Past Life Regression, Part 2

Texas Gathering, Part Twelve
Past Life Regression, Part 2
Visiting the Past and the Future

Close your eyes. Visualize some steps in front of you. There are ten steps. You’re going down these ten steps. By the time you get to the tenth step you’re going to be back in a past life. You’re going to feel what you felt then. You’re going to see what you saw then. You’re going to be able to hear what you heard then. Everything will be very clear. It will be a past life that is important to your present life. You’re going down the first step, the second, the third, the fourth. At the bottom of the steps everything is becoming clear. The fifth, sixth, seventh, clearer and clearer, eighth, ninth, tenth. You’re back very clear as if you’re actually in this time period in your consciousness. Who are you?

Jeanine: Jolene

JJ: What do you see around you?

Jeanine: Stars

JJ: Do you see any people?

Jeanine: I see a building.

JJ: What time period are you in?

Jeanine: Early 300 something, 40 something.

JJ: Would this be after Christ?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: Have you heard of Jesus Christ?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: Are you a believer?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: Who are you associated with?

Jeanine: Paul

JJ: Who is Paul?

Jeanine: a friend.

JJ: What do you do for a living?

Jeanine: Make things, make clothes, make robes and study the stars too

JJ: Are you an astrologer?

Jeanine: yes, I read the placement of the stars

JJ: What are the stars telling you?

Jeanine: All about the lives of people and what’s going on within each person and what’s going on in the earth.

JJ: Are you a Christian? Are you associated with the Christian religion?

Jeanine: No, no religion

JJ: But you’ve heard of the Christian religion?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: What do you think of them?

Jeanine: Silly people

JJ: Why do you think they’re silly?

Jeanine: Because they created things that are not based in truth, not based on the teachings of the true Christ.

JJ: Do you believe in Christ Himself?

Jeanine: Of course.

JJ: Do you think they’re distorted His teachings?

Jeanine: Yes. We had an underground, so to speak, avenue of people. We lived the teachings and we knew the Christ.

JJ: Did the Christians frown upon you being an astrologer?

Jeanine: Absolutely. We had to do everything underground.

JJ: Do you think the original Christians believed in astrology?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: How do you know that? Do you have records?

Jeanine: Oh, in that building. That building stores the records.

JJ: Where is the building?

Jeanine: Do you mean a place?

JJ: Where are the records stored and where is the building?

Jeanine: Do you mean a place? Are you asking for a place?

JJ: If there is a place, yes.

Jeanine: I’m way out from all civilization. It seems like out in the hills close to Jerusalem but far from people there is a building. That’s all I know about the building. I would have to ask someone.

JJ: Can you recall what part of the country you live in? Is it near Jerusalem?

Jeanine: No, I live far from Jerusalem but I come here to do the teachings, the readings of the stars.

JJ: Do you know what part of the Earth you live in?

Jeanine: A desert, the Sinai desert or something. I don’t know which desert, just a desert.

JJ: Would it be like the Essences or something?

Jeanine: There is a group, there is some underground groups. Do you know what I mean by underground?

JJ: Yes, so you’re a part of an underground group?

Jeanine: Yes. There are many steps.

JJ: What does this underground group believe in that’s different from the regular Christians?

Jeanine: They believe in all esoteric teachings. They know the connection of all things including the stars and the moon and the earth and the waters and the planets and their individual selves.

JJ: Now we’re going to take you farther back. I’m going to count to three and you’re going to go way back, way back in the past, over a million years in the past. One. Two. Three. Where are you? Are you upon this earth or are you somewhere else?

Jeanine: I’m under the Earth, in the middle of the Earth.

JJ: Are you in the land in the middle of the Earth?

Jeanine: There is land.

JJ: What’s it like?

Jeanine: It’s like a valley, beautiful, water, tall buildings, very etheric. You can see through the buildings.

JJ: Is it a physical reality or more spiritual?

Jeanine: I don’t know.

JJ: How is it lighted?

Jeanine: Natural.

JJ: Is there any sun?

Jeanine: No

JJ: Everything is just lighted by itself?

Jeanine: Yes. When you focus on the building you can see it, otherwise you don’t see it. It’s tall, very tall. If you touched it your hand would go through it.

JJ: Are you in a physical body? Or an etheric body?

Jeanine: I don’t know the difference.

JJ: But if you touch the buildings your hand goes through?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: What do you do here? What is your life like?

Jeanine, Study, study.

JJ: What do you study? From books or from other types of records?

Jeanine: Books of knowledge, records of knowledge, beings that are more advanced.

JJ: What do these records look like?

Jeanine: Some look like a scroll but it never ends. Some you don’t see with your physical eyes. When you look, it’s there.

JJ: You have to look at it before it even shows up? Is that how it is?

Jeanine: Yes, it’s almost like…

JJ: The buildings are like that too?

