McCall Gathering Part 13

McCall Gathering Part 13

Escaping Illusion

JJ: The hurdle that often takes the most time to reach soul contact is the astral realm struggle. The astral also turns many teachings upside down. Some teachings sound really good to the emotional self but they’re really coming in, being filtered through the astral body. Because they are given in reverse, then astral body reverses them back to you, they seem right. Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan, said only about 10% of the teachings that seem to be supernatural teachings are from higher than the astral. That’s not very many. He said most of them come from people’s subconscious minds. The vast majority, even most of the channeled material, about 80% of the channeled material comes from the subconscious mind. Then there’s that 20% that actually comes from the astral entities then a small percentage that comes from pure inspiration which is people contacting the spirit at the center. If you contact your spiritual center through the soul or if you contact a Master, it is the same because the Masters speak from the soul level. If you are speaking from your soul, you’ll be speaking like a Master for there is really no difference. Objectively the disciples need to learn to speak from the soul. If you contact the words of the soul and speak the words of the soul you’ll be speaking words that are just as true as the Christ Himself or the Masters or any high being.

If you say that two plus two equals four is it any more or less true if an evil entity were to manifest here and say it or if the highest Master says it? If we have the highest Master right here and He says the same thing as Joe Cool says, which one is the most correct? Truth is true and nothing else is true. It doesn’t matter who speaks it. If truth is spoken, it is true. Now, the next part is if you’re able to bypass these three temptations and be centered in the soul. It doesn’t matter who says it, if you’re centered in the soul, you’ll recognize truth.

If you are centered in the soul and find somebody teaching three things but one is true and two are false, you’ll sense which one is true and which isn’t. You may be reading a book by an average author and you may stumble upon something and get a revelation, thinking, “This is really true!” Then you may wonder if the author even understood what he said because, based on the rest of his thoughts, he probably doesn’t even realize the import of this statement. He could have stumbled across it by accident but still your soul says, “Yes!” when you read it. When that happens, pay attention to it.

Because there is so much revelation out there that is from the astral and not everything from the astral realm or from the subconscious is true, then it’s not 100% true. It may be 50% true or 60% true or sometimes more. It’s distorted. If you take this supposed revelation as 100% authority you could be taken into illusion. We need to be centered in the soul so that when someone comes forth with a revelation we can listen to them and determine what is true and what isn’t.

The disciple needs to use discernment. The power of discernment is achieved by overcoming glamour because glamour helps the mind practice. The material that comes from different sources demands your attention and you need to learn which to pay attention to. Sometimes someone will have a fancy vocabulary that sounds good. Should you go along with the one with the best vocabulary? Some people with lots of glamour use fancy, interesting words. This can cloud the truth. It makes it sound like truth is being presented because of the nice words but when you look at what’s behind the words you’ll find there is no principle there. If there is no principle behind the fancy vocabulary word, there is glamour hiding the truth.

The third obstacle is illusion. Illusion is created by what?

Audience: Mind?

JJ: It’s created by the mind and what we call foundation beliefs. The person overcomes maya. He’s begun doing things and working through some circumstances and he’s overcome its pull. Then he overcomes his glamours, he’s humble, he wants to be a servant and to work for God, so to speak. He’s overcome his ego but even after he’s accomplished all this, he can be as sincere as possible but still be tricked by his foundation beliefs. His foundation beliefs may be wrong even though he’s the most sincere, loving individual on the face of the earth. His foundation beliefs will trick up everything down the road for him. All of his current beliefs might be distorted.

Remember when we talked about the car? When you start to steer a car you cannot set the steering accurate enough to go even a block without running off the road. The wrong foundation beliefs try to set up your course in life so accurately that you have so much faith in your beginning that you think this beginning point is going to steer you correctly but it never, ever does. The beginning point is only a part of the equation. You need to be able to make corrections as you proceed, as in driving the car. You need to include the correcting mechanism of correcting your foundation beliefs.

Foundation beliefs are very difficult to overcome because they’re so engrained in us, oftentimes from our childhood. They appear to have served us well throughout our entire lives. What we need to do is to disregard everything we know and become as a little child and just ask. Ask and you shall receive.

I read that scripture when I was in my teens and though that sounded pretty good to me. I figured I’d ask God all sorts of things. So I asked God a whole bunch of stuff and didn’t get any answers at all. So I thought, “Well, what is this? We’re supposed to get answers!” Then I was reading in the scriptures and saw that Jesus gave a parable on it. This lady was giving a party and they ran out of bread. It was midnight but she knew her next door neighbor had bread. So she decided to go knock on the door and see if they’d give her some. She knocked on the door and the guy appeared at the window telling her to go away and let him sleep. She didn’t give up. She kept knocking on the door. Again he said, “Go away. I’m trying to sleep. Leave me alone.” But she didn’t. She persisted and banged on the door again. Jesus said he finally gave her what she wanted, not because she was righteous or holy but because she wouldn’t give up. To this he sad, “even so, ask and ye shall receive.”

