Higher Molecular Lives

Higher Molecular Lives

It seems as if some are seeing this higher entity as twelve or twenty-four higher lives. Now each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel, but this is connected to us whether or not we are in the Molecular Relationship. Twenty-four human units creating a molecule draws one greater life, not multiple separated ones. If we have two molecules created then two greater lives can incarnate into two bodies.

The Masters including the Christ are all in Molecular Relationship and their molecules embody a greater life. The flow of this greater life through the essence of the Masters illustrates the difference between the kingdom of earth life and life in the kingdom of God. This greater life is as a God compared to man and when we become one with it we are then endowed with all the qualities that It has while at the same time keeping our human qualities.

Similarly, hydrogen and oxygen unite and create water and share the higher qualities of water. But they still maintain their individual essence as hydrogen and oxygen. If the water molecule were destroyed the various parts still would remain as hydrogen and oxygen, but the greater life of the water molecule would be out of incarnation.

Thus, Christ still lives as an individual entity, but is one with his greater life of his molecule. His molecule is linked with Shamballa and he also shares a oneness with the Ancient of Days as well as the molecule with which the ancient one is a part.

Where does this greater life come from? To answer this is to answer where all lives come from including ourselves.

In the beginning the essence of God which is PURPOSE (which gives power to make DECISION) reflected Itself to unlimited numbers and these reflections vibrated generated Love. Love gathered them together and then vibrated again. This process was repeated many times until the thought in the Purpose of God of human intelligence began to vibrate. On higher levels the human Intelligences gathered together and created unlimited higher forms, many of which have never known physical incarnation on this planet.

The human intelligences descended into the world of experience to pave the way for greater lives to come. In the Eternal Now they all exist together as part of the One Great Life, but in the world of Becoming they are separate lives who do not realize that they are never not a part of the one body of God.

Our mission now is to open the door for the higher lives to incarnate among humans even as they have among the Masters.

That which makes you a human unit existed for eternity in the mind of God as a human intelligence. You were not an idea for an atom, a plant, or an animal, but the song which is you is a human song.

Each life you go through is like a different arrangement of the song that is you, but even though the arrangement is different, the basic melody running through each arrangement is the same. During your 1000 or so lives some arrangements are played quickly, others slowly, some happy, some sad, some sound like rock and roll others sound classical, but no matter what the arrangement is and no matter how it is played the name of the song is still the same and that name is your essence.

Now see the song which is you as a unique type of song which is something like a sophisticated chord. This chord is only a small part of a larger and even more beautiful song. You and other chords join together to create this greater song which is even more complete and beautiful than the song that you are. When you join together with other songs to create the greater song you make an amazing discovery as the greater song is played. As it is played it seems that you ARE the greater song. You are aware of your little song being played, but the greater song is so all-encompassing that the lesser song, which is you, is as if it were swallowed up in the greater as a hydrogen atom seems to become water when bonded with oxygen.

But this is not all. Later you discover there is a greater song still to be played and it is composed of even a greater number of lesser lives. You realize that you “Become” through this process for eternity as we understand the term.

As humans we are not the highest but neither are we the lowest. But through the Oneness Principle we can have access and identification with lives much higher than we are.

The molecular entities are on a totally different order than is human and are a higher correspondence of a crystal, just as humans are a higher correspondent to atoms. Technically we could call it a crystalline life within a human molecule. We will not carry on conversations with it like we would another human but its main purpose in manifestation is to be a conductor of the purpose, power and will of God. What about love you say? That part comes from us. We are to take the power of God and transmute it into loving service.

We must keep in mind that we know very little about this new life form – only what we can pick up intuitively or from what little was written about the Apostles. Because it manifests in a spirit of oneness it may not see itself as separate enough from us to have a name. Perhaps each molecule will come up with various names for the higher entities.

The only ones who understand the Molecular order at present are the Masters, but they experience it from the vantage point of living within the kingdom of God as a group. We will experience it from the vantage point of regular mortality and so all the repercussions of its manifestation, especially in this age, can only be guessed at. How many of the attributes of the higher life are carried down to the single members will be determined by the soul contact of each of us as individuals and collectively.

The creation of the first human molecules will require the greatest act of faith demonstrated on the earth for many years.

Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons. Ruth Ann Schabaker

July 20, 2006

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