Jeanine: Yes

JJ: When you’re not looking the building isn’t there but when you look it is there.

Jeanine: Yes, very interesting.

JJ: Who is the leader?

Jeanine: That one

JJ: What is his name?

Jeanine: I knew you would ask me that. I must go ask him.

JJ: Have you never thought to ask before?

Jeanine: I forget to ask because I don’t like to know names, they’re too powerful. Joseph.

JJ: His name is Joseph?

Jeanine: No, something like that, John, Joseph or a cross between. Joseph, John, it changes. Oh, you’re just saying that. It’s a very high being so it gives me a name that I need at that time.

JJ: Is this a true name or just a name?

Jeanine: It’s a name for now. Otherwise I’m not certain.

JJ: Have you seen the leader?

Jeanine: No.

JJ: You haven’t seen him? Who’s the highest leader that you have seen?

Jeanine: Joseph.

JJ: What does he look like?

Jeanine: He’s very tall. He has a lot of hair which he says is a protection and a sign of knowledge. He wears something long from the shoulders all the way to the floor.

JJ: Is it a robe?

Jeanine: Yes, a type of robe. It changes colors. Right now it’s brown but sometimes he wears a bluish white.

JJ: How far under the Earth are you?

Jeanine: In the center. There are other kinds of beings there that are not what I’ve seen before in a physical.

JJ: Are they physical beings or more spiritual?

Jeanine: They have to be physical to be in the center of the Earth but they’re not as dense as I am but when you go there you become very light.

JJ: Okay I’m going to ask you a couple questions. Close your eyes and relax again. I’m going to ask you a question and count to three and by the count of three the answer will come to you. The question is this. Did you begin your lives upon this earth or was it another earth? One, two, three.

Jeanine: Another galaxy.

JJ: Where were you when you began your lives?

Jeanine: In the Spirit.

JJ: How about your physical lifetimes? Did you begin on this earth or another earth?

Jeanine: Another planet.

JJ: How many years ago was this?

Jeanine: Six Million.

JJ: Where was this planet located?

Jeanine: In a galaxy about 14 million light years away from this earth.

JJ: What was your life like? Go back to one of your lives you had there. Did you look human like you do on the earth?

Jeanine: No, the same kind of shape but not the same kind of body.

JJ: How many fingers did you have?

Jeanine: Six.

JJ: What did your face look like?

Jeanine: It was kind of straight, no ears, they were just openings. Very small eyes because we didn’t need to see a lot.

JJ: Was there much life on this planet? Was it hotter or cooler than earth?

Jeanine: Moderate all the time.

JJ: In this life that you’re visiting right now…what about crystals?

Jeanine: There is lots of crystals. Everything is made of crystals.

JJ: Did you communicate with the crystals?

Jeanine: We did everything with crystals.

JJ: When you talked to each other did you talk the way we talk?

Jeanine: No, we talked from here and here and here.

JJ: Was the race there more advanced or less advanced than earth?

Jeanine: More advanced.

JJ: So why did you come to Earth?

Jeanine: I had to experience the devolvement.

JJ: Did you come here to serve also?

Jeanine: I don’t like that. I don’t like that.

JJ: You don’t like what?

Jeanine: Devolving.

JJ: You didn’t like the idea? Did somebody send you?

Jeanine: No, I volunteered. I said okay.

JJ: Did someone ask for volunteers?

Jeanine: It was part of the process to maintain the vibration and to go higher one had to go lower. I don’t know why.

JJ: To descend below all things is to ascend above all things? Is it that principle?

Jeanine: Yes. Sort of. Oh Mercy.

JJ: What? What thoughts are coming to you?

Jeanine: That I got lost here and I want to go home.

JJ: You feel like you’re lost here?

Jeanine: I got lost.

JJ: How did you get lost? Were you supposed to return before now?

Jeanine: No.

JJ: Why do you say you got lost then?

Jeanine: It feels like I stayed too long. It feels like the pull here is so heavy.

JJ: Okay, now we’re going to do one more thing with you.

Jeanine: The people are here now

JJ: The whole group from that planet is here?

Jeanine: No, but they come now.

JJ: In ships?

Jeanine: Back and forth.

JJ: So the race still exists?

Jeanine: Oh yea.

JJ: Do you know what technology they use to travel?

Jeanine: Crystals.

JJ: What does a crystal do?

Jeanine: It’s fed by solar energy, like one is a million times more powerful.

JJ: So it takes up energy from the stars somehow?

Jeanine: Yes.

JJ: We’re going to do one more thing and take you into a possible projected future life. First of all return to your life as Jeanine. You are Jeanine. Now you are going to move ahead into a future life where you will be found again. You said you felt lost here. You’re going to move into the future where you will achieve you goal. I’m going to count to three and you’ll be projected into a future life. One, two, three. Who are you?

