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1  The major earth changes, and any following destructions, are awaiting the The Gathering of Lights. When the lights are gathered, it will create a shift of energy and light will be divided from the darkness upon the earth.

2  A new nation will be created where greater freedoms will be enjoyed than has ever existed upon the earth. Isaiah tells us that this new nation will be so successful that the great, the rich and the kings of the nations will bring their wealth and gold and silver to this Gathering of Lights. In other words, it will turn out to be one of the greatest investment opportunities of all time.

3  When the day of progress comes the lights must gather or the day of opportunity will pass.

4  The lights will gather together and create a new society that will be the envy of the world. It will be an example of freedom, spirituality, efficiency, healthy inhabitants, and abundance.

5  This whole book [on the Gathering of Lights] presents the grand solution and that is a literal Gathering of Lights to a new land where such a people will be totally independent of all creatures under heaven to create an ensign or an example to the nations of a higher form of society.

6  The forces of darkness and the thoughtforms of the past always attack and attempt to prevent a gathering of lights and the enlightened changes of an approaching future.

7  Just about all of the teachings of Jesus were directed toward the building of the Kingdom of God by gathering the elect.

8  We could say that when two or more gather together to seek Soul Contact, for the purpose of union, the Christ consciousness will manifest in the midst of them.

9  Interestingly, the scriptures tell us that one of the main purposes of the gathering is deliverance, and possible physical as well as spiritual protection. How much protection we will need depends on the free will of man and the steps he takes towards peace in the near future. If he is wise then the deliverance talked of will be of a spiritual nature, but if he is not and there is a World War III or earth changes, then a physical deliverance will be necessary.

10  There will be a natural gathering of seekers and open-minded people out of all the religions. They will begin to realize that that even though they are from different religions, they have more in common with each other than they do their native religion.

11  Seekers gathering from their churches on the mental plane may not all gather physically as taught in The Gathering of Lights, but will stay behind and prepare the masses for things to come.

12  Enlightened groups will believe in the principles taught within the Gathering of Lights and want to be associated, yet not physically gathered. An association will thus be made and many of these people will maintain an association with the Gathering while keeping their membership with their mother religion.

13  Various initiates who work in cooperation with the Christ will pave the way for the gathering of the nations, by first gathering a few people and building the first cities of Zion.

14  The time will come when the Gathering of Lights will become a reality. When this happens the Beast of authority will rear its ugly head and do everything in its power to destroy the enterprise. When this time comes the accumulated power produced by the Song will swing the balance causing the first solid victory of the Gathered Lights in many thousands of years.

15  To understand the importance of the gathering one must look upon each individual as a point of brilliant white light, but in most cases the light is almost entirely covered with the dark clouds of glamour, illusion, ignorance, and pride.

16  In the gathering process, as in the gathering of fissionable material in the production of atomic energy, the critical mass is an essential element.

17  To obtain the critical mass necessary there must be a literal gathering of radioactive entities.

18  Those who gather will be practical people, not impractical dreamers with their heads in the clouds. They will be dreamers, however, but dreamers who realistically work to make them come true.

19  Those who are gathered in the mental plane are composed of those in incarnation, and also many who are not with us in the physical body. This gathering and the effects thereof had to preceed a physical externalization.

20  The critical mass was achieved in the mental gathering and now we see the unbelievable results in transportation, energy, space flight, communications, computers, lasers, and miniaturization. Every field has been touched by this first great chain reaction due to the gathering principle.

21  The gathering of the critical mass for the chain reaction on the emotional plane had a later beginning than the mental. The critical mass began to be reached in the mid sixties.

22  Those who believe in the gathering should not spend much effort exciting the born again Christian folk as they will only look upon us as the devil’s angels that must be stopped.

23  The gathering of lights needs to be securely under way by 2025-2030.

24  Light can only be gathered by shining forth a homing beacon of light in words of light.

25  When the lights gather, those who dwell in darkness will sense a great loss and be filled with the fire of lower passion when they realize that they are not prepared to leave the physical treasures of their heart behind and follow.

26  The first step in the gathering is the internet.

27  The final gathering will be upon a new land not controlled by any government of the world.

28  The Gathering of Lights will build the land of Zion upon the waters and it will be a highway cast up in the midst of the great deep.

29  When we get enough people together we will go build floating cities and on these floating cities we will gather the greatest lights of the Earth.

30  We’re having another gathering of the forces of light and dark because whenever the forces of darkness are defeated, they gather again.

31  It looks like Jesus himself failed time and time again in his attempts to gather the lights. I don’t think we should feel bad if we have a little problem.

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