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1  Many only look forward to the Kingdom of God in some vague afterlife or as a state of mind enjoyed by an elect few.

2  We thank you God that You reveal to us the originating point of Your universal Light and Love as the doorway to the Kingdom of God.

3  In the World of the Soul, or the Kingdom of God, all things are one. There is no division or duality.

4  If each of us would just tune into the soul and play our small role then humanity would progress toward the Kingdom of God fairly painlessly and many of the troubles that loom before us could be avoided.

5  If the Kingdom of God is truly within and those having the kingdom within are gathered together – then what do we have? The result is a physical manifestation without – the physical Kingdom of God.

6  The Kingdom of God is built by those possessing the Christ Consciousness.

7  Not even God can set up a kingdom among us if we refuse it.

8  If we try and take the old systems and patch them up to create the Kingdom of God they will be broken and destroyed. This is not the way of social evolution.

9  The next stage of descent toward the physical manifestation of the Kingdom of God is the gathering of Israel, or the creation of Zion in astral matter, or in the emotional plane on the earth.

10  It is important to point out that there is room for all in the Kingdom of God – male and female, married and single, gay and straight.

11  The vegetable kingdom is composed of vegetables. The animal kingdom is composed of animals and the human kingdom is composed of humans. Therefore what kind of residents abide in the Kingdom of God?  Yes, they can only be Gods!

12  When Jesus invited us to the Kingdom of God, He called us to leave the illusionary human kingdom and assume our true nature as Gods in the God kingdom.

13  The Kingdom of Heaven is not just the gospel, but the gospel is one of the ingredients, or one of the things that lead to the kingdom.

14  In the Kingdom of God no person is denied any participation because of circumstances beyond his control. He can only deny himself because of unwillingness to take needed steps.

15  The Kingdom of God cannot be entered through self-exploration and awareness only. We as individuals must become linked up as part of an eternal chain or vine that forces each of us to reach out to another and grab him by the hand and take him or her with us.

16  Seek first the Kingdom of God and come into the Oneness Principle.

17  144,000 is not a limiting number. It is the number of a cell in the Kingdom of God, and there are many cells, but none yet exist among humanity upon the earth.

18  When we move from one kingdom to another we still keep our individual identity but we go through a process of fusion where the many become one with a greater life.

19  Spirit and matter interplay through soul in all things here on earth in all kingdoms.

20  When we look on negative aspects that are not part of the Kingdom of the Soul, then the soul goes out of focus and the two remain two.

21  All of us who become one with the inner Christ become one in Spirit with the inhabitants of the Kingdom of God. We become part of the body of Christ.

22  When the disciple treads the path of Christ he brings down to mind the truths of heaven and the true knowledge of the Kingdom of God.

23  Jesus said nothing about baptism, belief in him or salvation by blood; but the main criteria, for the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Heaven, is simply how well we treat our fellow men and women.

24  A stable peace must be established upon the earth so the Kingdom of God can manifest.

25  So why do so many have this great desire to take this large flying leap to the arms of the highest life in the universe? Answer:  Because they believe they will be happiest there. But what they do not understand is that we are happiest in working with the lives in the next kingdom above us, not 100 kingdoms above us.

26  The majority of people who see themselves as spiritual will see themselves as under the authority of the Soul and not belong to any organization where a man or woman can override the authority of Spirit within one’s own self where lies the Kingdom of God.

27  The difference between lower and higher psychism is not a difference between devils and angels. It is the difference between contact with well-meaning human type entities and the higher vibration of the inhabitants of the Kingdom of God.

28  He who loses self for the sake of Christ will obtain eternal joy in the Kingdom of God.

29  The Angel Kingdom is on a different path of evolution than is man and progresses through following the will of God without consciously questioning anything.

30  The kingdom is never lost to those who are worthy and when the kingdom without is not available the true lights must rely on the kingdom within.

31  Those who discover the kingdom of God within know what works and does not work.

32  Those in the kingdom of man must literally be “born again” to enter the kingdom of God.

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