Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are Things

2021 Gathering, Part Thirty-Five

JJ: Now how about people that you want in your life, say all of us probably at one time or another, met somebody that we were really attracted to, and you think, “I want to meet that person again?” Does anyone have a story around that ‘energy follows thought’ idea? Yeah, Susi-Q?

Susan: So before I ever met Michael, many, many, many years before, I always felt him. I always felt he was out there. And so the first time that we met, it was in an adversarial way. He was a mediator for one side of an argument, and I was mediator for the other side. And my daughter Sherri didn’t like something he said and said, Who the hell does he think he is? And we had just met him.

And I said, “you better get used to him. He’s going to be in our life for a long time.”

JJ: Any other stories? How about you when you first met Phil? What happened there?

Rebecca: Well, so anybody who’s watched our story already knows this. But basically, I saw a vision of him when I was like five, a another when I was ten, and another when I was 15. And so I was looking for him actively. So when I met him, I had been thinking about him so much, I knew exactly who he was.

JJ: So when you actually did meet him in the flesh, what happened there was . . .

Rebecca: Well he was engaged to someone else, so it was a big problem. I cried a lot. (laughter)

But it only took him two weeks to break that up, propose to me, and we got married six weeks later. So it worked out.

Phillip: She got my attention and walked out.

JJ: So when you first met him, you knew he was one.

Rebecca: Uh-huh.

JJ: And when you knew he is one, you probably sent out a lot of thought around that idea.

Rebecca: I asked a lot of questions. I asked him some very pointed specific questions, to, you know, to double check and make sure that he was definitely the one and he answered them all correctly. And so, yeah.

JJ: So what did you think about that? Did you think, “boy, I’ve never met a woman like this before?”

Phillip: You know, the first the first night I met her, she was in my apartment visiting with some roommates, and I came in and man, she was she was really interesting, and she was seeing me like nobody’s ever seen me before. I couldn’t understand it. And then she just got up and walked out and I was like, “this was the best conversation I’ve had in my life. Where are you going?”

She just figured that since I was engaged, that she was torturing herself.

Rebecca: I figured I’d missed out, like I’d lost the opportunity, you know.

Phillip: So then I couldn’t stop thinking about her. (laughter)

JJ: Yeah. This often happens in romantic relationships. The people meet and they don’t even get phone numbers and they think, “wow, I want to meet that person again.” And then miraculously, they show up somewhere.

Rebecca: Yeah.

JJ: So energy follows thought. But an important point, like I say, is not only who you bring into your lives, but who you do not want in your life.

Now, energy follows my thought in the fact that I wanted to have a group like this to mingle with. And here you, right here. (laughing) It’d be nice if there was a lot more of us, but sooner or later there will be. Yeah, thought a powerful thing.

And people don’t realize that. A lot of people think that the way to get what they want is just like to set a goal, go do ABC. But thought has a tremendous amount behind it as to how much you are going to accomplish. So as a kid grows up, and goes to school, puts a lot of thought into his education and then who he is going to have a romantic relationship with, who his friends are.

Your friends are a pretty big item in your life. There’s a lot of people I know that have a handful of friends they wish they could get rid of, but they don’t do anything about it. They spend a lot of time focusing on these undesirable people. And because they spend a lot of time sending energy their direction, it doesn’t matter if it’s positive energy or negative energy, if you send energy in a certain direction, then those people will not go out of your lives.

And this is the same thing with reincarnation. If there’s somebody that you really hate or love, you will meet them again in a future life. So fine, pick really nice people that you love, like people in this group here and you’ll meet them again. That’s no problem at all. But then there’s a lot of people out there that life would be a lot better if we didn’t meet again.

And some of these people have the ability to stir some really negative emotions in even good people. So if somebody is able to stir some powerful emotions and you that you just don’t like, perhaps you wish that a piano would fall on their head or something like that. If you do this you are sending energy in their direction and you will meet them again, either in this life or the next life.