So not giving up is the secret. That’s what I’ve done in my life and I have found that everything I have sought, I have received. I’ve found that this principle is indeed a true principle. But a problem is that many people are in illusion or glamour and what they find is that they will ask then find then not pay attention to it because it doesn’t go along with what they’ve been taught. If it doesn’t go along with what they believe, they disregard it. Each of us must examine our foundation beliefs because they are tricky things. We may escape them for awhile then they might creep back in. They can be so subtle.

Let’s take another foundation belief. Can anyone think of another one?

Audience: The literal interpretation of the Bible?

JJ: If you believed the Bible was 100% accurate that’s a foundation belief. Believe it or not, people do believe this, including that the universe was created in literally six days. Many of us look at those people and wonder how they can literally believe every word. I’ve talked to a lot of people who believe the Bible is literally true and some of them are quite intelligent. Some are scientists, some are computer programmers. In their own field a lot of them are very intelligent people. It makes us wonder how they can take it so literally. Can’t they use their minds in this area like they do in computer programming and such? It’s amazing to talk to these people and they’re taking it literally to be true. Many things in the scriptures are literally true but many of them, if you take them literally, will lead you into greater and greater illusions if not understood correctly. How do you suppose people can have a foundation belief like that?

Audience: Fear of a painful experience?

Audience: I was one of those people who thought the year Y2K was going to be a big disaster. I was working in a computer center and working overtime. We saw it hit New Zealand, and then Australia and nothing happened. It was like a sheet of illusion over us.

JJ: I had thought about publishing something on the Keys a number of times saying that Y2K wasn’t going to be any big problem. I had an inner feeling to do that. I mentioned that we would solve any problem that would come up, but I felt like I should’ve made a powerful cleat judgment on it.

Audience: Was it a fear of being wrong that stopped you?

JJ: Yeah, it could’ve been. Sometimes you get a soul feeling about something and wonder if it’s your imagination. So many people thought it was going to be a big thing. Sometimes you’ll receive it real strong then you’ll have more faith in it. For Y2K, it was a real quiet intuition for me telling me that it was not going to be a big deal.

Audience: I didn’t think anything was going to happen but I thought, ‘what if I’m wrong,’ so I waited and got some extra groceries. Maybe JJ’s fear of not wanting to be wrong could’ve been a responsibility for not wanting to be wrong and causing harm to people if he was wrong. People would say, “JJ said it’ll be fine and nothing is going to happen.” Then if something did happen, they wouldn’t be prepared because of that.

Audience: Having that belief or illusion of upcoming disaster could’ve been planted too.

JJ: It’s also possible that some saboteurs were set it up to create mayhem. It’s possible that the hierarchy worked against them and did something to pull some strings at the last minute to make it right. I sat at home and watched the New Year’s celebrations that evening. I got the feeling as it went from time zone to time zone that there was a release of renewed faith. It was a really nice feeling as I felt this permeate society. I think it dissolved some of the long time foundation beliefs. I think some people had lost faith in their illusions.

Audience: It was interesting with Peter Jennings because a guy came into the studio wearing a ‘2001 is the real event’ hat and tee shirt. It was so fabulous to watch Peter Jennings have no reaction. He just said that most people don’t think like that. It was so well done that it was defused and became a non-thing.

JJ: Art Bell didn’t help. He had about a dozen people on the show saying it was going to be real bad. Then a guy called in who claimed to be from the future. Art Bell asked him about Y2K. He replied, “It’s going to be a big non-event.” That’s what rang true for me. That’s what I felt but I didn’t have enough faith in that feeling and myself because of all the negativity. All the other people Art Bell had on the show were saying the same thing, “It’s going to be big trouble.” When you listen to enough of that you begin to doubt yourself.

As I told you, I attended the Mormon Church when I was young. When I left the church and then spoke with others who were Mormons and told them what I’d discovered, they said, “Well, you may be right but if you’re wrong and I believe you, I could go to the lowest hell.” That fear of being wrong keeps their life the same. Mormons believe there are three kingdoms. The lowest kingdom is still really great but then there is a special one where the sons of perdition go which is a really terrible place. This is where the people go who see the light then reject the prophet. That’s why the Mormons are so afraid.

Audience: For those of us who have never heard the Mormon beliefs what are these?

JJ: These are all like heavens and everyone will end up in a pretty blissful state except for this group. These are the ones who went against the church and rejected it so they fit into this category of reigning with the devil for all eternity if they rebel.” They say this is a really terrible location so no one wants to defy the authorities and go there.

Audience: I don’t think it’s just the lowest that’s avoided; it’s anything but the highest of the high.

JJ: They want to go to the highest, that’s for sure but they really don’t want to go to outer darkness.

Audience: The middle kingdom to an LDS person is like a Catholic person going to purgatory.

JJ: They don’t want to miss the highest heaven but the church still teaches that the lower kingdom is pretty good.

Audience: And once you go there you can’t change?

JJ: Right, once you go there, you’re there for eternity – so they think. I got in trouble with the church because I wrote a paper and gave it to my nephew teaching that according to the teachings of Joseph Smith you can progress from one kingdom to another. That led to he and I getting excommunicated. It was a simple harmless thing but if you say the Prophet is wrong, you’re in trouble.

