Finding Maximum Freedom

Finding Maximum Freedom

2021 Gathering, Part Thirty-Three

Maximum freedom is difficult to see and difficult to agree on. We have the left and the right, and one side thinks freedom is getting a lot of free stuff, and the other side thinks freedom is giving out no free stuff, but there’s a balance, and in between is a point that needs to be reached and it takes the wisdom of Solomon to do it. Like we said earlier, you’ll know when you have the right judgment when you’re in contact with the soul, for you will just have a sense that this is where it is. As we look at the two extremes and the principle of freedom, whether it be health care or laws governing drugs or military or anything, we need to look at where the principle of freedom is that brings the maximum freedom.

It’s not cut-and-dried, and that explains why there was such a disagreement in heaven. It wasn’t cut-and-dried, in other words, it wasn’t really clear to many which answer was the best. And it won’t be clear until civilization plays out and, the principle of maximum freedom works out in such a way that we can prove it by the results obtained.

When we set up a system where maximum freedom is implemented and there is maximum freedom and prosperity for everybody, when it’s proven beyond any doubt, then other people will follow.

Michael: JJ, Is it possible to have freedom without justice?

JJ: Not complete freedom of justice.

Michael: And I again go back to I my freedom is at your expense. And that’s okay with me. But you’re S.O.L.

JJ: Well yeah. You have to take into account everybody’s freedom. Like the freedom of the slaves, for instance, that the slavery owners did have more freedom because they had the slaves. But there wasn’t justice and there wasn’t maximum freedom for the whole. There has to be maximum freedom for the whole for the principle of freedom to play out.

And it’s the dividing point. It’s the dividing point between the left and the right-hand path. The left-hand path doesn’t give a hoot about anyone’s freedom except their own, whereas right hand path is concerned about freedom of the whole. And then there’s in between mixtures of these two. But the extreme left-hand paths – where the dark brotherhood are – they are just concerned about the freedom of their own individual selves only – the freedom of self.

And people don’t start out that way, but they start out with, “well, I’ll take the little this guy’s freedom away so I can have more freedom. That’s all right.” And they start out incrementally and then eventually they buy into the whole idea of total freedom only for self, the heck with everybody else.

Okay, that’s the path of the Dark Brothers. The principle of freedom is the dividing line between the left and the right. Unfortunately, there is not a strict formula that we can go by except the idea that it is maximum freedom for the whole.

Phillip: Well, the other day when Rebecca and I were learning that the principle of freedom through our revelations, as it was really pointed out, that the principle of equality, it was like equality comes first and then followed immediately by freedom, as if they are sister principles. But the idea with the equality is that in a society, if everybody is equally submitting to the same laws, you don’t have certain rules that say this group of people live this way – maybe they’re the slaves. Then there’s this group of people live this way – they’re the slave owners. You have to have equality. You don’t have lawmakers that make laws for somebody else that don’t apply equally to them.

JJ: Right.

Phillip: So if you create a society that’s just crap with no freedoms, everybody suffers equally in that society, which motivates the lawmakers to create more freedom for everybody. Because the first principle was equality. And then that second principle of freedom is that you always move toward greater freedom. It was an effort like the way we were taught was that your goal is to teach the people to learn more responsibility and the principles that will allow them to move toward freedom, so that laws could be removed as opposed to where we are now, where laws are added and created, and freedoms are taken.

It should always be a push, or it should always feel like a loss or like we lost the game. A great loss if your freedoms are taken, and it should be a celebration if your freedoms are restored. But the goal should always be toward restoring freedoms. And that equality component was the motivation to ensure that the lawmakers were suffering with the law – the law givers were suffering with the law livers.

JJ: Okay. Yeah Tyler?

Tyler I would just like to make a comment on economics and freedom. The main segments of society that you look at as the prices go down . . . you know, the plasma TVs come out and when they came out, there were thousands of dollars. And now you can go to Costco and get an 80-inch TV for $1,000.

JJ: Yeah.

Tyler: The prices go down. When you look at the market segments where prices tend to go down, there is something in common. It’s an individual dealing with another individual, but really nobody in between. And there’s something called the price, so the pricing. So all of the main market segments that you notice that the prices are going up, there’s always a third party, almost always a third party in between you and someone else. And what’s missing there typically is the price signal.

So when you go to the hospital, you don’t know how much you’re going to pay by and large, unless . . . and you have to do a lot of research. And that’s something especially when you have insurance because you don’t really care. Once you take away the caring of you using your own money, well, you’re going to use your own money a lot better than I am going to use your money.

So is that that principle applies to pretty much every segment. That is, the prices are increasing, whether it be health care, whether it be education. They do that with education through the student loans. They’re pretty much given to loan to anyone rather than you paying for it yourself.

With health care, it’s through insurance. With mortgages and things like, it’s through the interest, they control the interest rate. So there is a form of price fixing in the interest rate. So the way that I’m able to kind of a method that I use to try to determine where the true freedom is in a market is where there is actually a price that is agreed on between two people rather than set by someone else or a third party in between.

Phillip: And maybe that price isn’t monetary, maybe that price is for some other type of form of investment. You’ve got to put something into that as part of the price. It’s not always financial, but if somebody else is middleman, that then you’re spending their time and they’re spending your time and effort.

Tyler: When there’s a third party in between, there’s no incentive for you to save any money, usually. Because, you know, if I have insurance that pays for everything, well, let’s get every test under the sun.

Phillip: Right.

Tyler: Rather than I’m going to I’m going to use, you know, alternative health care and figure it out on my own, which, I have really good insurance, but I tend to not use that. I try to figure it out on my own because I’d rather do it that way anyway, because I have more sovereignty over myself.

Phillip: If I’m a slave owner, I’m going to spend my slave’s time. I’m going to say, Well, I’ve got all these slaves here. I’ll go have them do something I want done that I wouldn’t do with my own time. But because I’ve got this slave task force, I’m going to use them. And it’s similar to the law of correspondences kind of in play here is that if I’m talking about a financial investment, then the principle applies where if I’m directly interacting with people and spending my money when I’m going to spend it in a certain way. And correspondingly, if I’m doing a time investment or a work investment, if I’m the one directly doing it, I’m going to treat it a lot differently than if I have slaves doing it or some other workforce that doesn’t directly impact me.

JJ: Okay. Got to wrap it up. Great bunch today.

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