And have you noticed that a lot of people in divorce don’t really get a divorce? They talk about their ex regularly with passion. They still hate their ex. They wish their ex would have something happen to them, die of cancer or a horrible death or whatever, you know? Or other people wish they could have their ex back. “Boy, we’d just about had it, and she just ran off with another guy, and I wish I could have her back.” Okay.

The best thing to do is always to let those feelings go. And if you get her back, fine, if you don’t, fine.

Rebecca: So, JJ, I have a question.

JJ: Sure.

Rebecca: How? How do you do it? How do you let it go? How do you like . . . because the more I try to not think about something, the more I think about it.

JJ: Yeah, sometimes that’s the case. Like, my first wife, speaking of Ex-wives, she loved to read medical books and she loved to read me symptoms of diseases. I just hated that, because when somebody talks about terrible symptoms it creeps me out . . . I have a thing about that. When somebody talks about a symptom of a disease, I start feeling like, “Oh, man, I feel like I might be coming down with it, you know.” It just has a weird effect on me.

And she would say, “Oh, listen to this disease, this is really interesting. And she’d read to me about the disease, and I’d say, “Please stop reading! Quiet!”

And so sometimes thoughts are really hard to get out of your mind. I don’t know why I have that quirk about me, about diseases, but I do not want to hear anything about what happens when somebody gets a disease. I try to keep it out of my mind.

But yeah, sometimes there are certain things and everybody’s subject to it in different ways, but there’s certain things that sometimes it’s just difficult . . . a little bit like if you come across a car accident, you can’t help but look and see what happened. “Oh, is somebody bleeding to death in there?” You know.

So even though it might be best not to look, but remember energy follows thought, and you have control over your thoughts. So take control of your thought – either take it within yourself or give it out according to your will. But do your best to take charge of your own thinking and what triggers your thinking.

Susan: So what I found helpful was to say a prayer for them, whoever the person is that I’m trying not to think about or obsess over.

Rebecca: You just pray that the piano falls on them. I get that. (laughter)

Susan: No. I just pray that number one, my heart will be softened toward them. And number two, that they will find some peace and happiness. And I must’ve done a pretty good job because I have two ex-husbands in the Philippines, way far away.

Ed: Yeah, well, you can’t create a vacuum and you have to replace it with a more positive and stronger thought.

JJ: Yes.

Rebecca: Okay, that’s good advice.

JJ: Yeah, that’s a good idea, if it’s a thought that you just have a hard time getting rid of, replace it with something else, and then that kind of takes the place. So that’s one good way to do it. Just eliminating the thought completely. It’s possible, and the way to do that is to realize that the past is gone. Everything that’s in the past is just in your memory. Think if you lost your memory, it’d be like your past or not even exist. What would be the difference between you having no memory of your past and no past existing?

It’s basically the same thing. If you completely lost your memory. Like when we’re born here in this life, we have our memories wiped of all of our past lives, so we can start afresh. And why do you suppose everything is organized that way that when we’re born, we have no memory of past lives?

Ed: We haven’t evolved so that we could emotionally handle all the hurts and all of the evils of all of our past experiences. And there will come a time in our evolution when we will see all of our lives without any pain or emotion, when we can understand them and understand the meaning of all of it.

JJ: Yeah, they’ve made all kinds of movies about people that have amnesia because somebody washes up to shore, maybe some beautiful woman takes care of him, nurses him back to health, and he can’t remember who he is.

He’s a really nice guy and they fall in love and then he gets his memory back and finds out that he’s really an evil character. So that plot can go a number of ways. Either he was evil, and now he has learned what it’s like to be a good guy, and so he turns into a good guy.

Or the other way the plot goes is he remembers now he was evil and that’s who he is, so he’s going to be evil again. So the plot goes different ways and this amnesia thing, even though such amnesia is really rare, it’s not rare in the movies. They use this plot over and over and all kinds of situations.

But think about that a minute. If you were to get amnesia, think everybody that gives you a problem now, all of a sudden there wouldn’t be a problem because you can’t remember anything about them. If you can’t remember anything about them, there’s no problem. If somebody really hurt you five years ago and you had amnesia, all of a sudden, the problem disappears. You’re just starting fresh.

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