Improving the Self

Feb 27, 2016

Improving the Self

Thanks for participating in the attempt to see the future. I’ll bet the group here is more accurate than the famous psychics will be.

One thing that is important for all seekers is to place some effort on self-improvement. Self-improvement covers a number of areas.

(1) Career. Whatever you are doing for a living should be something that you can do well. Many people get lazy after they get settled in their job and no longer seek to excel. Thus the company and customers get denied their best. A true seeker will always seek to do a good job even if the work is not that enjoyable to him. A good book on inspiring excellence is, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

(2) Work on your personality and social graces. Many of us have a lot of rough edges and when some are called on it they will say something like, “That is just me. Get over it .”

One needs to consider that others may have a point and that it just may be a good investment to work on being a more pleasant and interesting person to be around.

Every seeker should have read a few books on improving relationships such as, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” By Dale Carnegie.

(3) Continue to self educate throughout your entire life. Never be happy with the knowledge you have but always seek to learn new things.

When I was younger I memorized something new each day. It may have been a scripture or a famous quote or profound statement. Then when I got busy making a living I got out of the habit. I wish I had continued this, but better late than never. I started doing this again and find it very helpful. Memorizing a statement puts the thought very clearly in your mind causing you to come up with insights you miss when just reading it over.

For best results in memorizing I have found that it is efficient to review the words the first, second, seventh, seventeenth and thirty-first day. After that you may still need to review now and then.

There are lots of good things available to memorize such as the Great Invocation, The Song of the 144,000, various mantras and invocations, The Rules of White Magic, healing, rules for disciples etc.

I also throw in a new vocabulary word each day.

(4) Continue to work on you spiritual relationship with your own soul. Ask yourself what your next step is and how you are to accomplish it. And if you are not sure of what to do use your imagination and find a away to bring some joy to the lives of others. Little children are especially in need of some happy times and show great appreciation for acts that bring smiles to their faces.

Copyright 2016 by J J Dewey

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