Key Nine, Energy Follows Thought

Key Nine, Energy Follows Thought

2021 Gathering, Part Thirty-Four

Let us move on to, Key number nine. Adam was trying to guess it earlier when we were having some ice cream together. He guessed about half a dozen things. Didn’t quite get it. (laughter)

Key number nine is Energy Follows Thought. What does that mean – Energy follows thought? Let’s have a comment on that by some wise person here. Do you think that’s true? Does energy follow thought?

Well, Ed’s got something to say.

Ed: Well, in a way you could say it’s part of the Trinity.

JJ: Yeah.

Ed: The will.

JJ: Thought is closely connected with the third Ray. Okay, let’s go back to the beginning, before there was any physical universe. Now scientists tell us this physical universe is 13.7 billion years old. The way scientists figured this out is they studied the motion of the different galaxies and stars within the galaxies. And the different galaxies seem to be moving away from each other at a certain speed.

So they say, “well, let’s reverse engineer this and see what would happen if we reverse the speed and go back to where everything apparently began. And when they did that, they figured 13.7 billion years ago, everything originated from one point, and that kind of baffles them.

They figure that point was probably smaller than an atom. Just a really tiny point the whole universe was in. Could you imagine even the earth being condensed to a point, let alone the sun? And there are 200 billion suns in our galaxy. And then there’s billions of galaxies in the known universe and who knows how many in the unknown universe. Okay, so the number is just fantastic.

Science has come up with the idea using reverse mathematics and calculations, they calculated that everything came from a point of almost infinitesimal size, smaller than an atom. Can you imagine that? And they think the religious people are out to lunch when they just say God created the universe. Is not the scientific explanation as fantastic as the religious one, or maybe more so?

The scientific explanation of the creation of the universe is just as hard to believe as anything in the Bible or presented in the East or anywhere else, for it’s pretty fantastic.

How in the world did something explode into the Big Bang that was a size of an atom, that made the whole universe? Well, they don’t know. And what existed before? They don’t know. Okay, but they believe this, which is just as magical as any religious explanation.

But the metaphysical explanation is that before there was a form, as we know it, there was thought. There was the life of God. The life of God was composed of universal thought which included us. We were there as points of light that were joined with other points of light to create all that there is. We had a consciousness that we shared with the life of God. So, we shared with all there was and we participated in the creation of everything that has ever been created.

All things were created by the power of thought. And when thought is placed at certain locations or a certain direction, then energy develops. The amount of energy in matter is just tremendous. Do you know that the amount of matter that produced the energy that created the bomb that exploded in Hiroshima?

Curtis: A couple ounces.

JJ: No. Not that much

Ed: The size of a baseball.

JJ: No. A lot smaller than that. How much actual matter did it take? How many ounces do you think, or grams, to create the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. It wasn’t ounces.

Curtis: Grams.

Rebecca: Two grams?

JJ: Right. If I remember right, it was two grams. Yeah, it was just a small amount. If you take a plane ticket, that plane ticket if it was converted to energy, it could fly the plane around the earth many, many, many times. It’s amazing how much energy is in matter. Matter and everything we know about was produced by thought, and in our God like state that we were in at the beginning of all things, all we had was thought.

So we use this power of thought to create everything there is. We must have been pretty intense thinkers. Matter of fact, they say there is even energy in a vacuum. In a total vacuum where the zero point is reached, there are a lot of theories that an infinite amount of energy could be taken from it if we just knew how to do it.

And so it’s amazing how much energy is available, but the energy available in the universe is unlimited because what is unlimited? Thought. Thought is unlimited. Thought is unlimited, so the energy that was created with thought is also unlimited.

Now, how can we apply this principle in our lives? Energy follows thought. Okay, let’s pick a person from the time he was young, and he starts to learn how to think. He gets a vocation, and he puts his thought into learning how to do something to make a living. He puts his thought into drawing a certain type of mate. Have you ever noticed that you draw into your lives, people that vibrate a lot according to your own vibration and according to your own thinking?

Like if you have somebody in your life that you do not like, the worst thing you can do is give them a lot of thought. You’re sending a lot of energy their direction, and so they will keep popping up again and giving you problems.

Have you ever been through a divorce? After your first divorce, you keep bumping into your ex-spouse all the time because you’re still thinking about her or him, somewhat. But then as time goes by, you never see him or her again, okay? Because you stop thinking about them and they just disappear from your life.

This is the way it is with people that come and go in your life. If you give them a lot of thought, good or bad, they will keep showing up again. If you tune them out, as if they do not exist, then they will start just to disappear because they’re not in your consciousness.

If they’re in your consciousness, you will start seeing them. If they’re out of your consciousness, then they will start fading away. Now, sometimes they will try to elbow their way back into your consciousness. And if this happens, what you do is you just tune them out. Tune them out as if they are not there.

Does anybody here have a person in their life that they want to get rid of? You want to get rid of her? (laughter)

Inaudible comments and laughter.

JoAnn: I can appreciate what you’re talking about when I consider my former spouse.

JJ: You can relate to that?

JoAnn: Oh, oh, very seriously.

Shawn: You tune them out or call the cops.

JoAnn: I had to actually call the police on him. I never thought that I would have to do that in my life. But last year, just after Thanksgiving, I had moved the year prior or, it was in the June prior. And he did not have any idea of where I lived. He didn’t know my address. I blocked him on all avenues. And all of a sudden, he shows up on my landlord’s doorstep asking if that’s where I lived.

JJ: Really?

JoAnn: Yes. And so he’d found my address; he’d thought it out, and in, in . . . So I wasn’t home at the time. Sean actually had dropped me off to get my car, and anyway, long story short, I called the police, reported it and he was called. He gave out some lame excuse why he was there. He was told not to come back or he would be charged with criminal trespassing.

And he came back last . . . um, just a few than a month ago. Showed up just after my daughter and her husband were coming to visit. “Oh, oh, I didn’t know you were coming.” And anyway, I was called. I called the police again. I mean, my first instinct is, no, I don’t want to press charges, but you know what? I need him to stop. I need him to go about his peaceful life and leave me be. And so that’s, you know, I said, yeah, “I actually do.” So that’s my way of telling him, “you again, have crossed the boundary and you need to go away and live a peaceful life.

JJ: And he’s away enough that you don’t have to think about him anymore, except for right this minute?

JoAnn: I mean, the only way, you know, the only time I ever think about him is when he does stuff like that.

And, you know, he actually called my brother, actually texted, my brother and he said, “I did it. I did a stupid thing.” And my brother texted back and said, “stop doing stupid things.” (laughter)

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