Jeanine: I am who I am.

JJ: Where are you?

Jeanine: Right here in the present moment.

JJ: What do you see in the future?

Jeanine: Lots of light and a feeling of total oneness, peace, oneness.

JJ: Do you pick up any particular future life?

Jeanine: I’m a healer. There are lots of people who are wounded so to speak and I go around and just touch them.

JJ: What time period is this?

Jeanine: About 29…29.

JJ: Are there still wars?

Jeanine: Yes and no. They’re more galactic now. The people of the Earth are having to reconstruct from much war. There have been galactic wars and many people have been wounded. There are a lot of soul wounds as well as physical wounds and they’re being mended by many people.

JJ: Very interesting.

Jeanine: It’s hard to look at but it feels okay. It feels peaceful. I’m not sure if it’s 2900, I just get 29.

JJ: Let’s take you to the year 2029. You’re moving ahead in the spirit to this year. What do you see?

Jeanine: This one is different. (laughing) Oh wow, there’s so much water on the planet, much more than there is now. I live on a boat. Everything is beautiful though. We can see the snow capped mountains now.

JJ: Where is the boat?

Jeanine: It’s like a lake that’s joined with the ocean. There’s so much water. There’s not as much land.

JJ: Did we have global warming or something?

Jeanine: Upheavals, like things coming from the bottom of the ocean and creating water just being everywhere.

JJ: Is a lot of land gone?

Jeanine: Yep

JJ: Okay, let’s move ahead to 2100. What do you see?

Jeanine: Blank. Everything is blank.

JJ: Is this a good time or a bad time?

Jeanine: It feels really heavy.

JJ: Was there some disaster?

Jeanine: Everything is gone. My body feels real, real heavy.

JJ: What happened?

Jeanine: Something, fire.

JJ: Was it atomic war or something?

Jeanine: Everything-I don’t know where it came from-it’s just a lot of fire. There was a lot of fire. It’s not there anymore.

JJ: Did anyone survive?

Jeanine: Not many.

JJ: Okay, let’s move ahead to 2200. Now what do you see?

Jeanine: There are more people than I thought. They’re coming out from everywhere and they’re glorious like, “We survived.” It is good. The consciousness is much higher, much higher.

JJ: What caused the destruction?

Jeanine: It was like fire, earthquakes, eruptions, volcanoes, lots of volcanic activity. They were started by something that shook the ground, seismic, atomic sort of stuff, something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

JJ: Was it something man did, like atomic power or something else?

Jeanine: No, Something man did.

JJ: Was it atomic bombs or some other invention?

Jeanine: It’s like something like that except it was a newer invention, more powerful but it was put underground so that people didn’t know about it. It exploded and it caused waves all over the entire earth. So, things that weren’t suppose to happen, happened, lots of fire.

JJ: So how could this have been prevented?

Jeanine: Consciousness, more aware, more conscious and banding together.

JJ: Okay Jeanine, we appreciate your time. We’re going to bring you into the current time and you’ll have a clear memory of everything you want to remember. One, two, three. You’re in the current time. Do you want to give us any impressions you had?

Jeanine: Well, you were there when we were in the center of the earth. You were the one teaching.

JJ: Really? Was I the Joseph John?

Jeanine: I guess. Oh, that’s your name. Whoever it was, was going back and forth. I believe it was you. It was the essence of you anyway. You were Joseph when you needed to be Joseph and John when you needed to be John. You were one being but two entities.

JJ: You didn’t see a very pleasant future for us.

Jeanine: Let me do it again and see if I can come up with something better. (laughter)

JJ: The future is an interesting thing. People will project in the future and the time frames for the future are very difficult to get because of the eternal now and the probabilities. People get different things about the future. A lot of people pick up the warnings about the future or the potential destructions. That’s a definite possibility but if we do our part it’s also possible to avoid these type of things. It’s good to be warned about them so that we can do our part to avoid some of the things that some people do pick up. There are other people who pick up that we’re going to make a graceful transition into the future. It’s also possible that she could’ve picked up something 5000 years in advance and projected it into a more recent time period. You never know for sure. The basic plan is hoped that we will make a fairly graceful transition into the new age without tremendous destruction and we hope that this will happen. If we all do our part eventually we can. She kind of picked this up that this could be avoided by higher consciousness.

Jeanine: This is so important what we’re doing here. We go back to our lives that are mundane and we sometimes forget what our purpose is. We have to teach. We have to keep guiding other people to come together and raise consciousness because that’s all it will take, just raising consciousness.

JJ: Thank you. Any other impressions you care to share?

Jeanine: Oh no.

JJ: Thanks for your time. (applause) We’ve got another half hour or so? Shall we try this with one more person? Why don’t you come up.

Delivered May 25, 2002 at the Gathering in Wimberly Texas.

Copyright By J J Dewey

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