when I ran the progressed charts again and saw that her progressed sun merged exactly with mine on the very day we fell in love. The chances of this happening were minuscule.

We are currently in a situation where a lot of people are very curious about the future on a number of things. They are very curious about the coming election. Right up there on the list is the economy. Lots of people have bee n predicting a major crash now for years.

So, what do you think? I recall we made some guesses a few months ago, but now some dust has settled let us try again.

  1. Will Trump get the nomination?

If not, who?

  1. Will Hillary get the nomination or will one of her scandals get in the way?
  2. Who will be president in 2017?
  3. Will there be some sort of financial collapse before the election and will it cause problems with the election.
  4. What will gold and silver do? Right now gold is at $1232 an ounce and silver is at $15.

If you had some extra cash where would you invest?

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