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1.  “Darkness is dispelled by shining a light on the problem, not by casting additional darkness on its path.”

2.  “If a light is slowly dimmed to fifty percent strength and then is instantly turned up to full strength, the person is startled as to the intensity. He had no idea he was missing so much light. Even so with spiritual light. We are often not aware when we are losing it.”

3.  “Light also reveals knowledge, which knowledge is light, which light protects from darkness because darkness has no power to penetrate light as light has power to penetrate darkness.”

4.  “Without contrast light shines in darkness, but does not register on consciousness.”

5.  “The war between light and dark, as it plays out in present time on this planet, is between the philosophy of maximum freedom and maximum control at the expense of freedom.”

6.  “There are three things that cause those in darkness to destroy the lights:  fear of change, the challenge of their authority and impulses received from the Dark Brothers.”

7.  “Darkness is the illusion (and only illusion) that there are places where nothing exists.”

8.  “The light is always here, but it must be revealed to us who identify with darkness.”

9.  “Actually dark appears to be the opposite of Light, but because of distortions in this physical world dark is not a true opposite.”

10.  “You can shine a light and dispel darkness, but you cannot shine ‘dark’ and dispel light.”

11.  “Light is that which reveals (or that which is visible) and dark is that which hides.”

12.  “Love is very closely associated with dark, but is the highest correspondence of the female polarity just as divine light is the highest correspondence to the male polarity.”

13.  “When a light is turned on in the darkness, the darkness is no more. Darkness cannot extinguish light, but light can cause darkness to immediately disappear.”

14.  “As you go through your final dark night before [soul] contact, you will be observed by inner teachers who await your arrival. These inner teachers, along with other disciples of similar evolution to yourself, form an invisible group mind that you become one with, when you reach the light at the end of the tunnel. When this is reached and you advance to greater oneness, then this realization of oneness turns on a light that immediately dispels the dark night.”

15.  “The disciple will go through many periods of light and darkness over a period of numerous lives, but the final one will be different from the rest. The isolation and loneliness will be very profound.”

16.  “Light is that which is radiant and reveals truth.”

17.  “Our reality is a part of this greater reality [Soul Consciousness] but does not encompass it, but Soul Consciousness encompasses our reality.”

18.  “Light will not continue without end. The photons of which it is composed will eventually land somewhere and change form. Then at the end of the universe all light will be transformed in a great black hole to prepare for another creation.”

19.  “Light cleaves to light and recognizes itself in others who are prepared.”

20.  “A work of light is never destroyed by its enemies, but by its friends.”

21.  “Can spiritual light shine in the darkness and none perceive it? Yes, if there are no contrasts available.”

22.  “There must be great contrast between light and darkness or the light will not be seen or sought. Verily the time is at hand when that contrast between the light and the dark, the shadows and the real, the ego and the soul will be seen of all humanity and the choice will be clear. Let us hope that all people of goodwill choose the highest light they see before their eyes.”

23.  “There are three lights within the range of the consciousness of man:  (1) The light of matter.  (2) The light of the soul.  (3) The light of the monad or our highest spiritual essence which is the originating power of our ability to decide. These three lights produce vision when shining ON darkness or the higher light shining on the lower light.”

24.  “Keep attention focused on the light revealed, keeping the message bright within the consciousness.”

25.  “He who has light for a covering would be one who has his attention centered on the light of knowledge and truth.”

26.  “Eliminate guilt. Guilt is caused by illusion and if completely dispelled darkness will have difficulty in opening the door.”

27.  “He who denies the existence of a truth because it sounds negative creates a vacuum that draws the darkness unto him.”

28.  “Light in its highest essence is the radiation which is seen whereas its true opposite Love is not visible, but lies hid in the esoteric dark of life.”

29.  “Although the forces of darkness are always at work, when they have opportunity the forces of light are also available with more power than is normally the case.”

30.  “To believe only in the Brotherhood of Light and not the Dark Brothers is to believe you can clap with one hand.”

31.  “Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality of shadow, there is only blackness.”

32.  “Serving self for the purpose of self is the dark path. But serving self when necessary to insure the good of the group is the path of light.”

33.  “The greater the light the greater will be the attack of the forces of darkness upon the light or upon his name.”

34.  “The joy after a period of darkness and struggle is greater than the peace of one who only basks in the light.”

35.  “Evil forces always arise to fill a vacuum and if we find ourselves approaching such a vacuum we need to fill it with light and not darkness. The vacuums are created by injustices, economic instability, threat of war, unemployment and so on.”

36.  “A worker of darkness and ignorance always makes an effort to appear outwardly righteous and pure. The worker in the light does not make such an effort. He is more concerned with helping his brother progress and elevating mankind than in appearances.”

37.  “It is a glorious thing to bring light to others. This principle is behind the entire concept of salvation.”

38.  “Because the name Lucifer is now so rigidly associated with evil instead of light, few dare use the term openly, but originally Lucifer was a glorious title.”

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