The Mormon Church is so different from the way it started. Joseph Smith chewed people out for not thinking for themselves. He said, “Darkness has fallen over your eyes, why not look upon the spirit. Don’t rely so much on me.” They never quote that statement from him. Now they say, “Follow the prophet. Once the prophet has made a decision, the thinking is done. This authority syndrome is very strong in Mormons but also, Jews and very strong in the Catholic Church. With the born-againers, the Bible itself is their prophet. For the Mormons it’s their prophet. What he says goes. For the born-againers, if the Bible says it, that’s it. Or whoever is interpreting the Bible according to their belief system.

People follow this authority, which is the beast. It’s an illusionary belief system. Many modern Mormons have a foundation belief that when the prophet speaks, he is speaking as the voice of God and we need to follow him no matter what. This is a foundation belief. Mormons believe many pleasant things but no matter how unpleasant they are, anyone that is in the church will swallow this and it keeps them tied up in illusion. A person needs to break free from that before he can get to the throne of God.

Audience: If this is true, then anybody below the prophet can’t think for himself then how do they get to that point if they’re not supposed to think. When they get elected to the highest office in the Mormon Church, all of a sudden they think?

JJ: Many other people don’t think either but they get elected to jobs. Once the prophet is elected, it isn’t a problem because he gathers his twelve apostles and asks them what to think. Then they make a committee decision. The Mormon Church operates as a committee and most of the nations do also. The committee will have a guy at the top who has the final authority. The Pope is the same. Do you think the Pope decides whatever he wants and everybody needs to listen? There was a movie about a Pope who said he never got to do what he wanted. Everyone was telling him what to do. He was supposed to be Pope and thought he’d have power but everybody was bossing him around and telling him what to do.

That’s what happens. In a position like a Pope or a priest or prophet or whatever, there will be committees around them keeping their power by controlling their leader and thinking they are the real power behind it all. Even the person who is in illusion who works himself up to the top, because he worked himself up through following this authority of power and being led by it, even when the person becomes the authority he doesn’t know how to make decisions and relies on others to help.

What does Clinton do? Whenever he needs to make a decision, he takes a poll. It’s a real good thing he follows the polls or who knows where we might be. It’s a safety mechanism that is needed unless we have a true spiritual leader.

Hitler didn’t go by polls. He wasn’t that type of guy. Fortunately most of these guys, even when they achieve the supreme authority, they’re still stuck looking for some authority, whether it be a poll or a committee or some associate telling them what to do. They still can’t be their own guy.

Audience: You were talking about the soul and knowing if we’re heading in the right direction. So, we can have soul contact and our foundation belief could still be off?

JJ: Right. You can achieve soul contact regardless of foundation beliefs. Let’s say you believe the Bible is literally true, the earth was created in six days and you want to know whether to be an engineer or a teacher. Your soul thinks you will evolve more by being an engineer so your foundation belief here doesn’t get in the way. Because your foundation belief doesn’t get in the way, you are capable of going to the soul in this area. But then when you are asked a question about reincarnation or something like that, you wouldn’t even ask about it because you don’t think it could be. So, you wouldn’t even ask, you wouldn’t even seek. Your foundation belief prevents you from doing this.

We need to examine our foundation beliefs and be open to the possibility that they are all wrong. When we re-examine our foundations we open up to possibilities. There is a possibility that the earth may be flat instead of round. We must be open to any possibility. When you’re open to any possibility then you can examine your foundation beliefs and correct them. Then as you move along the path, you’ll discover that your corrected foundation beliefs still might need more correction and you correct them again. You get farther and find your foundation still isn’t 100% correct and you adjust it again. As you correct it enough you get to the end of that portion of learning.

Audience: Is that what happens when people come to the Keys group? A lot of us went through it where we starting realizing that everything we thought was not true. I felt confused. I didn’t know what to trust anymore.

JJ: People will often say that when their foundation beliefs are shaken. “I’m so confused.” They use that word, “confused.” When they are feeling confused, it’s a sign their foundation beliefs are being shaken. They don’t have a base anymore. They feel like the rug is being pulled out from under them. The things they believed are not there anymore.

Audience: You don’t always get confused. You might get enthused. If someone already had a certain type of beliefs then got more from you it could add to it.

JJ: The foundation beliefs already were shaken then. When someone tries to pull the rug out from under you and you’re trying to hold on to the rug and get stabilized. Sometimes you’ve already been through so many things and have been feeling off balance for so long that you’re ready to accept a change.

Audience: Sometimes they get angry.

JJ: Oh yeah. When I was a kid about 6 years old my mom sat me down on my bed and said, “It’s time I told you something. There is no Santa Claus.” I said, “What?!?” I got angry. I said, “I’ve seen Santa Claus! He came in our house and gave me gifts. I’ve seen the guy! What do you mean there is no Santa Claus???”

She said it had been my brother dressed as Santa. That was one of the most mind boggling things of my life! I was angry. I felt angry for an hour or two then I was okay. Then I went around bragging to all my friends that I knew the truth about Santa Claus.

First posted Aug 28, 2004. The Gathering took place June, 2000.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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