Karma & Cause and Effect


Karma & Cause and Effect

Karma is in principle the law of cause and effect. To determine whether or not there is bad karma we must merely look at the causes and effects that we all agree upon as the real thing.

We know that if we cause money to be put in the bank we will have the effect of available money. (good karma) We also agree that if you cause a loan to be made at the bank that you will then owe some money. (bad karma).

To say that there is no bad karma (as do some) is to say that there are no negative effects. Therefore, if there were no such thing as bad (or negative) karma is the same as saying that when you take out a loan from the bank that you will owe no debt. In this case if negative karma is denied long enough you will awaken to reality when you watch the bill collectors haul off your car.

To say there is no bad karma is the same as saying that when you drive over a cliff that only good things will happen.

I think we can all agree that when we create a cause in this life that an effect will follow.

Now perhaps some think that when we die all of our causes die with us and we carry no effects into the next life, but in principle a cause always is followed by an effect and they are carried over into future lives.

On the other hand, it is correct that we should not blame all of our failures on karma. That is like saying, because I owe the bank some money I cannot succeed. You might have to work a little harder to pay off your loan but such a debt is not an excuse for failure.

More thoughts on Karma

It seems like a number of people in this   group have a strong aversion to the terms good and bad or good and evil. It seems strange to me to want to negate or eliminate words from the dictionary, as if that will change anything, or as if that would eliminate negative judgments. A rose is a rose by any name. You can change the name of good and evil and you will still wind up talking about good and evil, but just using different terminology.

For instance, I find it amusing that some who criticize me for using the word “judgment” and “good and evil” wind up judging me as being on the wrong path which is the evil one in their mind. They think that by avoiding the word evil and judgment that the two does not exist for them even though they are talking about it just as much as I am. The only difference is that I am being up front and honest about it.

Even though it is true that good and evil is what we define them to be there are two definitions that should be important to us.

The first definition is that which the Brotherhood of Light has given. I stated this a few days ago, but it was not new with me for it has been stated and restated by the Master DK through Alice A. Bailey.

Good is that direction which takes us forward in evolution and evil is that which takes us backward into what we were in the past.

The second definition to consider is that espoused by general humanity. For the general populace good is that which is desirable and evil is the undesirable. There is a lot of basic agreement as to the desirable and undesirable which allows the general public to talk about this subject with some intelligence. For instance, giving to worthy charities is considered a good thing and robbing your neighbor considered bad.

If we could just have the oneness of either the Masters or the general public on discussing this subject I think we would all be far ahead.

A reader made an interesting comment on Karma. She says basically that Karma, or cause and effect can be stopped in its tracks by not reacting to it.

Let me give my thoughts on this.

On an emotional basis reacting or not reacting to an attack has no effect on karma. If someone is angry at you and kicks your leg and breaks it, you then have a choice to react or not react emotionally. If you feel anger at the guy, this does nothing to his karma, or if you feel no anger, that has no effect either. It does not matter what you feel there was still a cause and an effect. He kicked you (cause) and broke your leg (effect).

Your feelings only have causes within your self. Such feelings have to be translated into some type of action to create new karma. If you kick him back then that is a new cause with a new effect. If you do not kick him back (whether you are angry or not) then you do not negate the past cause with it’s effect (for your leg is still broken). Instead, you have prevented a new one from surfacing.

Concerning the debt of karma Jesus said: “Thou shalt by no means come out thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing.” Matt 5:26

Next the reader tells us that Karma (I assume negative karma) is wiped clean when we forgive ourselves. Forgiveness releases yourself from guilt and grievances but does not negate karma. It can lead to a faster repayment of it, but does not negate cause and effect – for you still have a broken leg. There has not been any negation of cause and effect since the beginning of the universe. Not one example can be cited.

Some may say that a miracle such as Jesus walking on water is an example. Not so. Jesus created a cause in accordance with the law and the effect was the walking on water, which was just as natural of an effect as a boat floating on water.

The reader continues:

“We should remember that in the molecule, with perfect soul connection, in fact union…. what value will judgment have then? Judgment works fine in separation, in union, it is valueless. That’s the same as saying oneness by the way. Judgment was but a toy that put the holy son of God in jail, repeating lifetimes of punishment… and who created it, he did… not God.”

If judgment put the holy Son of God in jail why then did the Holy Son (Jesus) call the Pharisees hypocrites for not using it? The power of judgment will not be laid aside in the molecules. Instead it will be greatly enhanced. In saying this I am not speaking of any type of condemnation, but the true power of judgment as taught by the Christ contains a power of higher vision that allows one to see the path more clearly and to take needed steps in alignment with the Purpose of God.

I know many of you have gotten this anti judgment concept from A Course in Miracles. Students must realize that the Course was speaking of the negative or condemning aspect of judgment, but all things have two aspects, and the positive use of judgment is an essential part of the productive life.

You cannot give up your power of independent thought to any book or Master. One must always think things through himself to discern the good from the evil for in this lies the power to manifest the true reflection of God that lies within you.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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